Lourdes University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Good adivce to look back at is to get ready for college now. Transition is quick and difficult to get ready for when you become a college student. You can never prepare too early for college. College is a time where the responsibility relies directly on you. It is a time where you must make a choice to stay dedicated and succeed or fall off and stop. Prepare now just as I did and you will be ready for the tough transition.


I would tell myself, GO TO LOURDES! I did not want to go here after a campus visit as a senior because it wasn't the big, fun campus I had envisioned. Remember to work hard, put aside the socializing and friendships and get through school. You can make this degree achievable in four years instead of six, if you just do the work on time!


I would tell my self to try a little hard, so what i would have been able to apply for scholorships to help me pay for school.


Talk to as many people as you can about what your dreams and plans are for your future. Learn to network with people that share your ideas and goals. Try different areas of study when tyou start college, do not start wioth only ge4neral education classes, no matter how easy they may seem to be. Fraternities may may be good socially, but do not make them you all in all, use tyhem for networking and friendships. Save money, use it wisely. Have fun, but study hard. Enjoy it while it hsappens, but keep your eye on the end result. Pick a field of strudy that you enjoy, and it will be the easiest time of your career.


Picking a college?! Choose according to your major or possible major you would like to pursue. Prices of institutes can be VERY expensive but dont let a schools tutiton discourage you from applying to that institute! There is financial aid & scholarships to apply for. College is not all HARD as some people make it seem to be, it is a challenge that can be tackled! Your first year in college, aim for the highest GPA possible, there are 2 types of GPA'S Cummulative & Quarter! Quarter & overall GPA (Cummalitive), If you do have a point of struggle, your GPA wont fall really low, if you have a high GPA from start it will give you a better chance to bring that GPA up quickly! Once a Cummulative GPA falls it's hard to bring it up! College is to be taken very seriouse, there are fun times. Know your purpose for being in college, to obtain a degree for higher education. Don't loose sight of your purpose, it should be your drive to being succesful in your degree. Education is number 1! There will be plenty of campus activites to participate in! Have fun & be succesful in your education!


Being a non-traditional student and returning back to college, I know if I could go back in time to talk with myself as a high school senior there is so much advice I would give. However, I will keep it to just three points. The first and most important would be attend and participate in all classes. I know now that you miss so much by not attending. The second piece of advice would be study smart, take good notes, listen to the instructors, they tend to reiterate what is important. The third and final piece of advice I would give, is have fun and enjoy it! That is what I am doing now as a non-traditional student. I am taking my own advice and succeeding! When I first went to college right out of high school, my GPA was as 2.5, and today as a college student it is a 3.66!


I personally would have went to Lourdes College stright from high school. The transition was not hard to do and I love the environment at Lourde College. My advice to myself would be to keep going with education because the sky is the limit. Lourdes College has truley changed my life for the better not only with education but with the many programs and support the school has to offer. Whenever anyone needs help the staff and students go above and beyond to make sure people get the help that is deserved. Thanks Shannon Mothershed


I would tell myself not to stress out and to not be afraid of the unknown. I was so afraid to leave home but I haven't been back home since I left. I would have to started out at a smaller college similar in size to my high school class sizes. I would warn myself that there are going to be tough times but they are all learning experiences! I would make a point to get to know my proffessors (it's important to know that they are human too)! I really love learning but I also know that college takes patience. Sometimes you need to just sit back and enjoy the ride!


I would of taken as many college prep courses that I could. I would of also taken school a lot more serious, because as a 29 year old with not a lot education under neath my belt from high school, I struggle 10x harder then the college freshmen coming straight from high school. The student who took his/her sat's or college prep courses, and took school serious, has it a lot easier then I do. I have to study and struggle a lot harder then they do, but I also made those incorrect choices in high school, I am just glad that I graduated, and that I am now a junior in a good college.


Listen to the teachers in high school when they say that college is very different. You can not just expect to get the good grades by just coming to class like you did in high school; you will need to apply yourself and put forth your best effort. If you want to get good grades on quizzes and exams you will absolutely need to study.


If I could become a high school senior, I would take advantage of, and learn all I could about my core classes. I would particapate in as many outside activities as possible to become a well rounded person. I would my college education as soon as I graduate high school.


I would tell myself to not be in such a hurry to grow up, be an adult and take on all the responsibilities of adult life just yet. I would tell myself to take my time growing up. I would let myself know it's okay to still be dependent on mom and dad for my emotional, financial and psychological needs. It's very okay to need your parents. This doesn't mean you are being immature or childish. I would let my mom and dad help me a lot more, not only financially for school expenses, but in other ways too. If you go away from home for college, you realize what you have in your parents and your family, once they are not in close proximity to you, but still only a phone call away. I would not freak out because my relationship is close to my parents and my family. It's cool and it's okay to have parents and family in your corner. I would tell myself to always remember no one will do things for you the way your family will. I would not succumb to peer pressure to do things.


Going to college is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. The first couple of weeks are tough its a big change from high school to college, but you can get through it just keep your head held high. Remembering the reasons why you are there, and what that long term goal is in the end. Also even when times get tough and you think that you have studied until you cant study anymore take an extra ten minutes to make sure you know everything. Its better to know more then less. Another thing dont forget to have fun, studying and school is the number one thing but dont overwhelm yourself.


Stay calm, college is awesome! You have the ability to move at your own pace and you rarely feel bored.


I would have told myself that college is important, and your decisions regarding college start the minute you enter high school as a freshman. I would have also told myself to focus and maintain good grades, because those grades help when the transition comes. I would have talked to a couple colleges and pick a school based on their education opportunities and not their social life. I still would have told myself make college fun, but also make it your job, and remind myself this is something I have to do, in order to become successful. Lastly, I would of encouraged myself to never give up, because the finish lines comes with great pleasure!


Make sure that you put in the time and effort from the beginning. College is not like high school, you actually have to reveiw the information in order to retain it. You also have to allow plenty of study and practice time to accomplish assignments and goals.


i would have to say that knowing what I know now i wouldt tell my self very much. i knew right from the start that if i did not go to a small college wouldnt make it, and that is why i have taken so long to go back to school because i was so affraid. if i would have known about lourdes college from the start i know that i would have went there right away from highschool and been done with school,. and already be a kindergarten teacher. i love lourdes and i wouldnt change my decission for the world


I would have told myself that I needed to be focused on my school and the grades that I was getting. It is very important to want to be in college so that you can remained focused. I would tell myself that my acedemics were an important part of my future. I should have made time for my school work and rearranged my priorities more so that I could have a social life while still doing well in school. It is important to be open to new ideas. I would say that a person should be willing to meet new people and join in the festivities that college has to offer. College is a great place to network and meet new people. This is a place to meet people that you have the most incommon with. College is the place that you prepare for your future and mak friends that will last a lifetime. College is a place where dreams are turned into realities and memories are forever!


I would go back and tell myself to keep up with your studies. Whether or not someone knows exactly what they want to do when they finish a 4 year degree, it's ok, but to learn as much as possible and soak in the people you meet. The experience and lessons through the trying years of your early twenties are lessons that will shape you and set a strong foundation for your future. No matter how hard and rough life gets, you control your own life. It's ok if you mess up here and there, what matters is how you can learn from a lesson and pick yourself up. Discovering your own identity is a process and you don't need to have your life planned in order to be successful. We all learn at a different pace, so don't get down on yourself, just keep your head up high and be confident that you are making the right decisions for you.


Looking back at what I was doing last year as a senior, I would tell myself to pay attention in class. Do your homework, stop texting and passing notes. College is not as big of a transition as you are making it. Do not stress over little things, take your time and do your best on all of your assignments.


Going to college is a gift and is very valuable. Not only is college a time to further your education, but it is a time to find out more about yourself as a person. College is a time to figure out more about what you would like to do, what you would be good at, and something to work toward. Do not waste a single minute of your college education, both socially and academically. Embrace new friends, school programs and the knowledge obtained in the classroom. Once you find a path that fits you, give all that you can so when you are done you can serve the community with the best of your ability. College is difficult and requires hard work and dedication, but the outcome will last a lifetime. You can never reach a limit of learning and knowledge.


I would not have waited a year to go to College. I would have enrolled right away, and worked harder as a high school student so my grades would have been better. I am a much better college student, with a 3.57 GPA, compared to when I was in high school. I knew I always loved art, but I would have studied harder in my other classes, as they are a neccessity in daily life.


So here's the deal, I know what Im talking about because I am you. First of all stop procrastinating with your homework assignments and reading, your only setting yourself up for difficulty when you begin college. Get in the habit of doing a portion of your assigned readings each day so that you dont have 200 pages to read the night before an exam. Start on papers sooner rather than later so that you can get them finished and have more time to work on other projects or just so that your not so stressed out when the deadline arrives. Dont be afraid to ask for help when you need to. Your Professors want you to succeed but dont expect them to hold you hand, your a grown up so take responsibility but remember your not alone. Remember your goals, stay motivated and stay ahead of schedule to decress your amount of stress. Finally, eat right, exercise, get good quality sleep, take time for yourself and most of all believe in yourself because you are the only one who can make your dreams a reality. Good luck and I'll see you soon.


take a little time off to find what it is you really want to do. then, go to college and go all the WAY!!!!


College is really not that scary go get it finished before you have a ton of responsibilty. I choose to get a good job and go to school online but the online schooling the teachers were not helpful and did not care it felt like a waste of money so I redirected my life and ended up quiting my good job and going to school full time.


College is about your education and the foundation you receive for starting life. It is not something to take lightly, but you should still meet new people and become involved with campus life in the right responsible ways. College is not about the partying, but it is about the education and the socialization in meeting new and different people out there in the real world. Mom and dad are not there telling you to make sure you have stuff done on time, you have to be on top of things yourself and take responsibility for your own actions. College is a wonderful experience and will be remembered for the rest of your life.


I would say now you can do it. Get it done get the education over with.


Since I am a student who is returning to college later in life. I would tell my high school senior self to choose a college more carefully, and to use my time more wisely. I started my college career at a large state school in a major I was unsure of. I would tell my high school self to chose a school that would be able to help me succeed, and a major I am interrested in. I would tell myself to spend more time studing and less time socializing. I woulld suggest that I stay at home rather than in the dorms. Transitioning would have gone more smoothly if I had done these things. Talking to my college councelor more often would have helped me be more successful as well. She would have been able to help me transition into college and campus life better than I did on my own.


Life is hard. The longer you wait to continue your education the more likely you are to not go further. College life is fun. That is when you learn who you are and what you want to be. Go to college now, so you can get educated young and become a sucessful adult. Don't wait you will never know how important your education is untill you don't have one.


I would tell myself that it goes by fast(college), so don't give up and don't get lazy. There is no time for breaks and to not put effort into academics. This is going to be the most important part of your life and don't take it for granted. Lourdes makes the transition easy but it is up to you to do well. You have the power to control your future. People are there to help you but they can't do it all for you. The help you receive will make you a better person to help others. Keep up the hard work and always try your best.


It has been awhile since I was a HS senior. I would go back and tell myself that a big university isn't what I need. I tried a community college and then a state university that was way too big. The cost of the community college was great and the school I am at now makes it really easy to transsfer credits, so I may suggest that route, just based on cost. But if I could go anywhere I would go straight to Lourdes because looking back all the money I spent at the community college and state university, and time I spent finding what I wanted, I feel like some was wasted. Lourdes has everything, education worth the cost, great classmates, teachers , and opportunities for fun at the campus. If I had started my education at Lourdes, I would be done now, working in the field with a great job that I would feel completely qualified for.


Stay focused, the breaks will come. Study for everything and be prepared for class. keep work area neat. Study!


First of all, I would tell myself to take a career assesment. Now that I have graduated from high school and have attended college, I know how important it is for a high school senior to take a career assessment before they make a decision on what to major in. I took accounting at the high school level and I believed that I would enjoy a career in business. If I had it all over to do again, I would choose a career in the health industry. I would also advise myself not to get into the financial traps and pitfalls that are out there that most freshman students get into. I think that it is very important for freshman college students to take a personal finance/budget course before they fall into the financial trap that a lot of people find themselves in. I ruined my credit during my college years and never fully recovered financially. I would also advise a new freshman to pray regarding any decision that they make in their life, some decisions that we make in the moment can have a terrible impact on our lives in the future.


I would have told myself to take things more seriously. The mistakes you make in college really do affect you for life. When you are a fresman in college and you don't feel like going to class or going to a party instead of doing homework, those decisions will affect your GPA. Your GPA then suffers for the rest of your college experience. I just wish I would have taken a year off before college to get my slacking out of my system then. Now I am fighting to get my GPA to where it should be. Currently I have a 3.6 but it has taken me a lot of hardwork to get it there. If I would have just been more responsible and actually thought about how THIS IS THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! maybe I would have done better my first year of college.


i would definetly tell myself that this is the best time for me to achieve my destination. that no one else is going to do it for me. to remain focused and level headed. to not procrastinate and to give it my all no matter what happens. i probably would have rathered allowed myself time to process young adulthood more rather than to have jumped right back in school. and that no matter how long it takes i will get there.