Miami Dade College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


An accurate stereotype is that the people who attend are there to learn, it's mostly true but some people fresh out of high school think college is the 13th grade. They still act like their good looks & constant flirting with the teacher will give them a good grade, it sickens me that students can be that dense & careless. Other kids attempt a different career path every semester & if they are under contract with student loan then they just end up digging a deeper & deeper grave because in one lifetime they won't be able to pay it off.


I feel that Miami Dade has a a stereotype of having slackers, being an easy school. With its humble beginnings of being a community college, I can understand why it wont be as respected as say a State School but this is completely inaccurate. People tend to oversee a major factor that Miami Dade College has - it is an accredited institution offering cheaper education than schools. It allows for a diverse, cultural and wide range of students. Overall Miami Dade has a fighting group, in my opinion. Its filled with students that are fighting to get to the next level. They want to make a difference in their lives, their community or their family and Miami Dade offers them the starting steps to change and progress.


Students at Miami Dade aren't expected to express an interest in their academic advancement because most of the students come from a difficult background. This stereotype is inaccurate because all students at Miami Dade are thriving.


I don't know


that most students come from different countries outside of the united states. its not true because there are also american students