Lourdes University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My parents never went to college. So I was never taught the true importance and vaule that college has on your life. I had always wanted to go, but never got around to it. Thinking about going to college is one thing, but to get up and do it is a whole different story. Many obsticales such as time, money, support, are all key factors when taking this big step. I feel like if I would have been pushed more to go to college right out of high school I would had more of a chance to have college paid for through scholorships and grants. "Find a career you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life". College may be a struggle in terms of money and time, but after all is said and done, your a happier, better off person. After the struggle of climbing up the mountin, its really a breeze. Instead of seeing college as just something that takes all your money, I wish people would have told me all the wonderful things that college could bring to someones life.


I would tell myself to get more involved, make more friends, and reach out to everything that my school had to offer. The friends you have in high school aren't always going there with you. I would also tell myself to focus more on grades and find more free money. College is expensive and nobody wants to graduate with thousands of dollars in student loans. File the FASFA early so that there is more "free" money available.




Don't give up and pay attention because everything you do now will matter later.


I have learned that college is to be taken seriously. My first year, second semester, I really screwed up. I wasn't taking it seriously and my grades have shown, and for that I regrett it. It has been valuable to me to attend because I have figured out what I wan to do with my life. I want to become a psychologist. Hopefully next year I will beable to transfer to a four year college, then go onto persue graduate school. College is important because it deturminds your future. Today if one does not got to college there is a less chance to improve in job oppertunities. By going to college it prepares me for living in the "real world" and allows me an oopertunity to persue my dreams. I relieze that the career I choose should be something I love doing, I would rather work at a job I love doing than be stuck at one I hate.


The college experience has aided me in several ways. My classes in school have made me a stronger person. I walk tall with a very strong sense of confidence in my abilities to perform in modern society. The class with the biggest influence on me has been our mandatory basic public speaking class. I am a volunteer firefighter and frequently find myself working with the public in many forms. The class has made me a very strong public speaker when it comes time for my department to do fire prevention demonstrations and presentations. My college also offered me several classes related to fire science. As you can imagine these classes not only expand my knowledge but also provide me with vital information to keep me safe. My college experience has been just as rewarding academically as it has been in providing me with even more life saving skills. I look forward to continuing my education and exploring new opportunities.


I have received a mind-opening, well roundeds education where divergent views are openly accepted and debated. This has made my time here to be worth more than the money spent.


So far from attending Lourdes College i have already made life long friends as well as many professors i can confide in. I honestly love going to Lourdes and will be very proud to recieve my Nursing degree from there.


My college experience has been fun, challenging, exciting, and something I wouldn't trade for the world. I've made friends with my classmates, I'm able to talk to the staff about any inquiry I have, and the advantage of it being a small school is the class sizes are smaller so the students get more individualized attention which helps a great deal. All college coursework can be challenging but it's all worth it in the end when the degree is received, knowing you've done your best to earn it. I enjoy my school experience because of the people I've met and the new things I've learned along the way and know that I can take this experience with me for the rest of my life.


More than just learning content knowledge, Lourdes has helped to instill additional values including service to the community. I have met some great uplifting friends here and professors that I will stay in contact with well into my teaching career. The knowledge and experience that I have gained here has been very valuable. I learn countless useful techniques from experienced teachers and helpful feedback and assessments. I have greatly enjoyed my time here, and though I am excited to graduate, I will miss it here!


In my college experience i have learned more responsibility and organization. I have learned to i have to stand on my own two feet and that i can not rely on my parent and or gaurdians to do all the work for me. Attending college also taught me independence. College has also taught me how to be more diverse with the different races of people. College help to lay down the frame work to what i wanted to be or wat i wanted to do in there future. It helped me to get a feel for the life in the real world. College has been a valuable experience to because before college i didn't know what i wanted to do with my life beside for wanting to go professional in either track or basketball. College taught me that without a degree you can't really do anything in life. it also showed me that not all good athletes go professional in the sport they think they should. Without this college experience I would have never known just how important it is to get a degree and make the best with the opportunities that college experience can present you with.


I have recieved support while experiencing challenges in my life. The staff never gave up on me nor would they let me give up. The extra tutors that are offered free to the students are extremely helpful. This school has given me an enviroment condusive to learning and challenges me to continue to learn.


I have met a lot of different people. They have opened my eyes to a completely different world that I never knew existed. I also now value my education. I am proud of my school and glad to go to my classes everyday. I love to learn and meet new people.


I have really grown as a person while attending Lourdes College! When I become an educator I feel that the values and education I have learned here will help me to inspire and excite the youth!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would stress the importance of education and what a privilage it is. I would tell myself that creating friendships with people serious about education is more important than relationships with people that want to spend their time in places that serve alcohol. I would tell myself to shoot for the stars and realize how valuable that I am to the world. I would tell myelf that my future and everyone that I come in contact with will be made better by my diligence. I would encourage good study habits which do not include staying up all night cramming for the exam. They do involved nightly reading and note taking and for me drawing out the thought. You need to figure out the ways that you absorb information the best and practice those techniques DAILY! I really needed someone to encourage me and I did not have that the first time I attended college and dropped out. So, if you dont have a good support system in your life I hope you find yourself reading this. College gives you self esteem , don't give up!


You are about to make the biggest decision in your life. Before you make the transition from high school to college, you need to know that it takes a great deal of hard work. You have to really be focused and not let anything get in your way of achieving your greatest aspirations. although there might be parties and fun things you want to attend, you have to always put school first.


My advice I would give myself would be to go straight to college after high school. I advice myself that it would be easier going to college without a family and working full-time. I would advice myself to stay with my parents and go to school full-time and if I didn't have to work then take advantage of that. I would advice myself to focus on college work and enjoy that time to actually understand the material for those classes. I would tell myself wouldn't it be nice to not have to stress out about how I will get all the work done for each class than worry about work, bills and family life. I would tell myself that I could go full-time and finishes school quicker than trying to go part-time. Most important thing is that once I have my education and working in the field I want then I can think about my future in having a family.


If I could go back and offer advice to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself two piece of vital information: 1) Choose a college setting that best compliments my style of learning. If I require more one on one attention from the instruction and loves interacting in the classroom, a large university may not be the best place for me. If I'm into sports, social gatherings, and do not require that much classroom interaction, then a large university make work out. 2) Choose a college that is within a reasonable budget to avoid a huge amount of debt. Research scholarships and grants offered by each school and fill out the FAFSA form as early as possible. Make the choice to live like a college student now, or live like one later even if this means starting out at a cheaper, community college and transferring out.


I would tell myself to study more and put my full effort into my work. I would take advanced classes to help prepare for the amount of work required. If I was more organized in high school that may have helped in the transition of college. I would make time to participate in more school activities and socialize more with people outside of my comfort zone. If I would have taken speech class in high school that may have prepared me for some of the presentations required in my classes. You can't go back in time, you can only learn from the past. I have learned how to take advantages of my strengths and focus on some of these areas where I lacked and now I'm working on a better balance in my life.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would've told myself to work as hard as I could so my GPA was higher. This way I could have gotten more scholarships. Another thing I would have told myself is to learn all you can from your high school teachers so you will be fully prepared for college. Studying is essential to keeping a high GPA no matter where you go. Reading and completing all course work is very important if you want to stay in school. Most importantly though is time management. You must prioritize and keep a schedule to stay on track; otherwise you might get behind. If you follow these guidelines then it will be hard not to succeed.


Hey kid, it's me. Your future. Don't look at me that way. What? You didn't expect to put on a few pounds? I thought you knew everything? After all, you are 18 and you know everything. Anyway, you are probably excited about going off to college, but inside you are nervous about your future. Well, just relax. You don't need the answers to everything. The truth is that you are too young to be totally certain about your future. I want you to attend college with an open mind. Don't skip class, because your are only cheating yourself. When you see office hours on your syllabus, circle them and get to know your instructors. It is okay to have fun, but take your classes serious. You will learn important building blocks for whatever professional path you decide to take in life. You will have overwhelming amounts of work with no sympathy from the other teachers. Just keep a detailed planner and learn to organize your time. This will be the most rewarding time of your life, but it will take a lot of work, time, and dedication. Just remember to have fun and work hard.


My advice would be to follow your dream. I did not do that. I always had a love for art but never did anything about it and I never had any guidance about it in my young life. I should of started college much sooner but I always let something else take away from my dream. I am now living that dream at the age of sixty-five. I am now able to draw and work with chalk. I really wish I would of done this a lot sooner. My grade point at this time is 3.91. I am very proud of this and so are my grandchildren. This is a dream come true. I hope I live long enough to get my degree. If things turn out well for me I hope to continue my education and hope to work on my masters. If I would of started college right after high school I really do not think my grades would of been as good as they are now. I have no interest in partying , just get a wonderful education. Being on a fixed income, a scholarship would really come in handy.


Slow down and take your time in college. Finish what you start. Those few words have been spoken by myself to my two children who are now in college. As a 40 something mother of three, I wish I would have finished my education when I was younger. I was too nervous to attend a four year college because I didn't feel that I could actually do that well. Looking back I realize that high school was all about socializing and just having fun. I didn't really apply myself, although I didn't do so bad (A,B & C student). I could have had college behind me. When I was in my early 20's I went through an Associate Degree Program, however I didn't finish that either, I found a good paying job in the field I was studying and went for the money. I was so young then that the money I could make then looked far more promising than any degree could possibly give me. I tell myself everyday to climb the mountain in front of you (my nursing degree) and once you make it your dreams will come true.


First of all I am a non-traditional student, Therefore, I would tell myself to go to college immediately after High School. In addition, I would tell myself to do the best I can in school to keep my GPA at least at a 3.0 level. This is very important for when you get accepted into certain colleges. Having an average grade is ok but doing your best and having a better than average grade is really letting the college know that you are a hard worker from the start. Although I had an average GPA in high school I am now maintaining a better than average grade point average in college. Having a great grade gives you a great feeling to know that you can do it. The grade just do not represent the grade itself it is more than that. I would also tell myself to take the assignments seriously. When I was in High School I just completed the assignment given and did not do my best at it. I know now that you should absorb all that you can out of any education whether it is free or not. Knowledge is the key to success.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would give myself the advice to know and remember my purpose. Knowing your purpose will make you focus on what you need to accomplish while also causing you to reflect and acknowledge what your intentions are. You will not accomplish anything that you cannot put your whole self into. You won't be able to finsih what you have started until you have made it a part of yourself, Naranda. So, know what your purpose is and what your purpose is in what you are doing because time is of the essence. And lastly remember what your purpose is because this will cause you to not be distracted by obstacles or nay sayers. Know and Remember your purpose, Naranda. College life is just one transition of many you will have to make. Know that with educating oneself you are enabling yourself to fulfill your purpose. This is just one of many ways of life.


Don't stress out so much. College isn't really all that different. It's just another series of fun classes that you can use to continue learning new things. Also, start scholarship applications a little earlier and don't hold back just because you think you won't win the scholarship. And also remember, life is not always greener on the other side. The year that I tried to spend away from Lourdes College (At University of Toledo) was the worst and made me realize just how much I appreciated Lourdes. It may be hard sometimes, but just hold on and keep trucking along, because the winding road through college will be well worth it.


That is a somewhat difficult question, I left Woodward High after completing my freshman year. I took a test, filled-out an application and I had to be interviewed, to be accepted at Harriet Whitney Vocational Technical High School. I also had to maintain a 'B' average or return to Woodward. On the application it was listed, not for college-bound students. If I, would tell myself anything it would be, forget the required 'B' average and always go for the gold(A+). I would encourage myself to strive for perfection in attendance and studies. Invest in myself, I'm worth it. Talking to that lady in the mirror I, would tell Teresa, to make sacrifices, and adjustments where it was necessary. Forget about being so in love as I, thought that we were. Listen to my mother and understand that she was the one that truly loved me, and only wanted to see me succeed. I would have told myself to slow down and enjoy my life, that I would only be a teenager once. Undoubtedly I, would have told myself that I was beautiful from the inside out, to love myself regardless, what anybody else said or thought.


As your high school career is coming to an end get ready for even a better ride. College will be the best time of your life. You will meet amazing people and make lifelong friendships. Don't be nervous, it just like high school but at a more intimate level. Make the best out of your high school career and prepare for your future now. Visit different colleges and find the one that fits your needs and personality. Always try your best and shoot for the stars. You can do whatever you set your mind to.


Take high school years more seriously and take the time to learn the information, not just memorize it. In college, you build on your past experiences academically. Focusing on schoolwork while you're in high school will make it far much easier to transition into college.


The advice that I would give myself is not to delay in going to college, a 4-yr college. All my life I have wanted to take care of others and if I had gone immediately after high school, my years of nursing would total 25 years. When coming out of high school don't procrastinate on doing becoming the person you want to be. I have tutored others in nursing prior to going back in the year 2009 to complete my bachelors in nursing. Don't delay furthering your education.


Knowing what I know now about college life and the transition into college, the best advice I could give myself is to not procrastinate with assignments due, work hard for my grades and make sure that I do my best because college is so competitive now. I wish I would have know to try harder and get better grades because I did not really try before I came to Lourdes and did what I could to pass but I could have done a lot better if someone had pushed me to do better, or told me that I could do better. I would tell myself to not be a slacker and get good grades and to not procrastinate because there is not as much time as I thought there was. I would also tell myself to skip Kent State University and go to Lourdes, I probubly would be done with school by now.


If I were able to go back and give some insight to my high school senior self I would say don't wait. There is no reason for you to sit back and do nothing for almost two years before enrolling in college. Lourdes is a great college and you're going to love it. Do not waste anymore time because it effects your future. Also, I would recomend really looking into a specfic major. That way I would arrive with no worries and know exactly what I want.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell me a lot of things to prepare. The first thing I would tell myself is to fill out more scholarships. Paying for college is not an easy thing to do. Next I would tell myself to learn an easier quicker way to take notes. Notes are a big part of college and you can't miss a beat when it comes to note taking. Then I would tell myself to do homework as it comes. Don't let it build up to where it becomes a big problem and your up super late working on it. Finally I would tell myself to enjoy college it is not as scarry as it sounds. Getting involved in your college is a big part of the whole fun experience of college.


some advice i would give myself is to control my spending more. Spend more time on studying and less time with friends and partying. Keep up with the assignment and dont get behind, make sure they are on time. dont wait unill the last minute to study. Keep studying all the time. Get as much help as possible from anyone you can because there's lots of help out there


If I could go back in time to give some words of advice I would have to say take your time. Over the years I've wanted to be many different careers. Anywhere from a vet, because my love for animals or a lawyer, for my passion for justice. I've found my calling and that is to be a nurse. I love helping and giving back to the community. I know I could make a difference, taking care of somebody's sombody just as I would my own. One last thing I would say is to brace yourself, it will be a long trying road but it will pay off in every way. Thank you.


I would tell myself to listen to my feelings, if the college or university does not feel right then do not settle. When you look at schools do not look at the price, look at the environment, the class size, the wow factor. When you do get to the right school, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! There is no easier way to understand a subject that to simply do the assigned homework, whether it is reading or writing assignment. The easiest way to make connections and friends is to go to the coffee houses, the intimate concerts, and the many other miscellaneous events. In other word, get involved on campus and have fun! When you are having troubles with a subject go to one of the many tutors. Most importantly do not stress out, everything will work out for the best.


It is fun and you dont have to have classes every day, you get to meet a lot of new people, but you need to keep good grades and attend class to the best your ability.


I would strongly encourage myself to listen to my heart and not take advice from people who do not have knowledge about the topic I am asking them about. My plan was to start college and go straight through and finish a master's degree in nursing. My friends and family encouraged me to get a job after 2 years and then work while finishing school. I found it very hard to find time to work full-time, have a social life, and go to school full-time all at once. I did not finish. Now I am 35 years old and currently in process of finishing what I started 17 years ago. My advice to myself: stay the course, finish school. Thank you for the opportunity!


Thh advice that I would give myself would be to focus more in high school. This focus will help me to get to where I need to be in college. If I focus, I will be able to excel in my academics. I also would be a more open person. If I am open to new things and new life experiences, I will be able to fit in with everyone in college. No one judges and everyone is much more open about diversity. If I practice these skills in high school, I will be sure to succeed in more ways than one throughout my college years.


As a non-traditional student I would have told myself to go back to school much sooner. I waited three years to go back. I thought this was the best choice. I would have waited longer to get married and start a family. Being a mother and a wife proved very difficult in that my time was so divided. I never felt that I was adequate at any given task because I was so divided as to where I should be or what deserved more of my attention. Waiting would have been a better option however that would mean not have the children I have.


Buckle down and learn to manage my time. I always heard that no one will be on my back in college telling me what to do. I attended Hunter College but I didn't finish/ I feel as if I quickly got lost in college, and struggling to divide my time into dedication for school and having a social life. If I knew now what I knew then I think I'd have stuck it out


The advice that I would give to myself back when I was a senior in High School and I have currently given to my cousin who is going to be graduating from High School is to make sure the college or University you are going to is accredited in the program you are studying for. Really research your area of study to make sure it's what you want to go into. Be ready to make the choices that you want, because in college it is up to you to do what you want to do. Also, never give up on your education, it may be discouraging at times but it is all worth it in the end when you receive your diploma and know you accomplished something important in your life.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself some very valuable advice that would help me become a successful, career orientated individual. I would tell myself to adopt regular study habits and times, never procrastinate, take advantage of tutoring offered by the college, use study guides, and ask plenty of questions.


So, finally you are a senior! You have gotten to the end of a long, winding road to adulthood. Now, you are ready to begin your life as an adult. You may still be a little afraid of where life will take you. You will have many decisions to make. Try to choose wisely. Be open to the possibilities that are before you. Challenge yourself! Don?t be afraid to take risks! Don?t compare yourself to anyone else. When you compare yourself to others, you will always come up short. You will be comparing your insides with everyone else?s outsides. Everyone has fears and everyone makes mistakes. The difference is how you handle your mistakes. Don?t be afraid to say ?I?m sorry? and mean it when you say it. Never give up! Strive to become the kind of person you would be proud to have as a friend. Make a commitment to learn something new every day. Be kind even when no one is looking. Have faith. You are one-of-a-kind and you have unique talents to offer the world. Celebrate them!


I would tell myself to not follow the crowd and go to a "big college" just because a lot of people do. I went to Bowling Green State University as a freshman for one semester then to Owens Community College for the rest of the school year. BGSU was very expensive and not what I wanted. I then transferred to Owens once I found out I could take the same classes and save a lot of money. Once I was done with my pre-requisites I chose to come to Lourdes College. I choose Lourdes because of the small campus size and small classes. I did not want a large college. I knew Lourdes had a great nursing program and would give me the preparation for graduation that I needed. Overall, I feel high school seniors need to know that they need to do what is best for them and not follow the crowd. It is your money and time you are giving to your college education and you want to make the best choice for you.


High School is NOTHING like college! You are not "stuck" in the classroom for 6+ hours a day. You have indepence and freedom to choose your classes as well how you will spend your free time. Do not be afraid of college! Everyone is in the same boat. It is okay to not know something, or be anxious or scared-but do it afraid anyway! Ask for help-that is why they are there! They WANT you to attend their school! They WANT you to do well. They WANT to help you. They WANT you there~just go! GOOD LUCK!


I would definitely remind myself to stay focused on my education and not give up. College is more than just the school work, it is an experience that helps round an individual. I would tell me that there are many different financial solutios to help pay for an education such as work studies, financial aid and other loan processes, as well as a variety os scholarships. If most people would finance a house for 30 years wouldn't you finance your education that will carry yo through the rest of your life. College educations open the door to many opprotunities such as a career and later career advancement. It is much easier to do when your young than when you are 35 years old and have a family. i would also tell myself to get involved in the social events that the school offers, you never know who you will meet. This can help with networking when it comes to obtaining a job after graduation.


Going to the biggest, most well known college is not always the best choice. Sometimes going to a smaller schoool will help you in the long run due to all of the personal attention you recieve. Especially if you go into nursing, you want a smaller competition pool! The college name on the degree dosent matter as much as the degree itself!


College is not only the best years of your life, but the most important time of your life. Although having fun is an important part of college in order to relax and relieve some stress, it is most important to choose a college where you will be able to focus and recieve an excellent education. Although the next 4 years may be very difficult it is going to pay off when you are able to graduate and recieve an excellent job with the wonderful eduacation you have recieved. As long as you focus on your studies and recieve the best grades your opportunities will be endless throughout your life. The education you recieve will last forever.


I would tell myself that I can do the work. I need to make sure that I attend all of my classes which means that absenteeism is not acceptable. I need to be focused on what is expected of me. I need to do the homework because it is important to be prepared for my classes. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions if you do not understand something. Always be open to learn new things and work with others.