Marywood University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I entered as a non-traditional student, already having a diploma in nursing. They worked with me and din't make me repeat what I already took. The professors there were A+ and helped me to better myself. The school itself is beautiful and my BSN included a lot of liberal arts, making me well-rounded. They taught me the process of critical thinking which was invaluable in Amy career as a Nurse Practitioner.


The best thing about Marywood University is the kindness and genuine hearts of all of the faculty and fellow students. Everyone is so polite and very understanding. Not a single day went by last year when someone did not hold open a door for me or go out of their way to show their respect. This makes it so much easier to get comfortable if you are new to the school.


I think the close knit community that exists at Marywood is the best thing about my school. There is not a huge amount of competition and pressure to the be "the best". Students and faculty are supporitve of one another. This attitude helps to make Marywood a welcoming place and somewhere that students want to be. Some people may not like the idea of a small school, but, in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh any possible negatives.


Marywood College educates the whole person body mind and soul. This helped to make me a better person and better prepared for the real world.




To me, Marywood is like a home away from home. Along with having a spectacular campus, that is not too large, there is not an over-abundance of students, so knowing a lot of people is not uncommon. Also, I like the way that the universities classes are set up. With a low number of students in each class, the professors are able the help the students individually.


The professors are, for the most part, very accomodating. I knew that if I needed help with my work or a class, that the professor would be there to speak with me about my troubles. This eased my mind on many an occassion, since I was a transfer student and knew nothing about the university other than what I had heard. After speaking with the professors themselves, I realized that they would not ignore me, and would answer my questions, ease my fears, and aid me in ceasing my worrying.


I love the small classroom sizes! It's so nice having professors who can know you by name because they have more time to help answer your individual questions than professors at large universities would. I feel like I would be completely lost at a large university, because I wouldn't have the opportunity to ask my professors specific questions.


The best thing about my school is our instructors. I am going into the social work profession and my instructors are social workers. They have a great deal of experience and do so much volunteer work. Specifically, I enjoy hearing the work of Professor Bill Bender. He has an AIDS support group and is helping rebuild reading. He has encouraged me and I am helping with the rebuilding reading project.


It's small. My professors know me and I know almost everyone on campus