Marywood University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worse thing about my school is probably how old the one dorm is. Although, they are buying new furniture for the building next year. The whole building should be revamped.


I really don't think there is much to say bad about Marywood University, but there are few things about the school, first the location it is about two and 1/2 hours from my home, which gets me a little homesick. I am also told in Scranton, We get a lot of snow here. which I like snow, but that means i may not get home alot, which makes me sad. so to me I think the worst thing about the school is the location.


I suppose the worst thing about Marywood University is simply location. I enjoy the entire environment of the school itself but it is located right on the border inside the city of Scranton and is surrounded by many family homes. This leaves the school community to be compacted into a small area and it just feels very crammed. The location also eliminates parking opportunites. There are 3 parking lots but Marywood consists of many commuters so throughout the day, the parking lots fill up and spots become scarce. Other than location, I genuinely enjoy Marywood University and the school environment.


The room...I remember going on the tour; they showed us these amazing rooms. I was under the assumption that these would be similiar to the rooms I would be dorming in. No. I suppose I had rather high standards since the previous university I attended had wonderful rooms, but when I entered my dorm room, I was shocked. It was nothing like what they had showed us before, there was a huge hole in the wall, the room smelled, it was ridiculously small for a double, and had a window that faced the wall. It was a horrible shock.


The student population is about a 4:1 girl to guy ratio. If you aren't from the Scranton area, it's a bit difficult to meet new people upon arrival because a lot of the students are already friends from high school, and a lot of students already have a group of friends at Marywood.


PARKING! Parking passes cost $100. There are designated spaces for residents and commuters. Though there isnt enough spaces for residents. and if you park illegally you will get a ticket of $25. I heard a rumor once that they give out more parking passes than there are spaces. I understand that every student won't be on campus at the same time but it is still very hard to find spaces. I feel as though they need to just have a bunch of lots and it shouldnt be designated; they should be first come first serve with parking permit.


The worst thing about my school is probably the printers. As a graphic designer, printing out our work for a porfolio is pretty vital. There's usually something always wrong with them. Other than that, the parking price is $100 and the orienation of the parking is pretty lame. If I managed that, I would just let people park wherever they wanted.


The environment is unnerving and stressful.


Sometimes the only way to fit in is if you drink and party, and I don't do that.


The worst thing about the college is the food they offer.


Depending on the professor, you can either have a good class or a miserable one. Very few professors seem to genuinely care about the students but when you find the ones that do, it's like a breath of fresh air.


The thing that I would consider the worst about my school, is the lack of variety of fun "on campus" activities. I dislike the fact that so many people feel the need to get involved in drinking and partying, due to the fact that the campus is often times very dull and uneventful on the weekends.


The price


I think the worst thing about marywood is that because we have such a small theatre department, it is very hard to get funding and because of that our resources are limited. Larger schools have more money and people and proffessors to help create an enviroment that provides more opportunities for a theatre department to experiment and expand.