Miami Dade College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


As a freshman I wish someone would have given me a reason to do service hours the first semester instead of saying it's only extra credit. A student who is passing without needing extra work never bothers to go out of their way for the extra point unless it's a written work.Service hours are actually fun to earn if you find the right group to work with.


its A Great School


It's a great place that saves me from money trouble :)


its a great school , giving an education opportunity to many students


MDC is not a college experience kind of college. It is geared mainly toward working adults which is both a good and bad thing.


With eight different campuses, MDC is a large college, and every student think that their one is the best!


MDC is the largest college in the world. Seriously. It was formally Miami Dade Community College, but became Miami Dade College when it created a bachelors of science degree in medicine. There are a lot of campuses, such as North Campus, Wolfson Campus, Kendall Campus, Medical Campus, etc., and if you're looking for a different type of Miami experience, pick the campus. Wolfson is personally my favorite because it is in the middle of Downtown Miami, next to Bayfront, where all kinds of people exist and move fluidly through the campus. A person could gain a lot of experience from the sheer amount of diversity of students on that campus alone. As anyone will guess, Miami is not a "college town." It's probably one of the top 3 most internationally known US cities in the world. According to a Nigerian friend of mine on campus, he said Nigerians only know three cities in the US: New York, Hollywood, and Miami. All kinds of events happen in Miami. Among my favorite is the Miami International Book Fair, where exceptional authors and publishing companies hold seminars and sell books right in the middle of Wolfson campus. Miami is proud of MDC, but the students aren't necessarily touting it like those of UF might or FSU. And it is largely just a community college, where the efforts and beauty of the college lie in its development of the Miami Community as a whole. It's not a serious scholar's delight, most of the time. You'll find some exceptional professors, but the vast majority of them are average. There is an Honors College at MDC. It's two years, free, and the students go to exceptional schools afterward. On North Campus alone, 7 graduates went to Cornell University. The Honors College is not exactly tough, depending on your major and who you are, of course. But it is the most "college" like experience on any of the five campuses. Overall, I love MDC. The college is great for the community, and I love the community.