McNeese State University Top Questions

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McNeese State University is unique because of its location in Lake Charles, Louisiana which offers many different cultural and diverse opporunities for students. This great location exposes students to the sophistication of industry driven engineering programs, Award winning medical facilities, and access to the beautiful Gulf Coast; mixed with a cultural flare of Southwest Louisiana.


I was between three different colleges. The first was only ten minutes from my hometown, and I really wanted to get away, so I left that one for my last resort. The other university was in the middle of no where. I really wanted my university to be the center of a community. The final choice was McNeese, my current college. It had everything I wanted. It was in the heart of its city; there was an abundance of school spirit; there were plenty of campus activities to choose from; and it was only an hour from home.


McNeese is deep rooted with the community as well as local businesses.


It has a unique blend of diverse teachers that are infromative but also engaging. The size is also perfect because it is big enough to have needed resources but not so big that you are lost in the crowd.


The culture and pride of McNeese State University is different compared to the other schools I have considered. The community supports McNeese and the students. The teachers are very dedicated to delivering a quality education.


It has a better selection of courses than alot of the other schools that I considered. In Louisiana there aren't as many colleges as other States. This one seemed to fit everything I wanted in a college.


There are alot of students from other countries and such.


I like the area and its surroundings and the things to do out here