Miami Dade College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Hard working scholars who know what they're after & are willing to do the work they're given & go beyond the limits, sacrificing their social life & sometimes their holiday brakes to stay at the top of their class.


Any person can enter this school, as long as you know what do you want to do for your future.


Honestly, my school is a community college, so there's a huge diversity of students who are just trying to get a general education. It is not for students who have high aspirations for their near future or plan on trully challenging themselves academically. For this reason, I am greatly looking foward to transfering to a University where I can meet those needs and fullfill my personal and academic goals.


The type of individuals that should attend this school are people who are seeking self-growth and an opportunity to succeed. This school offers many programs that would assist them regarding their financial needs and academic courses. It is also a school that will allow you to socialize and make new colleagues; We have many educational events that allows us not only to learn, but to improve interpersonal skills that can be used after you finish your educational career.


Apart from their Financial Aid Office issue, MDC it well-equipped and organized institution. I would recommend: returning students, vocational students, immigrants students with the goal of learning English and validate their degree, students that prefer a small-class ratio, students who want access to their professors outside of class, students interested in an engaged campus community and hat want to be involved in campus events, clubs, organizations, and service-learning opportunities. Nonetheless, I recommend their Honors College program from which I'm a part of. Exceptional program with bright students with high expectations for themselves and outstanding performance overall.


Someone whos looking for a fast and easy way to transfer out to a four year institution.


I think every person should attend to this school. Every person how wants to learn and improve in his/her live. Motivated people and hungriest people of knowledge. These are the kind of people how should attend to my school


Students that should attend this school should be recently graduating students from high school that decided to stay close to home or that didnt get into any other college, students who havent been in school for few or several years that are either continuing there education or just begining there education, and lastly students who are doing a technical program such as paramedic or nursing.


The kind of person that would attend this school would be someone who wants to pursue an education that will lead to a succesful career. Miami Dade College offers many extracurricular activities and is very environmentally friendly. Someone who wants a rigorous and engaging education would choose The Honors College. It provides small classes where professors and students are able to get a more personalized education as opposed to one in an auditorium.


Inteligent people


Anyone who is undecided or seeking a degree for a lot less cheaper.. it's affordable


Well it all depends on the type of person you are but this college is quit enjoyable. They have a lot of campus activities that goes on. The biggest being the Book Fair which is BIG don’t get it twisted. Plus when you’re in the Wolfson campus you’re in downtown Miami. That means shopping, Bayside, exploring, shops beyond shops, buses that can take you to South Beach or Aventura Mall and more. Plus the campus is expanding so it'll get better. There’s always an activity or event going on for everything that goes on.


A first year college student should attend this school, it gradually helps you get into the college life without just throwing you into it and you getting overwelmed.


Miami Dade College is best for those who are from Miami but not ready to leave their homes. Miami Dade is also best for students who may not have done well in high school but are aiming for college and a brighter future. However, the Honors College is very competitive and rigerous. Those who attend the Honors College at Miami Dade are aiming for prestigious schools to tranfer after completeing the two years.


Anyone who is willing to have a future or start somewhere, in accomplishing in life should attend this school.


Anyone that is looking to further their education. If you are not finacially stable miami dade is the school for you because compared to most university that offer the same classes miami dade is much cheaper.


to attend Miami Dade College, you need to be a focus minded individual. The freedom that the school provides its students to decide there future, simply put is the biggest factor in making or breaking your college career. At first glance it seems normal, until you get into an advisors office and the first thing they ask you is what would you like to do. Some bite the apple and some don't, my advice to you is simple, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE you will get left behind.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who wants a second chance. When I mean a second chance, I mean if you did not have the financial means to attend a prestigious college or university, you may have not done well on the SAT or on one of your classes. Whatever the situation, this program allows you to start with a clean, reputable, and guided slate. I would recommend this college to someone who likes to be challenged every time. Someone who loves to learn and engage in the school and community.


If you are looking for a comfortable environment, where the teachers are all willing to help and guide you through your journey to success, then Miami- Dade College is the perfect school for you.


Hard working motivated individuals that strive to succeed in life regardless of there financial situation should attend this college. Miami Dade College is a very diverse college so I encourage people with an open mind that like to work together with individuals from all over the world to attend this college. The professors at this college are caring, professional, and extremely talented at what they do. Over all, anyone that is serious about changing there life for the better should attend this college.


The kind of people that should atten the current college where I go is people who really want to give there best and put there best effort into school to be able to finish the 2 or 4 year college and move on as soon as possible to a good university and that way be more succesful to have a better education and that way to biuld a great careear. Also some of the people that unfortunately did not have such a good score or GPA to attend univeristy when they graduated.


People who are willing to dedicate their time to their studies that will ultimately lead to their goals. They should be self-driven, motivated, and hard workers. If a student really wants to succeed, not just here but at any school, they should ask questions, interact with their professors, and become an integrated member of the school by participating in school events and clubs. Overall, a person has to be serious about what they want to achieve and be mature about their school work.


Any kind of person should attend this school.


Anyone who wants something better for their present, and future. One cannot change the past, but learn from it. Education is one of the most important building materials in the construction of one's life. A house build on a rock has more chances to survive any storm than a house build on sand. This school opens its doors to anyone who brings the will to better themselves, it helps anyone know that they can plan, and transform their lives with the power of education. Knowledge is power, power is what we have when we want to better ourselves.


I believe all students who want to better themselves, should attend MDC. Its a great way to further your education at a fraction of the cost. And you get what you pay for.


Well, pretty much anyone that is looking to transfer into a four year institution and continue their education. MIami Dade is a starting point for many people because it saves them money while still getting the classes that they need.


The kind of person that should attend this school is the person who likes to do enough work just to get by. The person who can't take a challenge.


A person that is fully focused on what career he or she will be completing.


Any one who is considering transfering to a florida university, because graduating from MDC gurentees admision.


The type of person that should attend this school should be someone who is eager to learn. Anyone that plans on attending this school should plan on wanting to learn and excel in their work and who takes school very serious.


Any one can attend this school. They offer online classes as well as on campus classes. They also offer help to those with disabilities and those with children. They have various campuses around Miami so everyone can attend. Miami Dade College is also known to be one of the top colleges in Florida. Most students are graduating with their A.A. and going to top notch Universities. This is a college anyone can attend and know that their future will be bright.


A high school graduate should attend.


A successful student is hungry for knowledge. At Miami Dade College, your teachers are eager to show you everything they know. If you are motivated to pursue your dream career and wish to obtain the tools you need to succeed in future universities and jobs, then this is the school for you.