Menlo College Top Questions

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Menlo offers a close-knit community unlike large universities, allowing students to make strong bonds with other students as well as faculty members. It allows students to get personal attention whenever needed. What makes Menlo unique is that it is mainly a business school, though it offers other bachelor degrees such as psychology and other liberal arts majors.


It is unique becuase it is in the center of silicon valley and we get to see what businesses are succeeding and how they are doing it. We are an all business school so the college is able to focus strictly on one major and make the classes great.


My school gives students the opportunities to learn one-on-one with a professor. It also requires extra help with any course work or personal work that a student may need in order to succeed. Menlo College requires students to do internships in their major so they may have experience by the time they graduate and would be ready to start in the workplace with the skills and experience learned inside and outside the classroom.


My school is a very small business college. Business aspects are incorporated into just about every class one will take. in addition, the small class sizes are a great advantage because students really get to know their professors.

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