Miami Dade College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What I personally consider the best thing about my school is the staff. The reason I consider that the staff at Miami Dade College are the best thing about the school is that they do their absolute best to help you with any problem you may encounter.


The best thing in my school has to be the environment. It's in the middle of downtown and it is just refreshing to walk around town instead of one building to get to the next class. In highschool it would always be a pain to get through crowds, tight spaces and always be late to class, but college is a wide open area, although there are so many students walking around, they never get in the way or hinder you whenever you're running late to your next class. I stand by the environment being the best thing.


the best part of my school is academics. this is because we have some of the best teachers and fellow students that care and are willing to spend their spare time tutoring others in areas where they have trouble.


In terms of what is the best thing about the school, I would have to say the flexibility of classes and the diversity. At Miami Dade College you will be able to find a class that fits anyones schedule wether it is day or night, on campus or virtually. Also, you get to interact with a mixter of people from all walks of life and cultures that helps promote intercultural compentency, which I believe to be important in any society.


I like the way some of my professors have taught me to change my view of the world and see it in a different light. It gives me an opportunity to change my way of thinking and focus on a better life. Also, the accedemic programs allow me to achieve what I need to in order for me to get the degree I want.


The diversity of age, race and nationalities, to be able to study with people from all over the world expands ones horizaon to knowledge and keeps an open mind to any perspective, comment and point of view.


I would consider the best thing about Miami Dade College would be the professors. I am only in my second semester, but overall every single one of my professors has been down to earth and just real. They understand and try their best to relate to us. Each one has helped me feel comfortable and not overwhelmed with college. I was so nervous my first few weeks but my professors made me feel calm and accepted and for that I am grateful.


The best thing about my school is the amount of flexibility and options it has for the student body. There are plenty of low cost programs to go into, and its a great place to get anyone started with their education. There are times throughout the day for everyone to attend class, and there is plenty of faculty that is there to help you acheive your academic goals. Also the location is amazing, I mean who would want to go to school in downtown Miami next to the American Airlines arena.


To be honest soon to be fellow Miami-Dade colleagues, I suggest that you really analyze what it means to be a 'student'. MDC is a generous spring of knowledge and opportunity for those thirsty of a better tomorrow, but it won't open its streams without a toll of dedication and willingness to succed. The moral of the story: MDC is a great place to secure a great future if you put in the necessary effort; if you want something go out and get it yourself.


Not only is it the most affordable option in the area, but it's also a very decent education. A lot of professors are from the University of Miami or FIU, and if not, they're most often very passionate about their subject area. You're receiving a UM education for the cheapest price possible, and a professor who really cares.


The best thing about Miami Dade College has to be its many locations around south Florida and and its affordability. This makes it widely accessible.


The best thing i consider about my school is probably the fact that over 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the professors actually want you to learn and understand what they're teaching, even if it means explaining the subject various times. I consider that the best thing about my school because in times of help i know that i can always reach out to the proffesor with no worries and get the help i need to better understand the subject.


its exrteme diversity. It is good to experience different cultures and environments.


Professors are one of the best thing about my school. Most of them are really prepared in the field and encouraged me to learn. I feel they are teaching me the knowledge need it to succeed in the business field. Also, classes are medium sized which allows me to create a closer working relationship with my professors.


The best thing about Miami Dade College is that the professors care about your academic standing not only in their class ,but other courses as well. Pushing there students to discover their potential of succeeding everything that they put their mind into.


The best thing about my school would be the staff that is dedicated to helping the students in the Culinary Management and Hospitaly Department.


I believe the best thing about my school is it gives an opportunity to everyone to get an education and become successful.


Location location location. It is near my house and makes my commute easy. The people are great as well as the atmosphere.


I consider the Professors at Miami Dade College the best thing in my school. The reason why is because they are highly educated and have much experience in what they lecture in. They accomodate the students in any special needs required as well. They provide hands-on activities to implement real-life situations. Furthermore, they are highly qualified from accredited and recognized Universities.


The best thing about my school is the flexibilty in schedule for the classes and the help available in school. The reason why i find this helpful is because iam currently enrolled as a full time student while still working two jobs.


The best thing about my school is that it is very organized the teachers are great and the campuses are small so the class rooms are not over capacitated.


The best thing about my school is that its closer to home and a lot cheaper than going to a university. Also, the campus is much smaller and easier to manuver around.


The amount of classes offered and how fleixible the schedules can be. This is great because you can take every class you need at the time that best suits you without having to worry about leaving any class for the next semester.


The best thing about Miami Dade College is the lack of pressure from professors as opposed to those in a university. Attending this college allows its students to explore different cultures and get involved every Wednesday on campus, where music and free food is provided. The labs and free services, such as the Writing Lab and Business Lab which allows students to print for free, and the gym and pool which are also provided for free, aloow students to take advantage of these opportunities and gain knowlegde and excitement from them.


the best thing about my school is that the professors are really nice and they are there to help you out. also, when ever you have a break from class and need to study you have the coffee house or the library.


The best thing about my school is that if you have any questions or concersn about what you want to study or which career path you choose, there is always someone there to answer your question and guide you in the right direction.


The best thing about my school is that it's cheaper then you would think.


When considering colleges to attend as a high school senior I chose Miami Dade College because the classes are much smaller than most universities, which in turn allowed me a more personal relationship with my professors. My classes have about 20 to 30 students in them compared to other universities which at times can have hundreds to one class. I am not a student that can concentrate under those circumstances; hence this is the perfect environment for me to learn in.


The best thing about my school is that the professors here really do the best they can in helping you.


The best thing about my school is the amount of classmates in the classroom. In universities, there are over 100+ students, all clobbered up against each other trying to take notes, whereas in my college, there are about 30 to 40 people per class and they all get the help they need from the professor right away.


It is very accessible if you travel by car or bus. Also, you can take several class at that particular campus without travelling to the main one. It is a medium sized college so you can interact with the professors in the classroom with feeling that the class is too large.


The best thing about my school is that it gives everyone the opportunity to go to school to get an education. They don't discriminate against anyone who applys the school. It has a lot of diversity here people from all over the world attend this college.


I consider the fact that my school is a cultural pool to be the best thing about it. I love the fact that I can walk through the halls and meet people from different cultures as I make my way to my next class. Miami-Dade College is definitely the school of my choice; I love it there!


The best thing about this school is its heavy support of the arts. There are so many courses to work with, so many projects to contribute to, and a considerate faculty that is willing to help you on your way to the next step in finding an art career. The art professors here are no joke; they are very firm teachers and they will work you to the bone, but the results become evident very quickly.


Miami Dade College has one thing that I have always admired and looked up to. Class sizes vary from 25-40 (tops) students. This allows the professor to have a more personal relationship with each student and dedicate more study time to each. Sometimes state universities have classes of up to 200 students and these professors dont even know who is in the class, they never even learn your names. How much attention could each student get if this is the case? Miami Dade College has small classes and it is definitely beneficial to both the professor and the student.


I consider the best thing about my school is that it is helpful open-minded and you have people their to help you. But most students complain saying "Oh this school is not how it use to be it suck now" so in response we say " well it is not how it used to be rules are changed and it is not our fault that the rules change of you have any questions go to the dean of offices for assists. Unfortunately , my school is the best but other people doesn't think so, but I recommend students to apply.


The best thing about my school is that the teachers are so accessible. There are so many resources to receive help if you need it.


The cultural diversity. Intorduces it's students to a vast number of cultures which are practiced throughout the greater Miami area.


At they end of the semester I am able to finish knowing that I learned something.


Most of the teachers there are great! They are always prepared, they are always available in times of need.


The best thing about Miami Dade College (MDC) are the fact that the professors actually seem to want the students to pass and the flexibility that I am allowed to have in my schedule. The professors at MDC don't make the course work any easier or difficult than it would be at any other college or university, however they do encourage students to learn in ways that suit them.


It truly is an amazing college with professors that can change your life. Long-lasting friendships are made and you disover yourself and what you want to do for the rest of your life. There are so many opportunities and clubs to help you along the way that you won't regret attending.


The best thing about my school is the opportunity it gives for its students to obtain an education at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of education in the process.


All Professors are well prepared and challeging, which makes it a great educational experience. The fact that it's the least expensive school on Miami helps out alot!