Miami Dade College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I would describe my classmates as busy.


My classmates are widely diverse from religion to ethnicity; they are also understanding and caring.


Dedicated to learning the class material.


Being a current student, college has not only given me the extension on my education, but it has also allowed me to meet varies amount of individuals. Regularly, my classmates are a mix of Hispanic, American and African America. Personally, I enjoy having a group of people in each of my classes that I can relate too, and even count on for assistance. It's interesting to see how a group of strangers, can become your acquaintance?s in a few weeks. My classmates at Miami Dade College, are individuals that I will always remember as a wonderful college experience.


The students are both diverse in culture and thought.


Miami is such a melting pot that MDC becomes also a great place to meet people. Every kind of student will find their place on campus. Summer as winter, most of the students dress up as they are going to the beach!


My classmates at Miami-Dade College are independent students who work and some already with family whom are trying to better their self.


I would describe my classmates as being helpful because, the ones that I have encountered, have not hesitated to assist me when I have asked for help with class assignments.


Young, old, every hue of the human species, and a lot of international students. The majority as far as demographics goes is largely Cuban, Haitian, and African American. Generally, there are a LOT of South Americans, too. Really depends on the campus you go to.