Marywood University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Nothing we thoroughly checked the school out before attending it.


How much writing is involved


For this question, I would answer that I would have came in the same way I did originally. College is a learning process and I felt like I fit right in. I'm confortable and I really like it here.


How the staff treats students.


I wish i knew that the campus was relatively quiet on the weekends. There are not many school run activities on the weekends, only during the weeks.


I wish that I knew more people, and more about all the activities that went on.


I wished I had more information about the nursing program.


The fact that most education students WILL not graduate on time. This is extremely important information that never surfaced until it was too late. I have an extra year to do and no financial aid because after 4 years (I'm starting my 4th now) they cut my scholarship. The Art Education department is not organized at all because both the education department and the art department don't seem to communicate with each other, making any kind of plan to graduate VERY hard.