Marshall University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Diversity consults of primary students from United States specifically the surrounding states to West Virginia as well as coastal states and a few others spread throughout. We also have a flux number of international students depending on the semester that join our family. 32 countries are normally represented at any given time on campus.


My classmates are students that care about their future and try to learn as much as much as possible to be the best they can be in the world.


In all honesty, it really depends on the person but people are usually kind and hard-working.


My classmates at Marshall are some of the most intelligent, thoughtful, and kind people I have ever met.


The students at Marshall are very nice and some are very competitive. Most of the students are from in-state and live relatively close to campus.


The students at MU come from all ethnic, racial, religious, and economical backgrounds. We support and encourage each other through the diversity!


There are students from all walks of life, but most students are from places close to Huntington. Most students are from West Virginia. People don't really dress up for class. We just dress casually (jeans, t-shirt, etc.).


Marshall has a somewhat diverse student body. Geography-wise, the students are mainly from West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio (the Tri-state region) and we have a large number of Asian international students. But besides that, there are not a ton of out of state students or international students. There is definitely a lot of Christianity on campus since that is the predominant religion in West Virginia. Marshall itself is not religious but there are a lot of student groups and clubs that are. Coming with the Christianity and being in West Virginia, there are a lot of conservative view points when it comes to politics. There aren't really different "types" of students, everyone kind of intermingles. Most students wear either jeans or sweatpants to class and there is a range of "dressy" to casual in terms of tops.


Our campus is very diverse I would have to say. We have tons of different groups for almost every interest a student may have. We have a LGBT office, we also have a lot of inter nation students, and we have a lot of different religious groups within a lot of different denominations. At first it seems like everyone os from West Virginia but once you get to meet people there are people from all over the United States and the World.


My classmates were usually enjoyable and engaging people.


The students at Marshall are very friendly and welcoming. There's always something going on, and everyone's invited.


My classmates are very diverse. We have people from all around the world. I have never attended a place quite like Marshall. We have diversity from students to professors. It is a very dominate part of what Marshall is about. With all the diversity you would expect some conflict and cliques, of course those are unavoidable, but everyone accepts eachothers differences. It is like everyone at Marshall gets to be the minority.


My classmates are all different, including bookworms, partiers, musicians, artist and religious people


My classmates at Marshall University are nice people. They will always give help if you ask. We are all a close-knit group of students.


My classmates are very goal orientated. Most of them have chosen a program to major in and are very serious in their attempts to graduate with a degree. For the most part they work very hard to complete all assignments, attend class and keep their grades up.


They are willing to accept new ideas and are eager to change the current state of the world around them in a positive way.


My classmates at Marshall vary in work ethic, some are very bright and they can pick up on concepts easier, some don't come to class, and then the rest are a mix of mastry and below mastry students.


WASP would be a way to describe the student body racially. There is a small portion of black students and they are mostly student athletes, or at least get that stigma. Socio-economically, mostly low-middle class, or middle class students. When our parents salaries drunkenly came up in conversation I told them my parents made 150k, and they thought I was filthy rich. Campus crusades, or the religious group are an in-your-face religious zealots, and get a really bad rep, and their presence is known. Someone who would feel out of place at Marshall would be an upper-class northerner not willing to accept people. Students attire ranges from band tees to class to polos and acid stained, trendy jeans. There is a fair amount of stereotypical southern preps, wearing plaid shorts and vineyard vines, and also Abercrombie, puca shell wearing frat boys. Girls wear skirts, jeans, tanks, and dress nicely for class. Sometimes they'll wear sweats when they're hung over on a Friday. Different cliques of students don't normally interact. Four tables in the dining hall: Down to earth kids- a mix of high school athletes, stoners, and party dudes, Jocks- football/soccer players donning their sports Under Armour and sweats, Nerds- kids who bring laptops to the cafe and study, Frat dudes- often obnoxious and loud in their frats letters or popped collars Most students are from WV, but many come from bordering states and some from Jersey, PA, NY. Marshall is mostly democrat even though WV is historically Republican.


They are friendly and diverse, and you can always find at least one to help you.


My classmates are always helpful and caring.


My classmates are usually aged between 18-35. Some are parents who are returning to school and some are fresh out of high school. Most are friendly and will more than likely help anybody out who asks for it. They also usually keep you up to date on what is going on in class. Overall, it's an outgoing campus and is very friendly.


Friendy and sometimes helpful


They are different from each other, but have common goals.


Classmates are lazy and have the desire just to coast by.


In the College of Education we are all wonderful friends! We will have classes together over and over and we all form a close knit family. I love the girls and guys of the C.O.E!!!


They are talkative, helpful, some are lazy, some are loud and disrespectful.


normal, everday students


Very helpful


My classmates have, for the most part, seemed shy and quiet at first, but are quick to open up depending on the atmosphere of the class itself and the teacher.