Miami Dade College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone had told me to apply for Phi Theta Kappa or other clubs, they have sweet scholarships.


How accesible it was.


I wish I had known how easy it was to sign up!


I wish I had known the penalties for dropping/withdrawing from classes. I wish I knew how difficult and ethnically diverse the teachers are. Some are hard to understand and lack approriate teaching skills.


I wish I had known how great it was to be a college student. I waited seven years after graduating high school to begin college. I do not regret enroling, and I am definitely more proud of myself now that I'm beginning my Bachelor's program than I was when I was working two jobs and stretching my money to make ends meet. I know I'm going somewhere, somewhere good.


I wish I had known more about the resources and what they have available as academic programs. They have the website but there is so much more to it. Eventually things are learned but sometimes too late. I wish I had gotten a heads up. I believe it would have helped a lot in the long run. I got into the nursing program and I was told what I was getting into but there were many details that were overlooked.


Something I wished I had known before I came to this school is how good it is, if I had known earlier I would have enrolled earlier.


I wish I would have known more about financial aid.


I wish I had known before I came to this school that they offered many extracurricular activities opportunities , and they have several club choices. I found out about this during the end of my first semester. Therefore, I could not take advantage of all those wounderful extracurricular activities opportunities.


I wish I had known how long it would take me to graduate.


I wish i had studied or had an idea of college before i started this college. I Was not prepared during or after high school. I was not motivated the right away. The ideal of financial aid paying for my courses, being from a poor urban enviorment and the fact that my oldest sibiling had graduated college, was the only motivations. I wish i had more understanding that college is a business. I wish i had understood my rights, responsibilities, and goals, instead of attending blindly and being led blindly by professionals in that business.


To know where I planned on transferring to before coming here. Miami Dade College is a great school, but it is not where one should go to obtain a bachelors degree. It is simply not a prestigious college.


One thing I wish I had known before coming to Miami-Dade is that I would not get the American Dream Scholarship because my grant would pay for all of my tuition. If I had known this I would have tried harder to fix my situation at FIU so I could take Asian Studies. I also wish that I knew that Miami-Dade didn't have Japanese as a language to study because that was my main area of interest.


Honestly, nothing.


Miami Dade is a community college, I would rather counselors give students more input in how to transfer to state universities. Also make available more scholarships for students.


I believe I was well informed about my college, their website is very accurate, and their advisers are amazing! I love MDC and I am hopeful I can get the chance to finish my A.A there so I can transfer to another university, but overall MDC is amazing, and it has help me grow a lot! I just love it.


About they're honors program. This program matches whatever scholarship money you earn from financial aid or any other organization.


Before attending this school i wish i wouldve known more about the different campuses


The honors college program. I wish I would have known it existed before hand. The students in the honors program receive full tuition including books. It is obviously more enduring than the regular classes, but so much more worth it.


That it was going to be different than high school, because the professors may be great professors, however, they would not be lenient on the grades, and classes are very difficult.


Know that temptations exist. Learn how to recognize them and how to avoid them. Those mentioned so far are credit cards, bars, other entertainments, the computer and your room mate or friends. Set times to study and reward yourself when you have completed a task. Get sleep when you can, without it nothing else will work. Keep a notebook or Palm with you to write down assignments and deadlines. It's hard to plan without knowing what or when. There are no shortcuts, no easy way to get through, no way for anyone but you to get the job done.


I wish I had known about because I had two bad learning experiences. Ever since I learned of that website, I haven't had another bad professor since. I wish I knew how tough balancing work and school was before I tried working full-time and going to school part-time. Last but most definitely not least, I wish I knew about sites like and I could've save literally hundreds on books. If I could go back in time with what I know now, college would be a breeze.


There is always help available to go to school. I was always afraid that because of my parents' low income, we would not be able to pay for school.


The importance of education, and time in my life. I took my time, and opportunities for granted, and focused on other things that didn't contribute positively in my life. I've seen my parents struggle for the lack of an education, and I want to have better chances for my future. I want to make them proud, and change the pattern of my family.


Before I attended Miami Dade college I wish I would have known the degree to which my fellow students and professors enjoy the pursuit of knowledge. The greatest setback of a freshman college student is to be ignorant of how seriously education is taken here and every other higher education campus in America and the world for that matter. I now know that leaving grade school, students must lose the routine of striving for good grades and graduate(literally) into a more serious search for an enriched life seen through the lens of a well balanced education.


I think I would like to have known about the freedom in college. Everything is less structured. While that initially provides more stress, I have found a way to organize my schedule and my mental clock according to my classes and extracurricular activities (playing bass at the church across the street, doing community service/service learning). I also had a difficult time letting go of old friends in high school. I think I would like to have known about the wonderful Christians, gamers, musicians, and professors who go to Miami-Dade College in order to make my departure less sorrowful.


I wish I had known the true cost of attending the college. Ex: Average cost of books per semester, average cost per credit, etc.


Befire i came to this school, I wish I had known how much work, time, and effort I would have to put in. I was underestimating the rigor of the classes offered at this institution, but I was mistaken. I didn't know that this school would have helped me to push myself to greater heights and also teach me the importance of time management and perseverance.


How their classes are set up and how different their professors teach thier classes.


Nothing, everyday is an experience and I learn each and everyday.


i wish i had know about financial aid and scholarships. for example how to apply and more information on the scholarships


I wish I had known what career that I wanted to purseue more. Also I wish I had a better understanding of the curriculum.


I knew everything but it was the best I could get into. I wish I had known better though that going there doesn't feel like you're even in college. It's like, you just go to school. That's it.


I honestly went in knowing a lot about the college because I spoke with a lot of advisors and professors in the field that I wanted to study. Eventually I changed my major to theatre, my one true love. The head of the theatre department there was a big influence and motivated me to get back into it. I will forever be grateful for that.


I wish I had known that there aren't many professor for my field of study and the program that I need can throw you off course because of the way their designed


I wish I had known how determined the teachers and faculty are to help you so I would have been less afraid to re-enroll into another college.


The main thing that I wish I would have known before I started college was that every unsatisfactory grade that I would recieve would affect my GPA greatly and play a major role in determining whether I would get accepted to the program I desired to gain entrance to. I mistook the newly found freedom of college as one of not having to go to class. My grades were readily affected. If I could go back in time I would choose to have the knowledge that my actions today can gravely affect my future.