Miami Dade College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Being a student at The Honors College has been an incredible growth journey. With the cost of higher learning being so great, The Maimi Dade College gives students the perfect alternative to completing his or her core curriculum on a fellowship and save money for their junior and senior years. I have come out of my shell and become a well-rounded individual and continue to focus on sharpening my intellect.


The type of individuals that should not attend this school are people who are seeking the "easy way out" There is a zero-tolerance on anyone who doesn't take their work seriously, and I have the professors to prove it! The school is an amazing learning experience, so it would be a shame to enroll students that have no favor of improving themselves, like the majority of us.


No one. It's a great school.


Any person who is not willing to put in the effort to excel in their chosen discipline should not attent this school, as many teachers set a high standard for achievement here and encourage students to think about underlying principles. Another type of student that should not attend this school is someone who is uncomfortable interacting with people of many different ethnic backgrounds.


This school is extremely helpful for anyone from all levels to begin college.


This school is for everyone, anyone can try to better themselves, and this school gives you that chance.


the only people that shouldnt attend Miami Dade College are people who are just attending eazy classes inorder to receive finanical aid money. as well as lazy people or others who are force to attend. these people are just hinders to themselves and others around them. another kind of student that shouldnt attend miami dade college are guys who only attend inorder to attept to flirt with all the women or inorder to promote their business.


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this school is the kind that is completely unmotivated, inactive and lacking discipline. Those who want o continue their education should have the drive push their own limits, and should understand that sometimes its better to stay up all night writing a paper rather then just falling asleep on it. Someone who would obtain a scholarship, and not use it wisely to further their education, but rather waste a great opportunity that could have been given to someone else who is more worthy is the kidna of person who shouldnt attent this school.


Student that are disorganized and procrastinators should not attend this school. Takes disciplne and good study habits to be able to pass the classes with good grades.


Miami Dade College does not discriminate. Anyone can attend this school.


Someone who is not prepared to study and work hard for what they want.


The type of students that should not attend this school are students that do not take their classes seriously. Many people think that Miami-Dade college classes are "slack" and that you do not need to put an effort to do well. That is a fallacy because then the school wouldn't be considered one of the top colleges in the United States. Also in the classes that I have completed so far I have learned many things not only towards the subject but outside like life lessons and more.


All should attend this school if they plan to receive an education and further their learning.


I can't think of people who should not attend the school. It has great resources and proffesors.


I think everybody has the right to study if they are really committed and interested in seeking a bright future, no matter race, religion, etc.


Any student looking for a small student to teacher ratio would not benefit at Miami Dade.


A person that's lazy, and dont know what they want in life, and dont have patience finding parking lots shouldn't attend to this school.


Everyone should attend Miami Dade. It's a college for anyone. Whether you want a fresh start from high school, or maybe you can't afford another institution. Miami Dade welcomes you and you may transfer out after your AA. Earn good grades, good GPA, join clubs, and volunteer. This way, you will be a great candidate to consider for any school. The only people who shouldn't attend are those who aren't willing to give it your best!


Someone who prefers bigger classrooms, and more school activities. Also someone who likes to have a wide selection in the food choice, as well as someone who wants to be able to talk to an advisor without having to wait three hours, and then told the wrong information.


The kind of person that should not attent this school is one who is not motivated to attend classes, the one who doesnt know what he/ she wants to major in, and the one who doesnt have the heart to put forth effort.


someone who only wants to attend a private university or doesnt' like community college.


Someone who is not willing to focus and truly excel in whatever it is he/she is pursuing. To many individuals, Miami Dade College is considered a "joke" school. However, people would be surprised at how amazing many professors at MDC are (in comparison to professors working at some of the greatest universities in the country). Not only do they teach well, but they expect their students to work as hard as they teach. And if someone is not willing to try, why even go to MDC? What will that person gather from his time there? Nothing. A waste.


Students who like me weren't 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sure of what they wanted to do and adults that would like to continue their education or obtain another degree.


Those who are of high income and expect a wondrous, prestigious education should not attend. Also, those with bigotry towards different races will be exposed to high numbers of minorities such as Hispanics and African Americans.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who is getting financial aid but not taking their education serious because people like me need the money to either finish college in two years and tranfer or to take more classes than just two classes


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is Some one who wants to live on campus and want the university type of feel because there are no dorms but there are many students to interact with and most of the students are close to home so it makes college less expensive and helps more in the end.


All people should attend this school, Miami- Dade College gives students oppurtunites to develope their lives and find new path ways for success. Miami Dade College is one of the best community colleges in the nation and gave me many oppurtunites that other schools can not.


People who are not interested in moving forward and are afraid to seek assistance when needed may have some problems. And i believe that this does not only apply to Miami- Dade College, but to all other school.


Individuals who do not take their future seriously should not attend this college. The programs at this college are very demanding and if a person lacks the will to succeed with an apathetic outlook on life they will not succeed at this college. Individual will need to buckle down & focus on there studies.


A person who is not centered and focused on what they want for their future. A person that does not want to make something of thereselves should not attend this school.


People with expectations of receiving hands on experience in the class rooms should not attend Miami Dade College. This is due to the fact that the professors teach you in the class rooms, and they challenge you to continue your studies outside the class rooms. I find this to be an excellent way to educate people because if you spoon feed students information they are not really learning anything, while on the other hand, if you challenge them to succeed on there own they will never forget what they were taught.


Everybody should. The first two years of college, no matter how 'fancy' a school you decide to go to, are going to be the same. The teachers for MDC are shared with other local colleges and institutions, such as FIU, Broward College, Nova, etc.. If you are a person that is ashamed to attend a local school that is frequented by the masses, then this isn't for you.


A person who does not take ther academic studies seriously should not go to this school. Soley because, Miami-Dade has only one wish and that is to excell every opportunity a student has to reach their goals. Miami-Dade College has given student who have issues regarding income, mental and physical disabilities, and mistakes in the past the opportunity to get back on their feet or to achieve an education to further excell in life.


A person, who does not want to learn and is lazy. Because the workload cna get tedious and burdendsome. Its not for the faint of heart and mind.


A person who really wants to experience college life shouldnt attend Miami dade college. If you want the whole experience of being in college having a lot of college activities, being into different fraternities Miami dade wouldnt be the appropiate school for an individual who wants this experience.


People who don't really want to pursue a further education; they will only accomplish to exhaust the college's minimum funding.


Miami Dade college is open to everyone.


Anyone who is serious about his/her education, and anyone who wants a better opportunity to transfer to a better college/university.


A person who is driven to work hard and achieve success. Also, someone who wants a career that is based on the major they choose.


Any one hoping to obtain career advancement to high learning.


I don't believe that their is anyone who can't attend this school. Its for everyone no matter your ethnicity or religion.


I believe everyone should attend the school. I dont there can be anyone not eligible to go to a school and be taken away the chance to become someone. Even if the person doesnt necessarily want to have like an education they should still be encouraged to do so, and open their door to anyone to attend the school.


I think everyone should attend this, or any school of their choice. No one should be restricted, for any reason, from attaining an education.