Marshall University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That is one of the best things about college. NO MORE STEREOTYPES!!! Sure you still have the athaletes, the yeager scholars, and the greeks, but that is just what activities they are involved in. It doesn't define who they are or dictate any other area of their lifes except for that. Everyone can just be themselves, explore all of their interests, and be accepted as they are.


As an out of state student, whenever I would tell my friends I was going to Marshall, they would ask why. The academic reputation is completely unknown out of state, and mostly known for it's decent football team in the 90's and their unfortunate plane crash in the 70's. Otherwise, no one really knows anything about Marshall. I went because it was one of the few schools with a good sports management program, and wanted to experience a different culture. West Virginia as a whole gets a really bad rep, and are truly misrepresented by the national media, seeing people with one tooth talk about the flood that swept away their home. My friends would joke and say all the kids at Marshall have incest and work on a farm.