Marshall University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and give my high school senior self some advice, I definitely would have plenty to say. I would give myself a lot of advice about what to expect in college and what to do to get the most out of the college experience. College is not easy and requires a lot of responsibility and motivation. Socially, college is completely different from high school; at times it can be very lonely, but you just have to push past these moments and fully enjoy the times, no matter how few they may be, with the new wonderful people you meet. When you start college, get involved with the many clubs and activities that are offered; you will enjoy these experiences and the people you meet through them very much. Most importantly, don't let college change you to be someone you aren't. Still hold on to the person you were from high school, but allow the experiences from college to grow your good characteristics and quatlities to become the best you that you can be. Be a light to all those you meet.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to relax. College will be a transition, but you cannot stress yourself out about it. I would also tell myself to study. It may not be that big of a deal to study in high school, but it is a must in college. I would've told myself to apply to more scholarships. I can't afford school and don't know how to pay for next semester so I definitely would have told myself to make getting a scholarship my job. Most importantly, I would have told myself that school is extremely important and never let anything distract you. Don't give up, ever.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to follow my dreams and not settle for second-best. I would tell myself to walk up to my best friend and tell him how much I really feel about him. I would tell him how I have felt about him all the years I have known him. I would also tell myself to move into the dorms once I went to college. I would also tell myself to get better grades so that I wouldn't get so behind in my work load.


The most important thing to understand is all of your options. I know you are science-minded and believe that physics or chemistry is the only field you have perceived yourself pursuing, but you MUST stop and consider all of your options. Explore chemical engineering programs, environmental engineering, biotechnology, economics, chemistry education and every other program that this research leads you too. Keep your mind open in terms of your future career and role in the world. Also, don't assume you MUST attend the college that is in your backyard; you know, the one that everyone, including yourself, has always assumed you would attend. The is no good reason for this default assumption. Learn about other schools. Look at rankings. Look into the types of research and publications that other school are involved with. Also, prepare for the ACT. Don't just take it to get the minimum score necessary for a full-ride to college. Take it like you want to get into the world's best school. While your at it, go ahead and apply to the world's best schools. Who knows, you may get in. Show your potential. Live up to your potential.


College will be a place that you enjoy. Do not feel pressured into socializing. You will find an amazing friend in the person that will be your roommate. There will be ups and downs, but stick with your gut and you should be fine. However, I suggest buckling down and working hard academically. Do not get lazy. I know it is tempting, but it has really messed up our plans for the future. Also, apply for as many scholarships as possible. I unfortunately did not for the past two years and now, when I need the money the most, I do not have a single dollar. Work hard to go to Japan. You'll definitely make it!


Hey, I know you want to take a year off before you start college, but dont do it! You will find college far more interesting and challegning which i know is what you want. I know you dont know what you want to major in right now but you should still go to college and get all your prerequisites done! Soon enough you will know what you want your major to be and you will be so stoked and excited for your future. The sooner you go college the sooner you will be working at your dream job and making the world a better place! Go to College now and you wont regret it!


The advise that I would give myself would be to not room with your best friend. I thought since we spent all that time together anyway, that it wouldn't matter. I would also tell myself to apply for scholarships as if my life depended on it, it suits to say that it does in a way too. I would tell myself not to take things so seriously, but not to be too lenient on my class work. I would say that it is important to have fun in college, or you will get burnt out faster than a match in a wind storm.


Don't wait, don't be lazy, no one is going to hand you anything Sumur, you have to apply and keep applying. This is something that I didn't understand as a high school senior. I thought "with my GPA, all these schools should come crawling to me", boy was I wrong. Colleges don't come crawling, they send out emails and such to let you know that they exist, but that's about it. And so I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting until i didn't have any time left to make an educated decision as to where I wanted to go, I just went to the college that my father pushed me towards. If i could go back in time I would share my story with myself, stressing that the longer one waits, the harder it gets and hope that I would listen.


I would tell myself to never forget who i was and dont be afraid to meet new people and try new things. Don't be afriad to stand out because its ok if some people don't like you because some people will. Also dont bring so many clothes, doorm rooms are small and can not hold so many clothes.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would first be sure to repeat the words "get involved, do not sit around". I highly consider finding out what is going on around campus and join a sports team, sorority, club or organization. Do not pass by the opportunities that are given. Those are also great ways to make a lot of friends. But at the same time, you need to keep up on your school work and attend class regularly. Falling behind can cause you to stress and become overwhelmed. Most importantly, never give up! Times may get hard, classes may not seem so easy but take advantage of the tutoring system that is available. Never be afraid to ask for help, there are many options and a lot of people willing to work with you so that you have a good understanding.

Miranda Gabrielle

Living in a small community, I always felt like a faceless person in a crowd of thousands. Average. Moving to the U.S. and suddenly becoming a minority made me realize I couldn’t blend in even if I wanted. And what else was I to do but own the spot light? It took three years to reach my full potential. I would tell myself to never hold back. That would lead to making many mistakes, but it’s learning from our failures that determines how successful we will be in the future. I would tell myself to be responsible, think critically. Lessons can only get us so far if we survive long enough to apply them. It took one night of irresponsible drinking to change my life in a major way. But I was determined to move forward and did so by applying my vigor into academics and work. I don’t regret my mistakes. They’ve encouraged me to work harder. I wouldn’t have accomplished so much without them. It’s not the end of the world to disappoint the people around you. It becomes an opportunity to show them that you can accomplish anything.


I would want to give myself a few pieces of advice. For example, I would have to tell myself not to be afraid to ask for help and get the help that I need. It's ok to ask for help. It does not make you stupid or imcompetent. Some things do not come as easily as it does for other people. I would also tell myself to not be afraid to break out of my comfort zone a little and talk to people, make friends, join some clubs. It is a struggle to get through college with no friends, no one to turn to, or to feel like you have no friends or nobody to talk to. It is hard to be open to people, but it necessary to get through school. Finally, I want to tell myself to look for scholarships the entire year and apply to everything when I could. College is hard to afford and expensive and get even more so.


I would tell myself that I need to get into doing more reading. I would also tell myself to work on my artist portfolio, and to start entering galleries. I would encourage myself to work on being more organized, and to concentrate less on women and more on the work at hand.


Dont worry, things get better. One day you'll realize your a beautiful person, just keep your head up. Smile more, your pretty when you smile. I know its hard but just keep pushing. Your going to be ok, its going to be tough but just you wait... it gets better. Youll meet a bunch of wonderful people. Youll wake up and smile knowing your going to have an awesome day. I cant tell you much else without ripping apart time and space... but nerdy... you wont believe me... but its sexy now... so dont change for the world. Your going to make it change for you. Dont give in to anyone, dont settle for anything less than perfect. You deserve nothing less, and lastly... your stronger than you know kid, dont forget that. Never forget that.


I know that all incoming freshman are going to be sick of hearing this, but they need to be aware that it isn't like high school. The work load is harder and you have to be careful of how you manage your time. I can't stress that enough. The first day of school you need to get a planner and be sure to keep your life in it. You'll get real busy real fast so you need to come up with some way to keep track of everything and keep on the ball.


If I was given the ability to go back in time and revist myself as a high school senior after experiencing college life first hand, I would need a couple of days to express the advice I would have for myself. First, I would tell myself how important it is now to start practicing effective study and work habbits. A person never quite understands how important these qualities are to have for your college career. Contrary to popular belief, college isn't one big party. Secondly, I would express the importance to myself of putting myself out there, getting involved, and meeting new people. My mother always told me, "the friends you make in college are the friends you'll have for life". If a person doesn't enjoy themselves from time to time, they are ultimately setting themselves up for failure. It is important to remember that with hard work, comes reward. All in all, college is one of the most precious and valuable real life learning experiences that cannot be marked with a price. If we could travel back in time to prepare ourselves, it would ultimately take the learning aspect away from the priceless experience.


Wow, if I could push rewind and talk to my high school self, what a difference! My freshmen year was imperative to me. I would be on Honor Roll, no exceptions. I would’ve succeeded, but one obstacle, Social Studies. Being mature, I would say, every subject matters even if it’s your least favorite. I would’ve prospered during my sophomore year, but the culprit was World History. Tanesha, World History is important; do you not want to know more about where you came from? Some of yesterday’s histories play a major part on today. Finally, junior year arrives. I did it, I accomplished my goal! I was number seven out of ninety-nine, scholarships here I come! Uh-Oh, senior year blues. The senior drop out syndrome prevailed. The people I wanted to acknowledge my achievements didn’t. The Tanesha now would say, if nobody else cares, you have to care yourself. Build yourself up and don’t take no for an answer. As a consequence of my break-down, I graduated out of summer school. The Tanesha of 2012 would say do your best, because when you don’t the later consequences will hurt.


Max, pay more attention and do all of your homework. take notes and stay organized. Slow down, and focus on school, if you do you will find things will be easier for you. you can do anything you set your mind to. Oh yeah, wake the fuck up.


The would say, "Get your act together! Stop sleeping in class and not turning in your homework. Having a high GPA is very important in college, but if you don't care, that's fine too. College is honestly the best time of your life, not high school. You go to class only for a few hours a day, which is very manageable. Giving you the rest of the day to make friends, join groups, but also to do your homework. When you do get to college, keep in mind that the cafeteria food still stinks.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, myself probably wouldn’t listen. Although intelligence is a blessing it is almost always accompanied by an equivalent ignorance. However, the path we take to enlightenment of any sort is a life experience and should be seen as such. Since high school, I have learned the things I was so determined to accomplish turned out to be like blinders to the things I was missing out on. Given the opportunity to attempt to explain this to my 18 year old self would be an interesting challenge. Luckily, I know she isn’t afraid to question, explore, or fight for what she knows is right for us; and that her journey for righteousness will most certainly be a rewarding venture.


Madison(The High School Student), High school is the easiest thing you will ever do in your entire life! Deal with the meaningless quizzes, homework, and tests and get good grades. Colleges base your intellegence off how you did in high school. Also, apply for as many scholaships as you possibly can. Don't worry about decidingon a major, you will change your mind about 100 times. Don't sweat the small things in high school, because your in for an awakening when you get to college. Your pillow and you will no longer have a relationship, instead you new friend, the library, will take care of you from now on. Apply for classes ahead of time. Studying will become a part of you lifestyle because the old high school "studying the period before your tests method" does not work anymore. Good Luck, Madison (The College Student)


I have been in college for over six years and I have learned so much more than I ever thought I could. I have had four different majors and while that has taken a lot of time and a lot of money, it has given me a well-rounded education. I have become much more outgoing, more passionate and more well spoken. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. My time in college has not only taught me information on subjects relevant to my classes, but information that can help me for the rest of my life. Even if I never get a job in my chosen field, I feel like I have learned priceless academic and life lessons in college. The interactions I have had with faculty, fellow students and active members of my community are invaluable to me.


While my fellow classmates planned for their futures during high school, I procrastinated and put off planning my own. I offered words of encouragement and advice telling them they would succeed at whatever they put their minds to, but I never thought about what I would do with my own life. Seeing as I needed to seriously consider a school for my future, I then turned to Macomb Community College as the college I would spend the next few years of my life. Whoever says community college is not worth while has clearly never looked into the value and education it brings to an individual. I have met so many interesting people, of all ages, and the education I am getting costs less and is of equal value to a university. I feel safe and comfortable in the friendly neighborhood that houses this beautiful and easily navigable campus. The professors are easy to communicate with and are very understanding. MCC provides a variety of classes, as well as relatively small class sizes that allow the professors to communicate with all of their students. The material is presented in a manner that is reasonable and fair.


Marshall has provided me with the oppurtunity to continue my education. I am a single mother and many colleges are not focused on helping untraditional students. I am recieving a quality education that will in turn provide my son with a better life. The degree that I plan to graduate with will enable to haave a steady income. This will allow my son to have a better life than that of most children of single parents. This is all thanks to Marshall Univeristy. They have helped me schedule classes that a time that worked for me and my son. THey have also helped me with paying for college. The degree I will recieve from Marshall will advance my life and, more importantly, my son's life in ways most people can not imagine.


Many people that I graduated with all decided to go to the same school and commute, but me and one other friend of mine decided to kind of go outside of our box and go somewhere a little farther. It has taught me a lot about indivduality, responiblity, study habits, and respect in general. I have met a ton of different people to help me succeed in anything that I want to do, whether it involves school work, clubs, or activites in general. I am a big participate in the musical aspect of Marshall University, including Marching Band, Glee Club, Symphonic Band, University Chorus, and Pep Band for basketball games and the full aspect of it all really seems to have made me a better person all around. Me being a Medical Imaging major participating in other things not dealing in the medical field has made me a well-rounded individual.


My college experience so far has been great. I have connected with many people on campus and made many friends. The professors are great and care about your education. It has been valuable to attend because there is always a friendly face, and there is always someone willing to help you reach your goals.


My college experience has been an eye opener for me. I feel as though I was freed from an unsightly side of me called ignorance and that i get to indulge my child-like curiousity for greater knowledge. Everyday I get to see many diverse groups of college students get together commune in a higher manner that never occured to them or not very often. The very atmosphere feels as though it were meant to stimulate and inspire one from his or her own mind and to liberate each from twelve years of a repressed government institution. I love how the my college does much to make student life so interesting by holding events like Food From Around The World, free broadway show for students, and Pops Concert. There is so much life and human interaction here at the campus; a phenomena that you don't too much outside of any universities. Overall, I love my community college and I see myself going far thanks to Edison State College's awesome support and resources. I AM EDISON STATE COLLEGE!


My college experience has been a pleasant one at the moment. Since attending the university, I have been able to gain a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Everyday I wake up I realize how lucky I am to have made it into college. I am glad I reached this point in my life as others may never get here. I have become more social than I ever have been and as such I have gained many new friendships. All that goes through my mind now is the thought of me earning my degree in Computer Science and being able to acquire a career in order to start my own family. Overall I believe I have gained many new life experiences since attending my university and I would not change anything about the decisions I made to get to this point.


My college experience thus far has been far more than an educational oppertunity for my family and myself. For the past four years, I have been a homemaker for two beautiful and very impressional little girls. Though that experience was very rewarding and fufilling, I wanted to make a positive difference in other people's lives, and want to pass that value to my girls. I want this experiance to be beneficial for myself, but most of all beneficial to my girls. It is also important for me to show them how to be self-sufficiant, and depend on no one in the future but themselves. They were not the only one's I had to prove that too. It was also important that I believed that after five years of being out of school that I was smart enough to attend college and hopefully obtain a degree in nursing. I'm certain that when my children come to an educational crossroad they will reflect on my performance, to take the next step. So college is most definately having a positive impact on my present, and know for a fact it will have a great impact on their future.


Learned to be a responsible adult and discipline myself to do well and earn an accredited education while also meeting new people and enhance social skills Would highly recommend it!


I have learned to have independence and self discipline. Living on campus has given me confidence and has taught me many important life skills.


It has help me realize that many more doors open for me. Now that I'm getting my education more employers are willing to interview and offer me jobs. It also has help me set an example for my daughter, that if I can go back and graduate school, she can do anything that she sits her mind too. thank you


Having been in the workforce for over 8 years now with an A.A. degree, I've come to realize how valuable my secondary education has been. It prepared me for real word experience and also set me up to excel in my current career. One very important experience I gained in college was learning how to better manage my time and how to work with others in group activites and projects. In deciding to go back to college, I plan on expanding my knowledge and hopefully open up new opportunities. In pursuit of my nursing degree, the knowledge I hope to learn my professors will be invaluable when it comes time for me to enter the work force as a Nurse. I will be able to learn from their real experiences and be better prepared.


During my years at Marshall University, I definitely learned a great deal about self expression. My degree was in Fine Art/ Visual art, and even though I specialized in Photography, I feel that I learned a great deal about the other avenues of the art field. The college experience, for me, was an enjoyable one, full of friendship and opportunities. I was given a chance to work closely with others in my field, including professionals, and also a chance to exhibit my work proudly. Numerous opportunities were given to all students to network and branch out into the "real world" of art. Overall, I believe that out of my years in school, I gained not only the skills necessary to succeed in my field, I also gained the confidence to move forward, to go ahead on my own and to become the professional I always dreamed of becoming.


Learn how to study! I never had to study in high school and got by with good grades. In college you gotta learn how to study because if you don't then you will fail a lot of tests.


I believe that I would tell myself to not let anything get in the way of academic goals. I say to not let extracurricular and social activities be more important than academics. Keep my goal and mind and never give up on it.


If I could start college all over again, I would apply for every scholarship I was eligible to win. In most cases all it costs to apply is time, not money. I would also keep up my grades, because I lost my biggest scholarship due to slipping in that department. Thirdly, I wouldn't have put as much pressure on myself to graduate in four years. As one of the few in my family to go to college, I felt an incredible amount of pressure to knock college out of the park by getting out in the standard amount of time. However, had I graduated in 2008, I would not have had the opportunity to intern for a television show and a big-city newspaper, both of which are taking place this academic year. Those look much better on a resume than just the clips from academia. Finally, I would have participated in more than just one campus organization. I will always love the campus radio station, as it allowed me to win many national awards and meet great, new people. However, there is much more to this world--and this campus--than broadcasting.


To put it bluntly, I would tell myself not to be an idiot. I made the mistake of wanting to get away from home, to get out on my own as soon as possible. So I picked a major I didn't truly want to pursue and went to a school three hours away. Also, I was a straight-A student in high school and graduated with very high honors, and I assumed that college would take a little more work but it would still be a breeze. I was dead wrong. I struggled through my first year, and my cumulative GPA was very embarassing. I knew all through the semesters that I wasn't doing well, but my pride kept me from asking for help. So, I lost my scholarships. I realized that my major wasn't right for me and neither was the school, so I changed both. I decided to move back home and go to a school there. I've done a lot better this semester. I've worked harder and asked for help when I needed it. I just wish I could go back in time and tell myself to do that from the start.


Considering that Marshall University was not my first choice, I would tell my high school senior self to go to my first choice, Miami of Ohio. Even though I had been accepted and received a scholarship and I got talked out of it because of its excessive cost. I would tell myself, "Stand up for what you believe in! You know that this is what you want! The campus is beautiful, the reputation is great and it is a (somewhat) safe taste of the real world." My first year at Marshall was spent at off campus housing and because there were no rules, I ended up getting myself into trouble and dropping out for a semester. Maybe if there had been a slight structure to my housing sitution, as in less rules than at my mother's house, but more than being on my own, I would have passed the first semester. I would have also enjoyed the experience of having a dorm room, even if I didn't stay with Miami of Ohio the full four years.


The advice I would give myself now would be look for scholorships that can help pay for tution and housing costs. College tution can be quite expensive, and if you do not live on campus your freshman year it will be difficult to make friends and obtain that bond with them that will last through college. Yes, you want to make good grades and earn a spot on the Dean's List, but you also need to have fun and make wonderful friends. I see that now as a college freshman who does not have close friends because i commute to school and do not have the opportunity to hang out around campus. To have that full college life, join student organziations and try so hard to live on campus and meet new people.


Do not bring a lot of useless things to college. Be open to meeting new people. Be more easy going.


I would tell myself that college is way better than high school, and that it will be an awesome experience. It is a little sad at first to leave home, and especially say good-bye to the family, but there will be plenty of family time ahead. I would definitely tell myself to put a great amount of effort into making the best grades possible. I would say to not be so nervous on move-in day or the first day of classes. Also, I would want myself to know that I will meet great friends at college. I think I would tell myself how I became much more responsible for everything. Going to college will change my life forever, and bring me the independence to create my own path in life to accomplish my dreams. I would tell myself to never give up on anything, and that the time goes by quickly in college so make the best of every single moment!


Throughout the two and a half years I have attended Marshall University, I have grown tremendously in several aspects of my life all because of the experiences I have faced in college. Even though I can point out more than one experience which has helped me grow, the most important one to me is the effort at which I exert myself. Most freshmen see college as only four more years of school. Knowing this, many strive just to meet their B-average standard, C-average standard, or whatever it may be. Coming into college, I too suffered from this mentality. It wasn't until about a year ago that I decided I wanted to go to law school. With this in my future, my prior mentality of "just getting by" wasn't cutting it any more. I realized that if I want to get into a reputable law school I am going to have make my studies my top priority. This doesn't hold light to only law school. I have since learned that other professional degrees are extremely competitive, as is the work force. Always putting forth my best effort is a habit that I now live by daily.


If I could go back to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself a few things. One being to hold strong to my beliefs and what I consider honorable. Don't let my new environment sway me what I know and love. Be outgoing! The first month of college is the best but you have to put yourself out there, don't be aftaid of rejection: there's always someone out there who will love you for you. Lastly, when making relationships be yourself and don't be afraid to get too close. These new friends you will meet in college could last a lifetime but it is up to you, in part, to make sure they last that long.


I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships and to not blow my graduation gifts. I also would tell myself to stay away from certain relationships because they take a tole on the emotions and distract you from what you should actually be doing. I would probably also let myself know not to stress that much because college is not that hard as long as you do the work that is assigned.


Dear Evon, It's me, your future self. You'll be happy to know that you are attending Marshall University. You are receiving a lot of really competitive scholarships, including the West Virginia Promise and Marshall University Presidential scholarship. During your Freshman year, you adapted very well. Amazing, huh? That's because Marshall is everything that you thought it would be and more. Moreover, you are dorming in their brand new Freshman dorms and you have your own private bathroom! So, that eradicates your phobia of public restrooms. But I write to you on more important matters. I remember those times you are now facing. You feel like you are losing a lot of your friends by going away to college. I write to you with hope. Things get much better, and you actually make two friends that you'll probably have for the rest of your life. So, perk up, buttercup! You're beginning a new chapter in your life. This is you in two years, and I can honestly say that I'm happier than I've ever been. Yours Truly, Evon


Life at college is simply what you make of it. Hard work promises uplifting results, while laziness (or missing many classes) results in not only lagging grades, but a depressed outlook on life in general. Find out about everything that will save you money or time, as these are two of your most precious resources. AP and CLEP exams are a great way save time and money for other things, such as other classes. Be proactive everyday and leave lazing about for the weekends when no offices of business are open. Learn your university catalog inside and out and keep a copy at all times. Take your education in your own hands and don't let anyone take it from you. Grades are vital to procuring scholarships, work hard on them and you will be rewarded. Making connections and networking is crucial to your health as well as to your successfulness. Don't be afraid of anyone, but treat every person as an opportunity to better a life (or make them smile). College can be hard, but don't despair: it can also be the best time of your life. And NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER give up.


I'd tell myself to really evaluate what I love to do and what I'd want to major in. Also, to remind myself that college is a life decision and that it is my own, not my parents or friends' choice. Follow your gut and stick with what you decide on. Follow through with your choices and ask for help if you are having difficulties. Make friends in your classes so you have study partners and also a social life outside of school but try not to get caught up with the drinking scene on a school night either. There are many opportunities throughout your college experience and expand your horizons by trying new things and getting involved in organizations that help the community. Remember to be yourself and have fun as well. These are the years where you begin the building blocks of your life, start out strong and finish wiser than going in.


If I was given the opportunity to travel back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, my words of advice would be priceless. I would make sure to first say that your first year of college can be one of the most exciting and enlightening years of your life if you seize the opportunities you are given. I made the mistake of not taking advantage of all of the opportunities given to me in my first year of college, and I have come to deeply regret that. Also, I would make sure to explain that nothing should stop you from achieving your personal goals and dreams. Living in the dorms is a great experience, but can also greatly distract you from receiving decent grades, and you have to learn how to balance your personal life with your school work. I would also tell myself that I need a plan for gaining admission to the pharmacy school of my choice. I have changed my mind numerous times about where I desire to attend college at. Most importantly though, I would tell myself that college is full of opportunities to meet new people and experience new things.


If I could go back in time and advse myself on what I now know about college I would tell myself that it is of the upmost importance to fill out as many scholarship applications as possible. Many scholarships are designed only for high school seniors and once you begin your education it is very difficult to find scholarships for undergraduates. Recently I have been searching the internet most diligently to find scholarships that will allow undergraduates to apply, but I have come up very empty. Now that I know the trials of being an undergraduate in college without enough money for full tuition I wish I would have filled out many more scholarsips while I had the chance as a high school senior.