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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Keep striving for the goals that you have already set for yourself. You are going to run into obstacles and adverse situation but you have to remember that as with any storm, this too shall pass. Don't get discouraged easily and keep on trucking. You don't want to stretch yourself thin with to many organizations either, just keep your head in the books and everything will be fine. But most of all, have FUN because before you know it, it won't be here anymore!


If i could go back in time as a high school senior the advice that I would give myself knowing what I know now is to remain focus. College is what you make of it. Its the first chance that students get to become soley independent and responsible of themselves. You make the decisions for yourself and no one is there to tell you what to do. You have to be responsible enough to wake up each morning and go to class. You have to be determined enough to take full advantage of your education and all that it has to offer.


Choose a college based on what type of person you are. Don't choose a college based on what type of college your friends are attending. And look at the schools acdemics and where the school is located. Decide whether the school is meant for you. And than look at the price. This is your choice you have to go there for four years, so don't choose a college that will make your parents happy or friends. it's all about you now.


My name is Darnell M. McCleary I am currently a junior at Lincoln University. I would have to say this is one of the most important decisions in your life . You should apply to a college or University that best fits you as a person and provides the most knowledge and expertise in the field that you are most interested. In other words do your research and you will have a better view of the university or college that is best qualified to meet your needs. Thank you for listening to my opinion and I hope you find college as fun and interesting as I do because this is a great endeavor to complete in life.


To make sure your freshman year you do well so you can establish a high GPA.


I think prospective college students should visit different college campuses as well as talk to the students, faculty ,nd staff of that particular school. I believe parents should be involved but they should trust their child to make the ultimate decision on what college is best for them. In my experience I would advise the students to make he most of this experience and become actively involved on the campus and stay totally committed to academics. I would also recommend community sevice projects because serving the community and doing something beneficial to someone else for pure reasons makes a person feel so much better about themselves and in turn makes a positive difference in one's life.


I would tell parents to consider their childs like and intrest. I would recommend student visit the campus to see the diffrent activities that take place on campus. I would aslo tell both parents and prespective students make the most and visit as many schools as possible before making a choice.


Make sure your child visits the schools and is really sure about going there, because some people get to college and hate there school. I know alot of different students who have transfered because they did not like the school. also the parents need to take a visit to the school also. College is a wonderful experience , there are so many differnt oppurtunites when going to college . parents should also begin lookin for colleges early. Start saving money , because i am struggling now tryn to get threw college because i did not save money in the past. some people say college is not for evryone, but i believe that is lie. I really did not like school when i was in high school, but every since i went to college i love school.


go on campus tours they are very informative


The best advice that I can give parents and/or students about making the most of their college experience is to make sure they pick a school that best suits them because it is important to know that during their time at school, they must adapt, and it will be difficult to adapt to an environment that they least feel comfortable in. Also, any experiences that they come across, whether they are negative or positive, take them as a stepping stone and learn from them because experiences are what helps you live and progress, so do not get discouraged but rather be open-minded about them. Finally, someone's college experience should be beneficial, exciting, and full of positive exposures to different types of people and activities, so just cherish and embrace their surroundings and take advantage of the resources and activities that the school offers.


As you are finding the right college to attend make sure you visit it and like it. Then be sure your family is financially able to pay for that school. Next fill out alot of applications early so you have more than one option. Once you get accepted get good grades first and then you can have a fun time like partying, and going out.


My advice would be if someone have big hopes and ambitions the right choice starts in high school. First you need to have good grades, GPA, SAT scores to get into any college. If you want to get into a good college then allof those things needs to be very achieving. If you're determined to well and have confidence you will excell with no problems. Your college experience is the best years of your life that you'll always remember. So you should want to make your college experience the best time of your four years.


The advice i would give to family and students looking for the perfect school is to reasearch the school you think you like and some that you may not like. It is good to take a tour and talk to some students about the school you look at. when you pick a school don't pre judge it make sure to give the school a fear opportunity to grow on you. when you pick a school pick it for your self and no one else because sometimes when you pick it for other people u tend to start something you dont finish and college it a great experience and i think that everyone should do it.


When choosinh a school look for professor to student ratios, on campus academic suuport systems sometimes its not all about the tution, its about what institution can provide the best schooling for your academic career


Ask a lot of questions. Go visit the college during abnormal times to see what the college is really like. Plan financially. Choose a school that will work for you. Learn all that you can, you are only an undergraduate one time. Enjoy your college experience but don't allow yourself to loose sight of your goals and dreams. Decide within yourself that you want to do something that makes you happy and use the thought of achieving that goal drive you to do the very best that you can.


I saw the best way is to visit the collge. Make sure you fill at home. That is how I pick Lincoln unversity. i went to open house and as I walk around the campus, I felt like I was at home. Everybody welcome me with open arms. Make sure the student is comfirtible, speacilly if this is there first time being away from home.


As a graduating senior I advise students when searching for schools to think about how the school will advance them in whatever career they hope to achieve. Will the environment benefit their learning and will the money be well spent.


It is important to find a school where you and your parents feel most comfortable. You have to remember that you are spending your money on a four year college education. College should feel like a second home, a place of where you enjoy staying. When you graduate you want to be able to encourage other students to attend the school you went to. Do not choose a school because all of your friends are there, choose a school where you feel you will succeed.


If I were to give anyone advice on college decision I would definitely insist that parents and students visit the campus of their choice. A school may look great on paper but can be a whole different experience once you step on campus. Students and parents want to know what to expect from their school and that is why college visits are vital in the selection process. I would also advise students to become involved in their college once they make their decision on where they will go. The only way to get all that your campus will offer is to get involved. Clubs, organizations, and sports team will open up many options and opportunities for students that will benefit them in their future years. College is what you make of it!


Honestly, it doesn't depend on the ranking, perceptions, or even environment, you need to go to a place that you feel you will grow emotionally, academically, and socially, and sometimes that is a small school and sometimes its a large school. In the end it isn't the school but what you make of it. So don't stress so much about choosing but rather having a positive attitude when you get there.


Make sure that you research the college and it has what you want to major in or if you are undecided, make sure it has a couple of options that you are interested in and may want pursue a career in. Also make sure that you visit the campus and talk to some of the professors and students. When you go on a visit make sure you get to know the campus and if you can really see yourself happy attending the school. If your going to live on campus talk to some of the students live on campus and see what they think about the campus. Ask them questions like is it what they expected? Do they like it? What types of things is there to do on campus? The location is a big thing so make sure it?s in the area that you wish to be located in.


students need to put in alot of effort when looking for a school. visit the school speak to students and do your research. make sure the school you choose is heading down your career path.


Make sure you visit the school first during and after tour hours. Get to know the bursars office and get inputs from the students.


Just make sure that you try and gfo visit the school of ya choice before yo actually make up your mind. (take a college tour) Make sure the school is very good and you feel comfortable at.


make sure you visit the college first...


To the students: Always make sure that you are looking for something that best fits you. make sure you dont go somewhere in the country when you know you hate the country. Also, make sure that your money is right because the worst thing to do is be broke in college. Learn how to manage your time because that's the biggest thing you have to learn when you live on campus because there isn't going to be anyone around to tell what to do and what not to do. Parents: Make sure that you are financially stable enough so that your child can go to school, pay for her books and can ask you for some spending money on the side. College is expensive, but your child wants to have fun and grow. she can't do that if she has know one to lean on. Always encourage your child, but don't tell them what to do because they need to grow and find out who they really are and they need to make SOME mistakes.




Mostly I would tell a student to look for a school that will provide for their needs. Many make the mistake of choosing a school just because it is a party school or because a friend goes there but don't because then, when it comes time to think about what you want to do concerning your major and your career, you have no clue and your fairly stuck. Also, the college experience is what you make of it. You can go all out, try for the best grades, join the activities, and make new friends, or you can just not do anything. I say go for it. Do what you can without overloading yourself because, though you may spend a lot of your time with friends or in extra-curricular activities, there's always homework and that is what is important.


There are laws mandating children to go to high school until a certain age. In today's world, it goes without saying how important a college education is. The high school degree of yesteryear is the bachelor's degree of today. As with everything, what you give is what you get. In determining your ideal school, you have to know what you want. Important steps to that is having an idea of what the school has to offer. The only way you can grasp how well you fit into a university is by visiting the school, researching the school and talking to people who attend or attended the school. Many times, students are not sure about what they want to do before going to college. Thus, it becomes imperative to go to a school that has a wide range of career paths, and/or majors. You don't want to go to a school and waste time not pursuing your intended major. College is about pursuing your dreams. College isn't about grades. Grades just indicate how well you 'passed' a class. Have a passion for what you do and stick with it. College is there to help guide you.