Lawrence University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


My Professors know my name My favorite class thus far was a tutorial I designed in performance of literature ( in theatre)where I chose different genres of dramatic literature and poetry to perform. Students study around the clock - all the time. I don’t usually spend time with prof's outside of class unless in practice. The theatre dept. showcases 3 shows per year, along with a few senior productions. There is room to collaborate with other students in theatre as well as art/film production. I wish LU did not have GER requirements. I think that LU education is geared allot towards learning for its own sake, but in some areas yes it’s geared towards attaining a future job.


The level of interaction with professors is simply unbelievable. I know I keep repeating this fact, but I love getting to know my professors and the fact that they are always there for you. I also think it's awesome that I have an adviser who knows me not only on an academic level, but also on a personal level. I always know that, no matter what, I have someone in my corner willing to lend me a hand.


The biggest thing that makes me happy at Lawrence, concerning academics are the professors. They make you want to go to class and be actively involved. The professors know you, they want to get to know you. I've heard of friends at other schools where they have introduction classes of 200 students. The professors can't get to know them personally. Here, the students get to know professors and we can go to their offices and visit them. Students can discuss topics other than who's dating who. During the presidential campaign, Lawrence students were actively involved in making their voices heard. Everywhere you go there was at least one conversation about politics. There are many diverse conversations that revolve on much more than a typical 18-22 yr old's conversation.


Academics at Lawrence is a serious business--but don't get scared: the classes here challenge you and your belief system, or as my professor would call it your "worldview." The professors aren't here to shove facts into your brain, they really want you to understand the concepts and grow in your critical thinking skills. One of the unique things about Lawrence is it's Freshman Studies program, which is two terms focused on broadening your horizons, exploring different areas of study, sharpening that thing in your head called a brain. Every freshman is required to take it and every professor is required to teach it at some point. The great thing about this program is that every freshman has the same basis that professors in the years to come can use and build on.


Profs do know peoples names. Though not always. At any school, you should go to office hours and introduce yourself. Profs are interested in students here though. I don't know how much that is the case outside of Lawrence. They want you to go to office hours, they don't feel put out when you do. When I was applying here, people said that students were more collaborative than competitive here. I think thats generally the case. Thats what academia should be about anyway. I wish Lawrence's graduation requirements wouldn't have gotten easier - I think we've dropped a few in the time that I've been here. However, we are about to put in place a senior capstone requirement for every major. So perhaps the cumulative requirements will be more in the future rather than fewer.