Miami Dade College Top Questions

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Nothing truly unique. Just another school. Even so it's still a well equipped school.


Since students don't live on campus everyone does whatever and join clubs and other activities more for fun than for socializing.


Miami Dade was my first choice because of the fact of being close to home is important to me, and because it was a better choice in a financial point of view.


At Miami Dade College, you not only learn from the professors who are extremely trained in their field, but you also learn from the students. Miami Dade College is very diverse and you learn a lot from other students who are trying to pursue their dreams. Even though Miami Dade is cheaper compared to other colleges, you also have a option of furthering your education by obtaining your 4 year degree at a cheaper price, compared to Universities. Miami Dade College is an excellent option for students who want a 4 year degree at an affordable price.


Miami Dade College can best be described as a melting pot. There are students from a diverse range of backgrounds from all walks of life. The college offers flexibility and affordability which actually was the deciding factor for me when making my final decision about which college to attend.


Miami Dade College is an open campus in the middle of the beautiful downtown Miami. There are always school activities going on such as: free concerts, raffels, bookfairs, etc.


The cultural diversity at Miami Dade College reflects Miami perfectly. Hispanic, Haitian, European, American, Asian etc. are all present at the school offering a broad look at many different cultures and ethnicities.


My school is very close to my hose. It is easy for me to drive to school with no traffic. The education is very good.


Miami Dade College is unique because it offers students the opportunity to get a higher education at an affordable price, if facilitates the process of paying for college which encourages students to aim high without breaking the bank. From my personal experience, I wasn't sure if continuing my education was worth taking out student loans since most of the Universities I looked at were very expensive. Witht help of Miami Dade and the B.A.S. they offer in Supervision and Management, I will be able continue my undergraduate education and move forward with my career.


Is very small and ethincities vary a lot.


The reason I believe my school is unique is because it offers students many career oportunities and facilities to study to have success in life. Students studying at Miami Dade College can seek for a brighter future and acomplish their goals and dreams.


Make it very important to have small classes, more instructor attention


What's unique about Miami Dade is that it first opened its doors in the 1960s, amidst the strain of desegregation and the influx of thousands of Cuban refugees. Initially, 1,428 students entered the college that year. Miami Dade County Junior College, as it was known back then, was open to any county students who had graduated from high school. When it opened, the College became Florida’s first integrated junior college. By 1967, the College was the largest institution of higher education in the state of Florida that's why MDC is, so unique from any other college.


The unique thing about Miami Dade College is a college that make every impossible goals possible for students all ages.


My school is unique because it has many different ethnicities and races. Also has small classrooms where you are able to focus more in class.


I consider Miami Dade College over other Colleges because it is very educational, helpful, and significant. Miami Dade College is classified as the fourth in the nation and has had many students become successful in their careers. My mother attended Miami Dade College and was extremely satisfied with the education she received. Additionally, Miami Dade College offers many programs students can become part of to obtain experience in their intended major. I am currently enrolled in the Interamerican Campus and I plan to switch to the North Campus, in order to complete my bachelor's degree in Public Safety Management.


I believe that my school is better compared to other schools because the one on one attention is great and I feel that the teachers actually care about you and want you to actually know what they are talking about. This is the first college I have ever been to and I dont regret my decision at all.


What's unique about Miami Dade College is that they have different campuses available for you all over miami. This is a great opportunity for us students to get classes where they are most convinient. Also, my school provides us with great student governtment opportunities and a wonderful staff that will help you when you need it. The advisors are always avaible and they will take their time to help the students with any problems they have.


I am taking the Virtual Courses and it is great, I had to go to Dominican Republic to take care of my mother, but I really wanted to continue my education and MDC Virtual was the perfect fit for me, the teachers are amazing, whenever I have a question the attend it as fast as they can and I have learned a lot! so much more than I would have imagine! I will always be greatful to my teachers and the amazing college that allows me to tale care of my mother without jeopardizing my education.


You won't get that 'college experience' here. This is a place to go to class and go home. Sports aren't very important and there is little school spirit. But despite its downfalls, MDC is a great school if you want it to be.


Well the fact that it is a small school. Teachers interact with the students and make sure we know the work in which they are teaching. The school is a state school so it is cheap to attend. It just give s you a positive feeling when you step onto the campus.


I can attend my school for a fraction of the cost of the other colleges I got into. It gives you time to adjust to college courses and the environment before you go off and attend a real university.


My school is unique because the teachers help me out as much as they can and they show that they care about my education.


Living in Miami is hard to pin point something in the college that is unique. The area is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds which lends itself to a great learning experience. The college has grown since my initial enrollment, allowing more flexibility in schedule and offering online courses as well. I believe it's a great and affordable school to begin your college education.


Miami Dade College is rated the number one community college in all of the United States. I think this makes my school pretty unique because there is no other school that compares. The offers for a better education and problem solving are being thrown at students left and right. Being placed at that top rate is without a doubt where Miami Dade College belongs.


My school gives the opportunity to any student to study any major they want to earn and also it gives the opportunity to many students to get involved in different types of clubs. In addition, my college allows students to learn from their professors and from ther peers. This community college allows one to ear they AA degree and transfer to any other state university in Florida.


Apart from other school's I would have to say the 'feel' of my school is so different from what I've seen. Though it may be really small and right by "la calle ocho" its really lively. They try their best to bring 'school spirit' despite their limits. The school is open so anyone can really just step inside and look around or 'join the festivities'. It really just resembles the whole feel of the community that it itself is so lively and sunny.


MDC has definitely grown over the last couple of years and is no longer considered a community college. The dedication of the school is extremely abundant and it made me want to be a part of it. By being promoted, it shows me that this school is always improving and striving to be the best.


What is unique about my school is the size of the student body. Many of the student have families that they go home to right after school. There is a very wide age range.


What is unique about my school is the interaction one as a student is offered with the professors at Miami Dade College. Not only are the classes more engaging, but it's multicultural school which I believe enhances the whole idea of education. Having the opportunity to mingle with people with different backgrounds and beliefs I believe gets you just as prepared for the real world just as any classroom lecture would.


Miami Dade College has 8 campuses all around South Florida. It offers me a variety of locations that I can choose from depending on my schedule. I have attended five Miami-Dade campuses and have liked some more than others but it has still offered me the opportunity of choosing what location Id like to attend.


Teachers really helpful & campus is organized.


You can have a personal, intamate and professional relationship with the staff. The learning enviroment, other students, and teachers motivates you to accept challenges and complete then with all your abilities.


Well, one thing that stands out from all the other schools is its diversity. You have classmates from all over the world. This comes with a lot of benefits including respect for different cultures and religion. Another unique factor about my college is its great concern for the community. We promote to live a healthy and stable lifestyle and to "go more green". They educate us the importance of taking care of the enviroment. In addition, MDC is trying to make the Biggest Ball made from recylced cans and make it into a Genius World Record.


I have not been there that long to make a definite decision, but I like how the campus is designed. It's kind of like a labryinth with many levels.


It aids students to an opportunity to get a job and a chance to get a degree. My professors are more than academic educators, but professionals in the industry in communication and arts. Their expertise along with a student dedication thrive one to excel! Therefore, it is not just a ordinary school; I am influenced and inspired everyday through my professors and environoment.


The tuition costs and overall fees are in no way overwhelming to financial aid need, many times leaving the student with remaining funds for persoanl use. I am a film major and the college's program is very tactful and hands-on; the professors are very helpful and I consider everyone in the program to have a positive and kind atiitude.


I think that My School has a good program for undergraduates who are seeking a bachelor's degree, it is really great in that aspect


I decided to attend a state college. This class as a great education process and think it will help me further a career.


It's really close to home