Miami Dade College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is quite boring but at least there are no distractions. You go to class, do your work, then go home. However, it is not for someone who wants to have that "college experience." It is very simple and not at all interesting. The only thing I look foward to when I go to school is making sure that I learn as much as I can in all my classes. As far as on campus, there's not much to be anxious about.


Miami Dade College is a state college that has eight campus all around the county in Miami, it provides lots of majors we can study from and it also has a flexible schedule with flexible days and hours for everyone to choose.


Miami Dade College focuses on getting you to achieve your goals.


It's the college that gives everyone and anyone a chance to succeed, to make themselves a better person no matter what.


Miami Dade College is a craddle of opportunity


Full of diversity, excitement, and challenges.


My school is awesome, it allows students that normally wouldn't be able to recieve an education to attend college and move up in life.


One of the best places within the realm of Miami academia to create a dependable foundation of knowledge for furthering your educational ambitions.


Great quality and vert affordable.


Miami Dade College is a school where you will see a wide range of diversity and students from seventeen years old all the way into there fortys and maybe older than that, where some are serious about pursuing there college degrees and others not so much.


An institution where a wide amount of professional educators dedicate their time to make an individual succeed in their future career.


Miami Dade College is a great institution for most student. In general, I can say that I'm very satisfied with the school overall. Most of the professors are well prepare for classes. The History, Philosophy and Psychology departments have the best professors in campus. Most of them with a Dr. degree.


Miami Dade College is one of the fastest up and coming multicultural community college in Florida, they offer a wide range of programs and certifications to meet student needs as well as professional who are looking to advance their careers.


A great adult college, where everyone is striving to have a better life and everyone is on the same page as you: working, paying bills, house responsibilities, taking care of family. Instead of other colleges, where they still can be kid and party.


School in Miami, is mix of Urban, city life, and a very diverse culture of people, almost everyone is from a different background.


Miami Dade College is a small but very good school with small classes sizes which means more attention from professors to students.


Diverse college with great atmosphere and great professors.


good,great and understanding no matter what it gets the job done!


Miami Dade College is a equal opportunity school.


Diverse ethnicity, less than one hundred students per class, a wide variety of academical resources, free tutoring centers, individual professor appointments if needed, convenient snack stops and cafeteria, a very beautiful campus - rectangular pond with surrounding swing and dinning seats, and a very welcoming staff of both students and teachers.


Miami Dade is a diverse melting pot of all kind of unique individuals.


Miami Dade College is an amazing, phenomonal, and exciting school to be a part of. Being a part of such a school so awesome is like having "The Best of Both Worlds".


Miami Dade College offers the opportunity to attain a degree in a short time and is inexpensive.


Miami-Dade College is a well-defined school that concentrates on helping all students reach their goals by creating a friendly environment and choosing teachers with vigorous backrounds.


My school is very open and that it accepts everyone no matter whats your disability.


A multiracial school for sucess driven students.


Miami Dade College is dedicated to serving its students and providing a high standard of education.


Miami Dade college is very involved with their students.


A rotundra of valuable resources flowing in the current.


Local, close-knit institution that proveds great teaching in a not so friendly environment, with less than helpfull advisors.


My school is small, but it has a great enviroment and great people.


My school offeres many opportunites, especially fo minorites. It has a faculty which cares about its students, and our president Eduardo Padron reflects the quality of our school since he got elected one of the top presidents of colleges in the United States by Time magazine. My school also offers an economic alternative to people might not be able to afford the tuition for other universities.


The Honors College at Miami-Dade College is a dynamic experience in which I have met wonderful professors who were born to teach their subjects, made wonderful friends who share my faith and my interests, and had the opportunity to express myself freely in class and in the surrounding community.


My school is the best place that I want to attend to start my future.


Miami Dade college is a minority friendy school.


Miami Dade College has a many students attending the college from many different parts of the world on which you can find and meet many people with different backgrounds.


Not only does Miami Dade College provide the best aid ever but it is also very afforable.


It's a simple college that has a lot to offer those that are willing to work hard and make connections.


My school is very well educated and the classes are not complicated unless you the type who do not study.


It feels like the community is involved in a group effort to invest in the future of its children...


very encoraging and diverse.


My school is multi-cultured and encourages an eco-friendly enviroment.


Miami Dade College assist opportunities to people either academicly or though employement, implying "you still have a chance to succed!"


My school is very affordable compare to the others.


A diverse school that offers many interesting programs.


My school is diverse, with different cultures and age groups being able to congregate for the same purpose; to further educate and better ourselves as people.


It's better than most community colleges