Lawrence University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Sometimes yes


I'll admit that some of the things I see going on around campus are strange to me, but it's a quirky/fun sort of thing. Everybody finds their own group of friends and niche, I'm sure some people look at some things I do and scratch their head.


NO!!!!!! There are different kids from different backgrounds. There are people here who aren't involved in the Conservatory.


Don't worry!! The normal student is far from rich, in fact something around 94% of students come in with some form of financial aid. Snobbish-ness is just not seen on campus. And the Con only makes up about a third of the campus, but guarenteed you will know somebody from the Con--they're great and dedicated people.


I do think the university is quite divided. The con is generally not very interested in Lawrence athletics, and vice versa. Is this something that we should try to change? Musicians and athletes are similar in that they both devote a large amont of time to practicing a physical skill/art form, but the attitudes and temperaments that go along with these skills are seen as quite different. Perhaps these divisions are already so ingrained in the athletes and musicians by the time that they come here, that it is difficult for individuals to overcome them. However, perhaps with more effortful discussion, these walls could be broken down. I am, afterall, one of the students who is both a musician and an athlete. But these stereotypes/prejudices reinforce themselves. Most people are quite busy, and generally, I have found it to be very difficult to find time/energy to try to date. The idea that it is hard to date at Lawrence leads people to try less. This leads to less dating, and less trying, etc. But I don't know how different this is from other schools. At some point in your senior year, you tend to look less for a lasting relationship because you will be out of here in less than 6 months anyway.