Lenoir Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senoir then I would most likely talk myself out of to Mount Olive College and tell myself it would be easier to stay home and attend LCC. Going into Mount Olive I wanted to take up music so my parents allowed me to attend that, at the time, private college. After that first year I ended up changing my major, moving back home and changing my major to dental Hyigenics. I started LCC and realize now that it's much more easier and helps me better with money. I am still paying off my first year of Mount Olive when I have already paid off my first year being at LCC. Advise I would give myself is to study hard and strive for the best and in the end things will work out for the best.


As a highschool senior, I would tell myself to learn more about the world around myself. I would make myself aware that not everyone was raised to believe what I believe, and that it is okay to have conflicting viewpoints. I would also encourage myself to save more money since things in college are more expensive that I ever dreamed. I would ask myself to read more and become more well-read in things such as politics. I would ultimately advise myself to become more aware before going to college.


Work hard in high school, and apply for every scholarship you can. Try your best not to have a job when you are going to college. Study and work hard in all your classes, don't slack off. Remeber to have fun and make new friends. The most important rule is NO 8:00am CLASSES!!