Le Moyne College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


College has opened the doors to a lot of opportunities I didn?t have before I attended. Going to college taught me how to be disciplined and to work hard for what I need to succeed in life. I realized after I started to attend how a lot of employers are looking for employees with a college degree and have background knowledge of what the job?s criteria is. In society today, college is not an option but a necessity. Not only has college taught me how to work hard, but it has taught me how to communicate with peers, bosses, teachers, etc. My communication skills have improved and I am not afraid to reach out for help when needed.


I have gotten alot of valuable things out of attending college. I have grown tremendously as a person over the past year. I have gained responsibility and a new found respect for others. Le Moyne College has broadened my horizons greatly. This has been one of the most valuable things that I have gained since attending college. I have discovered many new opportunities during my time at college. New career's choices blossomed in front of me, volunteer opportunities emerged, and great friends have been made. I could not ask for a better first year at college!


I believe that my experience at Le Moyne College is valuable because it is shaping the person that I am going to be both professionally and socially. The experience at Le Moyne College has given me life lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life.


While I may not have admitted it, I was more nervous than excited to start college. I was only seventeen, having graduated a year early, and had always been homeschooled. My world was about to expand considerably. How would I fair in a classroom filled with strangers? What would I think of my professors, and what would they think of me? How would I handle the intense work load? My fears were mostly unfounded. Regardless of our educational backgrounds, the majority of freshman around me were as nervous as I was. We were equally prepared (or unprepared) for college. We were all in the same boat, happy to turn to each other for friendship and support. It was amazing to see students from diverse cultural, religious, and economic backgrounds come together and form a cohesive group in their new shared environment. My professors were approachable and helpful, and the work load was tough but manageable. I even made the Dean's list both semesters. Along with giving me an invaluable education, college has greatly benefited me. I am learning to embrace new challenges. College helped me gain confidence and develop new insights into myself and the world around me.


I have gotten learning techniques to use for the rest of my life. It has given me the chance to achieve something I have never had before all B's for the first time in my life. It makes the aspect that things are possible a reality. I have gained teamwork, and a new understanding for the real world. It is valuable to attend because I have achieved so much. It would be a downfall not to.


I have gained so much my first year at Le Moyne. I've learned so much about myself, others, and how to have good relationships/interactions with other people. My senior year of high school they told me it would be important for me to make friends and form study groups. I didn't believe them because I mostly worked by myself in high school and earned really good grades. When I got to college I realized my past teachers were right. There's a lot of work to do in college and you can't do it all by yourself; why do it all alone when they're are people there who want to help? I also learned to manage time better because there were many times at Le Moyne that I suffered from procrastinating. Le Moyne has been valuable because it has what I want in order for me to be successful. I've made life long friends, built my character, and found my place in society. It helped figure out what I want to do with my life and showed me where I can give back. It made me feel like I'm here for a reason.


I've learned about how I see the world, and college has taught me that each and every person (young, old, big, small, male, female, etc.) is unique in their own way. And Physics has taught me how to prove that logically. You will only know people by limited observations and hearing what others say (which is 99.9% inaccurate most of the time), and whatever the person tells you about themselves is NOT always going to be constant. Otherwise, water--contained or not--would stay still for a second. By the way, I'm not talking about frozen in the form of ice. This is valuable to me because it says that no matter how much you try to be like somebody else, you will ALWAYS be you no matter what.


To never give up. I learned that if you give up your dreams you will end up regretting it. I know that I do. Now, after years of looking at my shattered dreams, I'm piecing them back together. I'm going to strive to succeed. I know that through God all things are possible and I will succeed in finishing my degree and I'm not giving up this time. Attending college either traditional or online has helped to focus my dedication and hon my skills. It is something I would not give up for the world, in fact, I'm going to do it all over again.


Being in college so far has taught me valuble life lessions about hard work and dedication. Things don't always come easy, you have to work for what you want. For example Math doesn't come easy for me so i have to really wrok hard in those subjects to suceed. Having an education is important. It will prepare me for the hardships that are sure to follow when I get out of school. There are greater financial responsibilites, greater responsibilites at work, working full time versus part time and persuing my education is preparing me to have good work ethic so that I may attain a good career. Applying a good work ethic and dedication in my personal life also will help me when things get hard. I really can't wait to get into the physical therapy world and start making a difference in the lives of my patients. I am also excited for the more near future, my boyfirend and I are planning to get married next year, with us both in college we know we will have to apply those qualities of hard work and dedication to suceed with both of us in school full time.


I am so grateful for being able to attend college. In this economy, fewer and fewer young men and women are able to afford the education that will assist them in acheiving their dreams. Being a student this past academic year has taught me so much, not only on an academic level. I believe that it is the people I have met - both professors, and peers - that have changed me to the person I am now and led me to discover a different part of myself. I have become a more accepting, and understanding person, eager to make a difference in the world we live in today. The people I have met have shown me the sacrafices that must be made in an economy like that of this day and age to pay for a college education and I have discovered how grateful I am to have the resources and support that I do. As a student , I was offered the opportunity to lobby for academic funding at the state capital as a representative of Le Moyne College. It is something I have grown to feel very strongly about after the experiences and encounters of my freshman year or college.


The college experience changes you, and makes you become the person you're meant to be. I know that people say that all of the time, but I didn't really believe it until I went to college. As a freshman, I expected that my roommate and I would become life long friends. After about a year, I learned that the friends I made did not have my best interests in mind, and I decided to commute to college to get away from people that I knew never cared about me. During the spring semester of my Junior year, I studied abroad in Barcelona. The first night I went out, I was mugged, and it totally destroyed my morale. Nonetheless, I remained optimistic and stayed the full semester. You would think that these experiences would discourage me, but they actually did the opposite. They made me so much stronger. There is a common theme in these two experiences that took place in my college years: I expected too much from them. I learned the hard way that I must expect the unexpected. I can't be ready for everything that life throws at me. So future, bring it on.


I've learned the importance of all those individuals in my presence and beauty of the way each person can express and follow their hearts and apply it to their academic career. It's been valuable to attend because everyday I'm reinforced with the fact that goodness is all around us and seeing it and recognizing it, and appreciating it wherever I go, will remind me that I discovered this fact during my undergraduate years at Le Moyne College.


It is valuable being in a small college, with a lot of resourceful and helpful Professors. There is a lot of opportunity to pick what to be involved in once you know what is offered.


Being in college gives you a level of responsibility you didn't acquire before. You're forced to deal with problems on your own, and come up with a solution. Mommy and Daddy are no longer scheduling your doctors appointments, reminding you to get your homework done, and don't reward you for good grades. Doing the right thing and going above and beyond are actions your no longer rewarded for back in high school, these are things expected from you in college, therefore attending college has changed me as a person. It made me grow up and being independent.


College is inevitably a life changing experience that is crucial to growing both physically and mentally. Yes, undeniably, college can be a difficult for some, but it teaches us to rise above the obstacles in order to achieve our ultimate goals. So why is it valuable to attend college? It teaches us life lessons as it enables us to grow into adults in an environment that both encourages our progress, yet keeps us safe. Personally from my first year in college, i have made good friendships that i hope to maintain for years to come, as well as learn more about who i am. The academic experience was difficult at times, but it enabled me to hone my study skills and work well in group situations. The professors were great, and the atmosphere of the campus made me feel really comfortable and safe. Overall, college is a continuous growing experience as it shapes and defines the leaders of posterity, giving us all a sense of security and peace of mind.


During my time at Le Moyne, I have not only become smarter, but wiser. I am more conscious of the part I play in the larger world, and I have been able to make it a valuable contribution.


I was a Nursing major first, but I needed to change it to Liberal Arts/Business. I had a lack of confidence about my success in very competitive science classes in the second language at that time. I decided to take a chemistry class and met a fantasitic chemistry professor. Her encouraging, supportive, organized, and fun teaching style helped me to achieve an A grade in her class. Most importantly, she helped me to gain confidence to return to a Nursing major. I have completed all prerequisite courses needed for applying nusing programs, and very recently, I was accepted to CSU Sacramento nursing program. There are many professors like my chemistry professor at Sierra College. Without their help, I would not be able to open the door to attend the nursing program. The quality of professors is what makes attending Sierra College very valueble.


College has provided me with a lot. For the first time I was really independent and had to make my own decisions based on my own personal judgement. I also have made friends that I know will last a lifetime. I also have become more interested in learning and have been presented with academic challenges that were not always present in high school. I know that the skills I have learned, such as time management, responsibility, communication, and a good work ethic will be valuable in the future when I go onto grad school and get my own job. I also, for the first time had to share a small room with another person. This gave me skills such as cooperation and tolerance which will also help me in future dealings with people everyday. I became friends with people from all different areas of life, and I am now more able to look past differences in people and see life from others' eyes. College has taught me many life skills that I know has made me a better person.


I have found friends that I will have forever. I have expanded my interests with the help of teachers. I have been a work-study for 3 years and have gained valuable information. Going to Le Moyne was the best decision I have ever made!


I am currently a Culinary Arts student at Albany Technical College. I am a 38 year old mother of three who have been awarded the opportunity to pursue my education and my delayed career. This have been a challenging experience for me but at the same time it has been exciting and innovating. It has opened the door to a lot of new possibilities in my life. This is an opportunity for me to be an example to my kids and show them that regardless of life circumstances and delays you still can succeed. This is an opportunity for me to prove to them and others that dreams can come true but it starts with you. This experience have helped me to see the unlimited possibilities and hidden treasures that was deep within me. Attending school have given me a sense of worth and a newfound hope for success in my life. It's not about the work because in order to succeed in life it will take hard work. This experienced have pushed me to levels that I didn't know existed in my life and I'm looking forward for the new opportunities and possibilities in my life.


I've gotten quite a bit out of my college experience; I've made new friends, pushed myself outside a comfort zone that, until recently, I'd thought was very rigid, and had several experiences that I won't soon forget. I've learned much and gained valuable experience that I think will prepare me perfectly to join the workforce (after graduate school, that is).


I sometimes wish I could go back in time because my first year of college was hard for me. I had a hard time adjusting, mainly due to personal problems of my own. If I did have the chance to go back and give myself some advice (and what I DO say to friends and family that are still in high school, getting ready for college) is go all out. Don't hold yourself back from doing or saying what you want. The friends you make in college will most likely be your friends after college. Go after EVERY opportunity because those opportunities might not make a second trip, and it will be a learning experience that you might not get elsewhere. Talk to people, even if you think they will be people you won't like because they might actually end up being your best friend. Do activities that you have never done before because you might not get that chance after you graduate. Do everything you can to get the best college experience because just doing schoolwork will make any, even the best, school seem boring. Do everything you've ever dreamt of and more.


Going back to my High School Senior year, my advice to myself would be to definitely take your classes more seriously. Especially those thta you intend to major in while your in College. Also do not limit yourself to only hanging out with people of your race and ethnicity. Try and diversify yourself and learn to understand different people. I would also tell myself that focus is key and try to stay focus with my school work and career goals. Make a plan to study 2 to 3 times a week for 3 to 4 hours. Lastly, I will tell myself that having a social life is important. Join many groups and try being friendly and not unapproachable. Although I have a lot of friends in College, I just wished my network of friends woud have been diversified. With this being said I would tell myself to not just befriend my own race of people but people of all color.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would definitely tell myself to do a lot more research before picking a college to attend. I came to Le Moyne as a transfer student because I was dissatisfied with my other school, I picked it because it was far away, not because I enjoyed the campus. I would also tell myself to look into more scholarships, because it is very difficult to get loans with todays economy, and the low economic status of my household has made that process even more difficult for me. Lastly, I would tell myself to keep my head up and work as hard as possible on my grades. Unfortunately, my grades did slip towards the end of high school, due mainly to "senioritis." I realize now that if I had taken control of my "senioritis" that college would be a lot less stressful for me today, especially because I am trying to graduate early to save myself some money. There is so much I would tell myself if I could go back in time, but my main advice would be to work hard, everything falls into place with hard work.


Dear Anna, When applying to college try to get accepted to one that is small, diverse and in a suburban area with access to civilazation (hehe). When in college try to be mindful of other people's up-bring and accept them for who they are. Become friends with people who do not live in New York City so you can get the chance to explore/ know more about life. Go on Spring Break outside New York State at least once. Most importantly keep a 3.0 or above GPA. XOXO


When going to college, the most important thing to keep in mind is to just be yourself. You cannot be afraid to do what you love to do. Why should you not do what you love just because other people do not agree with you? Being open and true to new friends is the best way to make new friends. True friends will be your friend no matter what you enjoy doing. This is when you will make you truest friends that you will keep for a lifetime. They are the ones that you will be able to turn to when you need someone to talk to. You also cannot judge people before you talk to them. Just because someone may look like they are completely different from you, does not mean that they are. Without talking to them, you would never know. So when going to college, just be yourself and be open to new friends. You never know who might become your lifelong friends.


Advice I would give myself would be to not worry. College is hard and challenging but it is nothing I cannot handle. Remember to ask for help, teachers care about helping with your education. Living away from home is a good experience and helps with indepenence. You are responsible, organized and goal oriented, use this skills throughout college. Stay true to yourself, you will find people that will accept you for who you are. Dorm life can be interesting. Hope to get a good roommate but do not be afraid to ask an RA or Residence Life for a different roommate or room if it does not work out.


Knowing what I know now about college life I would tell myself one thing; do not worry so much. As a senior in high school I was perpetually anxious about what schools I would get accepted too. I now realize that the schools I did get accepted to I was accepted to them for a reason. Also the transition was much easier than I expected. I worried a lot about not being able to make friends and how it would be hard to learn to share a room with a stranger. Once I got to college I realized that everyone else was worried about the same things I was. There are also so many people that are willing to help you, between RA's, new friends and professors; no one will leave you to fail. I think what would have helped me most as a senior in high school would be knowing that everything will work out in the end. So even if you don't get accepted to your first choice school another opportunity will arise that may work out better for you.


Definitly decide Le Moyne. There is a lot of pressure but your degree means a lot and you will get a job as soon as you graduate. Also, you'll meet a lot of nice people and get set up in internships easily. There is tons of shopping and you'll get jobs easy for part-time jobs.


The advice I would give myself it to not sweat the little things and enjoy the journey you are about to make. The classes you take, the events to come, and the people you meet will be what forms you into who you will become. Hard work pays off but you need to take little moments every now and then to stop and enjoy where you are in life because life moves quickly and before you know it you will be graduating and heading into the real world, where you need to take what you've learned and appy it daily. These days to come will be the best and most exciting times as you transform from a teenager into a young adult.


Dont be afraid. Now is your chance to let go of everything and find yourself. Once you pick your college make the best out of it. Lemoyne is a great school. The teachers want you to succeed. People encourage you when your at college. Theres no need for highschool drama, college is the time of your life when you can focus on you and your future. Find yourself and dont care about what anyone thinks. Have fun and take school seriously. These four years will make a mark on your life.


Take in everything you can in high school. Every little bit you learn will prepare you for college ,even though you think it is trivial in high school.


Win the lotto, make more friends, and take time off before you start your 9 years of education ahead.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice as a high school graduate I would tell myself to stop freaking out. I would tell myself that the people I meet will be lifelong friends. The knowledge I gain will be worth the all niters and the memories I gain will be everlasting. I would tell myself to keep going to the gym because the myth about the freshman fifteen is true and to watch what you eat at the cafeteria! I would convince myself to get a job and save up some money! Lastly I would tell myself to get involved more and put yourself out there, one person can make all the difference.


If I could go back in time I would tell my senior self that while I love college, and I love this school, I should either pick a cheaper one to go to or take a few years off and work. I would sadly inform myself that while I have the motivation, talent, and support I need to achieve great things I would probably never do so because of my financial status and the way the world really works. I would tell myself that while I've always been taught that there are more important things in life than money, you usually can't achieve a damn thing without it. I would tell myself that everybody who tells you things always work out in the end are wrong and they only believe this because they've always had someone looking out for them, but one day they too will realize that we are all pretty much on our own in this world.


The venture to college life is very exciting. It is a chance to discover who you really are as a student and as an individual. When one goes off to college, one does not just gain an education through academics, but gain experiences that mark you for life. The professors are there to help you do just that. Take advantage of their open-office hours. Professors have been through college and have lived a little. They want you to be successful and will do everything in their power to make sure that you do. (Moreover, you are going to need letters of recommendation, so by being friendly with them does not hurt.) Keep the friends from high school, but remember you could drift apart. It is just a part of growing up. Do not lock yourself in your room or the library during the first few days of school. These are the best days to meet new friends who are just as nervous as you are. So on your first days on campus, sit down, introduce yourself, and get ready for the rest of your life.


If I were a senior back in high knowing what I now know about college life and making the transition, I would say to myself not to be afraid of a bigger school, and prepare myself for hard work as well as having a great deal of fun with the activities on campus. It is important to enjoy college life and be able to balance school work and social life. With that, it is also impotant to prepare for the real world while in college, and this can be done by meeting new people and interacting with people from all corners of the world. Making connections is a key factor in college because this helps me prepare for the future and learn from professionals in the field. Overall, I would say to myself prepare to work hard, enjoy yourself, and make friends and don't be afraid of a bigger school. A bigger school has greater opportunities and you have the potential to succeed with the help of your friends and the network you create for yourself. College is fun, but it is important to work hard and earn fun-time.


I would tell myself that college is a lot like a modified college in that the work is the same, only more complex. The campus life is something which has the potential to draw you away from academics and there are no safe guards to ensure you do your work. I would advise the use of effective time management and designated work times to do class work. Utilize the library as much as possible, the internet can be helpful but the more accurate information comes books. I would advise myself to read my textbooks much more thoroughly and not just skim through the broad picture. It would be important to mention to myself that while working hard is important so is making the most of the social aspect of college. This means that its important to make friends and social connections not only to develop emotionally but to have a strong base to fall back on in the event that the stress of college does start to overwhelm you. College is as much a social atmosphere as it is academic.


Spell Check Your Text or Website Right Now! Free Online Spell Checker. Fast and Accurate Results. No Software Required. OrSpell Check Your Text Language: English (change) There is no one size fits all college. Every person is a unique and special individual who needs different academic stresses and cares. When a person goes shopping for shoes they look for what fits them the best, and the most affordable price. The same concept could be applied to finding the best tailored college. Also, make the most of the college experience by reaching out to people, keeping a diverse set of friends, and keeping an open mind. Don't assume you're the best, but expect that you are with the best, and in the best kind of environment. Always strive to learn more than what's expected in the classroom because the professeurs assume you are responsible, and mature adults. These experiences with the friends you make in college will last you the rest of your life. Keep them golden! Have confidence and smile.


One of the most important things to take into account when choosing a college is comfortability. It is necessary to picture yourself spending a good amount of time on a college's campus and in its surrounding areas. While doing so, you should be able to decide whether or not you would feel at home on campus and would be safe, accepted, and happy there. Make sure the campus is not to big or too small for your liking. After finding the perfect college, in order to make the most of the college experience, you must make the college your own. Treat it as your home away from home. Participate in as many activities as possible, whether it be community service projects or intramural athletics. Get out and make friends. Don't be shy and hold back, be friendly and outgoing. Most likely, your new fellow classmates will be just as nervous and scared as you. Most importantly, don't be intimidated by your surroundings or simply try to blend in. Be yourself and embrace your own style. Take your time on campus to discover who you are. Once you make this discovery, never change to impress!


Make sure you get your applications out early and have an idea of what you want before you start looking at schools.


When you walk onto campus it should feel like home. I think it is important to talk to professors and sit in classes to see what it is like. If you want more one on one interaction with your professors, attend a small institution. Don't be afraid to make friends. Most people will accept you. Holding back will not allow you to make friends. Be prepared to put 100% into your course work and attend class everyday. If you do this you will succeed academically. Try to find a part-time job, you will be glad you did in the end.


visit campuses and get involved in your education!!!!


Go visit a lot of schools and pick the school you think will be best suited for you, and not what other people think will be best suited for you.


Honestly, the key to choosing the right college for you is to visit as many colleges as possible and to explore every aspect of campus life available. If possible, speak with multiple students about the campus and take a campus tour. You will simply get a feeling about whether or not this is the right campus for you. Trust your instincts, and don't worry about what your parents or anyone else thinks, college is a time for you. It is the best time of your life and you can never get it back, so make sure you take your time and really think about your decision. Making the most of your college experience is simple: put yourself out there. Live with someone you don't know, get involved on campus, and don't be afraid to try new things.


Visiting the college is essential. It is what made me chose Le Moyne. When I visited Le Moyne not only did I get a tour, but I was allowed to sit in on some of the classes. The reason I chose Le Moyne was for its promising academic programs, especially in earning a teaching certificate. During my freshman year at Le Moyne Iwas observing in the classroom, which helped me prepare for student teaching. When searching for a college you want to consider, first how that college can contribute to your desired profession, then how it will affect your social life. As for making the most of your experience I suggest being friendly and outgoing. Just talk to a little bit of everyone, you'll find out a lot about the people there simply by being friendly and making the first move. Another helpful hint is to join a club that interests you. I joined the women's rugby team at Le Moyne and had a great experience and made a lot of new friends.


To go into in with a level head. Don't be nervous about meeting new people. Your all are/were in the same boat. College is meant to be fun and especially educational; not only with academics, but through life experiences within your college years.


I would advise students to spend a night at the college they are seriously considering attending. Many schools, Le Moyne included, have programs where a student can be sponsored by an undergrad to spend the night. I think it's a good oppportunity to go out and not only see the college, attend some classes and also meet the students that go there. As for making the most out of the college, the parent should understand that their child is now at college and give the student some independance. Parents should give students the opportunity to prove they can do well on their own.


Visit as many colleges as possible, make the decision based on how the child feels about the school environment. Don't try and make the decision or sway the student as a parent. As a transfer student I found that out the hard way. I hated the first school I attended, and didn't make the decision based solely on me. I love the college I am at now.


Take the time to visit as many colleges as you can. There's no substitute for actually going to a school and getting the tour and experiencing a little bit of campus life. When you finally get to school, make sure to have an open door and an open mind. You aren't going to meet any new people by staying in your room. Meet people by going to the gym, joining a club, or going to campus events. Go to class. This is the biggest pitfall I have witnessed; people don't go to class and get subpar grades. You're paying a lot of money for these classes and aren't getting your money's worth if you skip them. Most of all, remember to take a deep breathe and relax once in a while because these are the best years of your life.

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