Mary Baldwin University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Mary Baldwin College is the room for improvement. The College is no less than a wonderful school to begin with; however, each student that enters can see the potential for new change, and then make that change happen. Every woman who enrolls at Mary Baldwin contributes to the school in one way or another. This allows for the College to constantly be changing and improving; adapting to each class of women who enter.


One of the best things about Mary Baldwin is the social atmosphere. It is a small school so your professors have more time to focus on your school. The small campus also makes it easy to get from one class to another despite having them in different buildings. We are also an environmentally friendly campus relying on local produce and our own community gardens. Just to be clear, for the girls who think ill of an all girls college, there are male students here, just not a lot.


The PEG program for early entrance gifted girls. A great place to make friends, skip high school and to get a start on college early. Safe environment in a small historic town. Staunton Virginia


GREAT teachers


Despite excluding half the population from our student pool, this school is extremely diverse. As a female college, we have a large or at least louder population of lgbtq students. Additionally, some of our college's most popular clubs are ethnic based. Moreover, we have the VWIL's and the PEG's. Virginia Women's Institute for Leadership is a ROTC program. PEG (Program for the Exceptionally Gifted) is a program for girls to skip all or parts of high school, so we also have a bunch of 14-year-old geniuses running around.

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