Miami Dade College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


As a freshman I wish someone would have given me a reason to do service hours the first semester instead of saying it's only extra credit. A student who is passing without needing extra work never bothers to go out of their way for the extra point unless it's a written work.Service hours are actually fun to earn if you find the right group to work with.


Awesome We Have A Wide Variety


I find that depending on the campus, the academic levels can change however in all aspects, the college offers a vast selection of courses making it easy to maintain your academic appetite active, attentively excited for class selections.


The academics are set at the same standard as private universities.


Depends on the professors.


The academics are nothing short of standard. Although, I feel as though I am not challenged enough at MDC. At times, the academic environment is rather rudimentary.


The curriculum is well thought out. There is a great variety of courses which you can choose from.


Professors at MDC typically get to know you. You can study as much as you want. It all depends on you. Some students are there because they couldn't get accepted anywhere else, others are there to get an education.


With small classes, professors often know your name if you are a competitive student and like visit their office. Class participation is also a large part of your grade too. THe student have pretty good study habit. You can always know when is mid-term or final exam time because all the students suddently move into librabry and tutoring room!


Professors know your name. Only real problem is that the professors often will not give you college level work. But it is a community college after all.