McPherson College Top Questions

What should every freshman at McPherson College know before they start?


Don't be so scared! You will have a ton of friends, a great roommate, and awesome teachers! Always be open to knew things. You WILL change your major so don't plan your life just yet! And most importantly, always have fun. Hang out with your friends and don't stress out about classes, you will do just fine.


I had stayed up much too late studying for the calculus test that Friday, and finally fell asleep just four hours before I had to wake up. I immediately found myself in a strange dream. I was in a room that I had only seen once before and couldn't quite place, looking into the mirror at myself, though I was in my pajamas and my reflection was fully dressed wearing a McPherson College Choir polo. My reflection began by telling me that she had chosen to communicate by dream because it would cause less problems with any people being around and then took a list out of her pocket. "You need to start finding and filling out any and all scholarships that you qualify for. Ms. Muensterman will help you, but it has to be done, or you will be sorry for it later." she continued to tell me that there are hooks for curtains in the dorms and that I should not bring too many books or other distractions, but that I should always keep my violin with me and practice just as much as I practice piano. "Beep. Beep. Beep," there's my alarm for school.


I would tell myself to make sure I go to school everyday so I could have a better GPA. Also, i would say to stay ontop of scholarship applications my senior year along with getting a job so I could be more support myself more and not have to depend on my parents so much.


At the age of 43 I have hesitantly decided to return to school. I have always wanted to be a nurse, but because I was a poor academic student in high school I did not have the confidence to do it. My father was a Dr. and I was very fearful of trying and failing. After a 24 year career in sales and marketing, I was laid off and decided to return to school. I have also been a volunteer at the local hospital and very much enjoy the environment. Thus far I have gained confidence through my current college experience. Attending college at this age is very valuable to me as I am getting good grades and now have the confidence to move forward and apply to the nursing program. I have been unemployed and in school full-time for 1 year and currently have a 3.08 GPA. I have been actively looking for work to support my education but haven't had any luck. Living on one income and going to school has proven to be very hard for our family. I would be very grateful to receive this scholarship to be able to continue with school.


My college experience has been really well so far because I have felt confortable being there. The proffessors have made the transition from living at home to now living in the dorms very easy. If we ever needed someone to talk to, we could go to any of our proffessors at any time of the day. Also, I have meet a lot of new people who have helped me when I needed it. There were points during the year when I missed class for sports, and they would get me the notes that I missed that day. I believe that it has been valuable to attend this school because I don't think that the proffessors would as helpful at any other school. By having the helpful proffessors, I have been getting better grades.


I have gotten a great deal out of my college experience. I have learned to adapt to a totally different environment from which I am accudomed. I attended a high school in Houston, Texas where our student enrollment was over 4, 000. McPherson is very small and personable. The environment is well-suited for learning and getting to know other students. This experience has been valuable and rewarding for me. It has enabled me to be flexible, learn other cultures, and learn from others. The instructors at McPherson are prepared and they motivate students to excel. My basketball coach is an excellent role model. He and his assistants work hard to help develop my team members and me to achieve success on the court and off the court. The administration, especially, Ms. Judy, are student - focused. I feel confident I am being adequately prepared for the world of work upon graduation.


"Take our mother's advice!" She wanted me to go to college. I always assumed that I would join the military because of tradition, so I did when I was 17 and only a Junior in highschool. I had to have my dad sign with me because I was underage and we did so behind my mother's back. I was very proud to be a part of the Army and I still am proud to have served my country and to continue serving my country in the Army National Guard. However, after my 30th birthday and the birth of my youngest son, I decided that I wanted to go back to school. So, I am now struggling through school, with the help of many friends and professors, 13 years after graduating from high school and if I had my life to live over again, I would have started out the real world in college rather than being sent all over the world. I enjoyed my time in the military and do not regret my decision to join, but I do wish that I had joined after getting my full education and completing it to the best of my ability.


When you select your college, consider your class sizes and student population. Large classes will make you feel "lost in the crowd" and campuses dominated largely by males are not too much fun either. Also consider the price of the college. State schools will be cheaper than private schools. It could also be a viable option to complete your general education requirments at a community college, but make sure that they will transfer to your select college. Besides the logistics of it all, I would tell myself to be focused, get in with a smart group of people, and keep graduation in mind.


If I could go back and talk to myself i would tell myself to do my best and not worry about a social life, boys, or even sports. I always put everything before school, if I would have put school first I could have recieved better grades and I could have got more money for scholarships. I would of told myself that school is first and if i thought it was hard now, it gets worse when your in college. Yes soccer is very important to me but school needed to come first. I would not have let all the little drama get to me and i would have done what i needed and got the grades i needed, succeed on the field, but I was to worried about what people thought of me. I had to be miss popular and that is what i regret the most.


In high school I took AP classes, got good grades and I didn't procrastinate, much. But if I had to tell myself one thing it would be to work more hours at my job and put more of that money away for savings. College is expensive and I didn't save enough money to make it through my first semester. I would also tell myself to never ever procrastinate because in college the projects are bigger and the deadlines are not flexible, so never starting that habit at all would have prepared me better for the deadlines in college.