Miami Dade College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The school is known to produce a lot of quality nurses.


Miami-Dade College Campus is widely known for its high graduation success and employment rate straight out of college. I think it's a great institution that also has well-established bachelor programs and gives students many internship oppurtunities and hands-on activities so the students know they are pursuing the career of their choice.


My schol is best known for it's courses, on ads placed all over town, they each display individual courses that other Colleges or Universities may not have, but if they do have similar courses, my school has multiple professors that know exactly what they are doing when they teach and they know how to make their topic interesting and fun, unlike any other teachers or professor that are monotone about the subject they teach. Anywho, the courses on my campus offer excellent courses along with amazing professors, that is what my school is best known for.


They have an accelerated nursing program.


My school is best known for accademics. There are mostly students focused of achieving good grades and keeping their GPA up. However, we do have students who don't care and sleep through class.


Having many different programs that are great for a wide variety of majors at the college.


I believe Miami Dade College is known for it's flexibility with class availability and the affordable cost of the tuition for everyone.


Miami Dade is an acreditted school. MDC has many locations and learning is very practical and when you attend this collge everywhere you mention it people know that is a school with high reputation nationwide.


My schools is best know for being the largest Colllege in the nation.


From my own point of view the campus Public Safety Departments offer to students magnificent prevention programs that are useful in the protection of property and contribute to the physical well-being of the campus community. The programs relate to aspects of crime prevention and personal safety and are arranged at the convenience of the persons interested in the information. The programs are designed to serve as a deterrent to criminal activity. All programs are arranged upon request and can be offered to specific College offices, departments, or organizations where applicable. I have never seen nothing horrifying while attending MDC.


Miami Dade is best known for its nursing program.


Miami Dade College is probably best known for it's flexibility with course schedules and ever growing population. Miami Dade College offers a wonderful baccalaureate program in education and nursing. The staff is usually available to assist students and it is one of the most inexpensive colleges in the state of Florida.


Miami Dade is recognized for being the largest and most diverse college in the nation. There are students from all over the world who attend Miami Dade. It's located in a metropolis, which makes it incredibly different to attend school here than anywhere else because it's in the spectra of things!


Everything like Education


Being affordable an having a variety of classes.


Miami Dade is best known for their good teachers, they offer a reasonable price for the cources they offer, and the facility is top of the line.


It is probably best known for its liberal arts programs, open admissions policy, and affordability.


the school is best kow for its academics and the number of people that graduate.


Miami Dade College is best known to be the best college that has a largest number of students from different backgrounds and ethnicity.


The Miami Dade Honors College is best known for preparing high achieving students for a global perspective. The Honors College program provides challenging courses, seminars, enrichment activities as well the privilege for students to interact with professionals, scholars and leaders from around the world who share their expertise and experience in business, science and the arts. Students in this program also have opportunities for international experiences like foreign exchanges, study travel excursions and internships. Students will also be prepared to transfer to the world?s most prestigious colleges and universities.


Miami Dade College is best known for the Health care programs offered there. there are many programs in the health care field that can be completed in 2 years, resulting in an Associates degree upon completion. Miami Dade College graduates make up many nurses, physical therapists, radiologists, and sonographers in local hospitals. there is much opportunity for further education even after becoming certified as a health care pofessional. This work field is especially rewarding because it is high in demand and offers more base pay to entry level employees.


My school is best known for it's location. Wolfson Campus of Miami Dade College is located in Downtown Miami. Many students attend this school because of its location in the "heart of Miami," Downtown, thereby making transportation to and from the school much easier than it would have been had it been located in a place nobody knew of.


Miami Dade College is best known for being a state-supported college with eight campuses and numerous outreach centers. It is also one of the largest institution of higher education in the United States and one of the most highly regarded colleges in the nation.


My school is best known for its racial divesity. It is also the home school of the most hispanic students in the country.


I would say my school is best known for helping there student achevive what they want.


My school is best know for their incredible concerts, for their political views, and they are know for the school that any student will be able to afford and to accomplish their dream profession.


Miami Dade College is best known for its great participation with the community around it. The many campuses available provide a wide range for plenty of students to enroll in. The classes are plentiful and it is one of the most affordable colleges out there.


Miami Dade College is well known for the most graduates out of most universities Miami Dade College has more students graduating.


My school Miami Dade College is best known for being the school that most people that went to high school in Miami attend right after high school, and for having great professors.


IMiami Dade College is ranked as one of the best community college in the nation. As a result, they are best known for their strong educational reputation as they offer over 150 academic programs. In addition, it is fully accredited by the Commission of Colleges and it's the best transitional college in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. The staff is well trained and have facilities are extraordinary.


the college is well for its many campuses around the different areas. It is one of the largest capumus because it has many different locations for people to attend to get an education and virtual college as well for those who can't come physically to a campus. Miami Dade is the type of college that wants you to be well rounded with the ifferent subjects that they have available.


my school is best know for accepting everyone, beacuse they believe everyone deserves higher education.


Miami Dade College is best known for being the best college to transfer from . Most attendees of Miami Dade transfer to many of the universities that Miami Dade has agreements with. Dade has an agreement with every school in Florida, and agreements with many colleges and universities outside of the state. Its simple, anyone who completes his or her Associate in Arts can transfer to any of the schools that Dade has the agreement with.


Miami dade is best known for its wide varitey of degrees and programs in diverse fields of almost any study. Such as its programs in liberal arts. Its a public institution that a hugh population of students with open admission policy. Which the school tries its best to have the best faculties to assist you in anything you want to accomplish, and they won't quit until they see you complete quit. To have low tution and fees there so excuse to pursue your careers comparing to some local colleges.


My school is known as the harvard of community colleges, and has many programs, but the nursing and engineering program are the most well known B.A and B.S. programs. My college also has a great A.A. program.


My school is best known for the cheapest college among ther other colleges in Miami Dade county


Being able to study for free, its size, and overall importance globally.


My current school is best known as a school that provides a career for all active students of all ages. Miami Dade Community College is the school that mostly everyone starts off with. It is mostly known as a chance, and opportunity for single parents, individuals working and schooling at the same time, and financially unstable students. This school is also known as a school that is convenient for people to attend because of the many campus's they own. I am very proud to say that I am a student at Miami Dade Community College.


Miami-Dade College is best known for students who are independent ,s eek experience in working and completing your career choice quickly.