Marshall University Top Questions

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Marshall University is a wonderful school. All my professors know me personally and they take the time to help me whenever I need it. Marshall is more than just a school. It is a family. I strongly believe that I will always be able to contact any of my professors for anything. Many schools don't have the closeness that is experienced at Marshall.


This school is very family-oriented. Everyone is very welcoming and willing to help out. It seems very out of place if a person doesn't feel loved here.


Compared to other schools, Marshall University has an outstanding history. A history that not many schools will ever have or desire to have. Marsall encountered a horrific tragedy foutry some years ago when our football team, coaching staff, family members, and fans were killed in a terrible plane crash. From this accident, Marshall had to fight through some of the toughest battles any school has ever encountered. This accident brought this university and it's students, staff, alumni, and community together as a family. The school spirit these men and women created still lives on today.


I went to another university before I went to my current one, and although they are only 3 hours away, there are tons of differences. Marshall does not have as much variety, both ethnically and from other states, as my previous school did. However, the people at Marshall seem much friendlier, warmer, and more inviting. The professors do, as well. It has a national sports program, so of course that's a major thing. It is an expanding university, and is constantly adding new programs, and already has a large variety.


The unique thing about my school is that it is all put together and everything you might need is within walking distance. As where others you might have to drive to get to a restraunt, a gas station, or even class.


It is growing very quickly. New library, new fitness center, six new dorm buildings, new bio-tech center, new engineering building, new parking lot. All in the last decade!


The community involvment really gives the impression that the college is part of the whole rather than a pesky reminder of middle class youth.


It has a long and varied history (est. 1838) and offers a lot of historical interest.


one unique aspect of marshall university is the laid back atmosphere. the pressure for success is not the most important thing on campus which allows students to enjoy other aspects of life.


the availablility of online and in class courses, the different locations available, and the amount of degrees available.


The campus is great because of its compact size and all the buildings are close, making it easy to get around. Also, the people are friendly and diverse enough to create an open-minded attitude.


It offers a lot of community activities as well as on campus activities. The classes are relatively large, but the professors always make it known that they are available when we need them.


country setting


The popularity and fame of this school has become much greater in recent years due to the movie We Are...Marshall!


The campus at Marshall is contained in a small, but beautiful area. It is not spread out over the city like many other unversities in WV. It is siturated within two blocks of the Kanawh River where concerts are often held on weekends. Students are friendly and it is very easy to get many of them interested in participating in study groups.