Lawrence University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about LU is the availability to study and participate in extracurriculars such as arts and sciences; such as bio/english and theatre/art/or music. I’d like to see more diversity amongst the student population as well as the choice of classes and performing arts opportunities. I think I will always remember my experiences working in residence life.


I love the type of education I'm receiving at Lawrence. Lawrence doesn't teach you how to memorize, Lawrence teaches you how to think and develop ideas, research and support those ideas, and then discuss, argue, and present those ideas. Lawrence truly produces well-rounded people and has tons of opportunities for leadership. I find the size of the school to be just right as I can walk around campus and know a good deal of the people I meet, yet I still make new friends all the time. The smaller class sizes allow an unbelievable amount of interaction with professors and also lead to amazing opportunites that are simply not available at other schools. I just got back from a weekend at Bjorklunden (the school's beautiful property in Door County) talking to alumni doctors and learning about the medical field that I attend to get into. In class, you can always ask questions, are able to give oral presentations, and professors are available to you outside of class.


I think Lawrence's campus is just right. It's not too big to where you can't get to know people and the professors know your name and study habits. I applied at different colleges where there were undergrads and graduate students and it just wasn't what I wanted. Appleton - is a great town/city. It has roughly 72, 000 people. I come from what I consider a "big" city and I like the "smaller" city feeling because I'm not engulfed with the city around me. I can concentrate on school and be active in the community at the same time.


The best thing about Lawrence is the atmosphere. I know that may sound corny, but in general the atmosphere is super inclusive and friendly. Campus life here is so comfortable and natural and welcoming. Some people may say that the school is too small for them, but it's perfect for me and all of my friends. We get to enjoy small class sizes where the professors genuinely want to get to know you. The campus is pretty small, which is nice because maximum it's going to take you seven minutes to walk to class, where at a big campus you'd walk minimum a half hour. Plus, Appleton is the perfect "city" for Lawrence to be in. The residents are so welcoming and warm and everything you need is conveniently close.


Best thing: small campus People back home don't really know where it is/aren't familiar with it. There is a lot of school pride. Lots of people like to compare Lawrence to less selective schools in Wisconsin because it makes us look good. Well, maybe not that many. It just pisses me off when people build it up to build themselves up. Yeah, its a good school, most of us are quite serious about our education, but does going here make us better people?