Miami Dade College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think that the worst thing about my school is the lack of publicity about events, programs and opportunities. I feel that at my College Campus there Is not enough notifications about events hosted at other campuses or about the grand variety of academic opportunities that the College provides. I feel like first year students should learn a lot more from the Freshman experience than just time management and self-motivation, professors should regular promote scholarships and study programs.


The grading. Why can't you surpervise your grade so that you are aware of where you are and can raise your GPA? If we were updated with the grade, we wouldn't have to take the courses again or wonder if you did or didn't get the American Dream Scholarship, for example.


No lodging on the largest campus of the college. It would give the campus a more college like feel. I currently feels like a high school all over again.


The worst thing about this school is that the administration doesnt go out of their way to help a student.


The worst thing about the school is that some of the professors are underqualified to do their jobs.


Even though Miami Dade is an excellent option, I would improve their FASFA application process. Compared to other universities, the students only have to submit forms one time for their Pell Grant. At Miami Dade College, you have to submit the same forms every time a student apply for FASFA, which can slow down the process. If the information is the same as previous semesters, the student should not be required to submit the forms over again. If Miami Dade College improve this, the students' semesters can go by smoothly without worrying when their Pell Grant would be approved.


The worst thing i consider abou Miami Dade College is the parking. Finding a parking spot can seem like a battle and sometimes can take up to 30 minutes to find a spot. Many students are late to class due to the time spent finding a parking spot.


The worst thing about Miami Dade College is the student services. I feel that everyone always has something different to say and no one ever really has a true answer. I sometimes feel like I am getting the run around or they don't know what they are talking about. It's not like that all the time but usually that is the case. I feel that the professors know more than the actual people in student services.


I'm very grateful with my school. I don't consider they have something extremely bad. The only difficult situation could be to find a parking space close to the building where you have classes, but that depends of the time your class start, otherwise parking is great.


I enjoy everything about miami-dade college. However, I would not mind them having a little more campus activities. Maybe a live band or a talent show can truly spice up campus life.


There is some school spirit and they try to get the students involved. Its not there yet until MDC get an actually sports team of football and basketball.


There's not much help or support from the financial aid offices at my school.


The worst thing about my school is the cost. Because tuition costs are very high.


the expenses and prices! whiter food or classes or supplies it feels like there really stealing your money. honestly cuting of the prices a little of anything would be a big help.




The worst thing about Miami-Dade is that the maps do a terrible job of leading you places. See, the maps only have pictures of buildings and the building letter or number. On top of that it only has the name of the halls. So if you wanted to find the enrollment office or the where the library is you're far better off walking around aimlessly for an hour because using those maps you'll be doing it regardless. Those maps aren't freshman friendly or veteran friendly for that matter.


the worst things about my school is that it does not offer some of the things that i am looking for.


what i consider the worst thing at miami dade college is that they push the students in carreer that they are not intrested in. The advisement system is set up in a way that the might give the students wrong cources not related to their major so the have to change the major or do additional cources to accomadate for the others that they dont need.


The worst thing about Miami Dade for me is the fact that there is no on -campus living to experience more independence from. Although, Miami Dade has most university’s pegged down. Miami Dade is still not a university. It has no dorms for residential living, no cafeteria for social group eatery and no real on campus activities such as sororities, frat parties, and school games.


The one thing I consider the worst about my school is the large popualtion of pigeons; because, they could possible pass feaces on you and they can also fly into the open area lunch corners.


there's nothing bad about the school so far.


The worst thing about my school would be that they are not organized enough. They lose papers etc.


The worst thing about my school is academic advising department's structure. With many students being commuters and online coursetakers, having an advising department that requires physically showing-up to wait for an available advisor is inconvenient - especially for those of us who have to work during regular business hours to pay our waysthrough school. On online advising chat option on the school's website (where you can schedule a chat with an advisor for a future date/time), or Saturday advising hours, should really be implemented to cater to the majority of students working their way through school.


Personally, the worst thing about school is arriving to school. I live almost 20 minutes away -and with traffic in the morning- it can get very hectic. Since I decided to go to a community college for my first two years, I am not fond of waking up several hours before school starts to get to class on time. On the other hand, once I transfer I will make sure I either live on campus or that I can walk to class.


I really have nothing to complain about, the classes/professors/learning environment have been a great experience thus far.


I'd have to say the worst thing I consider about my school is how unappreciative the students are of education. Most of the students in my classes come in late, disrespect the professor, don't turn in assignments, don't take school seriously, etc. All they want is a certificate to make the family proud, but in reality don't appreciate the value of getting an education and actually trying to reach a goal and make a dream come true.


I have been goin back and forth for the two months finalizing all the details for my financial aid. Last week I thought all my worries about receiving aid were completely gone. Little did I know that this inconsistent and utterly CARELESS school was missing a form that is vital for my financial aid. They made no attempt to contact me and say: "Sir you are missing a form." No sir, I still wouldnt have discoverd this if it were not from an email from the government informing me that I had received an award.


The parking would have to top the list, there's always trouble finding parking during certain hours of the day, I've known people who've had to come 2 hours early for their class just to find parking. I myself was once stuck looking for parking for almost and hour and 30 minutes. I guess the reason would have to be that though they did find some room to make extra parking they didn't have the money to make it inside parking rather than outside thus limiting their availability.


I think the worst thing about my school is that the textbooks are very expensive. Most of the students cannot get a textbook because of lack of money. I think its a rip off for so much money. And the fact that other people will be using the same book the following semester, I think they should be borrowed at a lower reasonable price.


Well when they do random repaires and block off a whole section so we have to walk 10mins just reach a 2 min walk class


Parking. Miami Dade College is a commuter school and with the numbers of students driving to classes, it is hard to find a place to park. You can miss a class just looking for a parking spot. My time saving practice, is to leave my house early in the morning and eat breakfast on campus, but that gets expensive. Tip, take 7 AM classes, there are always spaces at 7 AM.


The worst thing about Miami Dade College is that although there are various campuses, only one campus (North Campus) offers all of the classes a student may be required to complete.


I do not think anything bad about the school. If there was something bad about it, I would not attend it.


The financial aid transactions take a long time.


In my opinion I believe that Miami-Dade student do have an issue with interacting with one another. Hence, what I find as the worst thing about my college. The feeling of solitude and people who do not want to interact fills each classroom, but sometimes things change and even the professor themselves become friendly. However, the impersonality that carries in the school is an issue; again to me belief as "the worst thing."


The worst thing about my school is the long lines and wait times, during registration at the beginning of each semester. The financial aid long is horrible, and you can be there long hours before you get to talk to someone. The wait times have to be shortened by adding mores staff, so students can get through quicker and deal with the educational aspect of college.


The worst thing about my school is that not all of the elevators run at the same speed. Some are fast. Others run at an okay speed. Then theres the one that takes about five minutes just to get to the next floor. Thats probably the worst thing about my school.


There isn't anything bad about my school at all.


The worst thing about Miami Dade is the lack of funding the government gives it. Of all community colleges in Florida, Miami Dade recieves the least amount of government funds. I believe this is unfair because the school has continually fathered successful individuals, and it may continue to do so if it had more money. The principal of Dade has attempted to change this, but his actions have been going by unnoticed by legislation.


The thing I consider worst about my school is that the teachers don't seem to challenge me. I believe college is easier than high school and I would rather it not be so slack.


The worst thing at MDC is the parking. At Homestead Campus, there are rougly four thousand students for only two and fifty parking spaces. Student Government Association and other organizations have effortlessly have tried to petition to build a parking garage for this campus.


nothing i love my school.


I do not consider any worst thing about my school. As long a student is motivate to learn and ask for advisement and help, he or she will continue to succeed.


I believe that the down fall of Miami Dade is their financial aid office and how they set up thier classes, in which the teachers have separarte motives of how the school is set up. I also notice that there is also a taught of favoritivism in which different professors or stident organizations get treated differently because the way they are associated.


Its less events that are relavent to the students.


Public access, it is very easy for a person off the street to walk into the campus, some are harmless, but others go with bad intentions.


I believe that they have Professors working that shouldn't be there. They are just a waste of time and money.


In complte honesty I think that the school should enhance its financial AID department since it has been undergoing many difficulties with its students


Granted, that I attend a community college, but I preferred if my school had more activities. There is not much to do at my school, other than attending classes. It would have been nice if the school had a park or recreational room for the students to hang around at. So, for the students who have breaks between their classes, they could have somewhere to go and relax; instead, of walking around the campus bored to death, as time passes by.


i think the wrost thing about my school is finding parking.. there is alot of parking spaces but you have to walk alot.