Michigan State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The thing I brag about the most is food. The food here is amazing.


When I talk about MSU, I really emphasize the strong community we have as a student body whether it be in athletics or in the classroom.


The size of the campus and the sheer amount of opportunities available. The sports teams and the beautiful campus! The good dorm food and the small classes in my program. The diversity of my teachers.


There is a certain benefit to go to a big ten school. I am able to play a sport I love while rooting for fellow sport teams that are in the public's eye because of our talent.


What I brag about the most are the experiences I've had. Being in the marching band I've traveled to South Bend, Ann Arbor, Indianapolis, Mount Pleasant, Tampa, Washington D.C, and Tempe. I've had unbelievable experiences with the marching band that i'll never forget. I've made lifelong friends and had great times with them.


That it is an amazing campus, filled with life, both organic- and population-wise, splendor. Its beauty, no matter how big it may be, makes up for its mammoth size.


It is awesome, and you can meet a lot of friends, and study a lot. Be a Spartan!


The sophisticated technology that MSU has. They really cater to the students in order to give them the best possible experience academically and socially.


What I brag about the most is all of the people who have changed society that have graduated from Michigan State University. For instance two women who graduated have developed the leading cancer fighting drug which is very important to me.


The incredible opportunities offered through MSU's unparalleled Study Abroad programs. Students can participate in study abroad programs on all 7 continents, and can have an incredible cultural experience by studying in places such as China, Brazil, Morocco, or Senegal, to name but a few.


That I'm at Michigan State period. It's a big school, it's not near home, it's moderately prestigious, we have good sports teams (usually). I talk about the awesome community I've found on campus. I talk about my involvment in groups and the sweet opportunities I get from that. I brag about the size and how well I know my way around. I brag about the green and white.


The people that are here. Michigan State has a great study abroad program and because of this people from all over the world attend this university and bring diversity to the school.


When it comes to bragging about Michigan State University it is not much that people do not already know. Michiagn State has amazing standings when it comes to academics as well as sports, are football team had an amazing season. Michigan State not only has outstanding academics but it also has numerous resources on campus to ensure the success of it's students.


I brag most about the great people I've met there; school spirit, the football team beating Michigan... again, and Sparty; and all the opportunities in and out of the classroom, like getting to be involved with research as a freshman; and of course my fantastic social life and good grades.


I usually brag about the amount of things that are going on during the weekends, like parties, football games, etc. In general though, I do not brag about going to my school.


Yes, there might be a ton of students at Michigan State, but you would never believe the power they have. At football games, when the studnet section is packed, you feel very powerful. The spirit of the school isn't just at sporting events, but seen everywhere on campus. Our powerful spirit brings us together. It's truly unreal!


The campus because it is amazingly beautiful. Anyone who visits won't be able to disagree.


I love MSU's school unity! From academics to sports to meeting new people to volunteering, Michigan State University has an environment where students are willing to reach out to others and to form new life experiences that help to shape them into the adult they will become. It might be a huge university but from the first day I set foot on campus, the welcoming atmosphere just blew me away and I was there to stay!


I tell them how big and beautiful the campus is and that the atmosphere of people here is amazing. Also I brag that we have programs for just about everything and that for being a larger school professors make themselves available to answer questions and there is always ways to receive the help you need to pass a class.


How nice the campus is. Michigan State has done an amazing job of keeping this campus clean and beautiful. I love walking through it on a nice sunny day, it makes the tough classes and long hours worth it.


I love the fact the Michigan State University offers so many different opportunities to meet new people. The extremely large campus allows for many idfferent extra curricular activites for anyone to get involved. I personally love sports and MSU has some of the best Big Ten sport teams around. I absolutely love going to as many sporting events as possible and Michigan State fans have amazing pride for their school. Another reason I love MSU is because of the amazing Elementary Education program that is offered here. It's one of the best in the country!


What's not to brag about? I love this school. The scenery is beautiful from the old architecture of the buildings, to the leaves on the banks of the Red Cedar in the fall. The variety of people here is amazing. It is impossible to not fit in somewhere on campus. We have hundreds of clubs for almost every interest you can imagine. Every aspect of Michigan State is welcoming.


MSU is a place where everyone wants to meet new people and have a good time. I've made more friends here in such a short amount of time than I could've imagined. The school spirit is indescribable; it's something you sort of just have to feel and be a part of. The campus is beautiful, especially the Red Cedar River. It's more so an issue of what not to brag about.


I brag about everything about Michigan State. The amount of social clubs and activities we have does not compare to most universities, there is always something to do and regardless of interests there is a club. If there is not a club someone wants to join, creating one is not difficult. The clubs offer amazing networking opportunities and chances to make friends. The clubs also offer events every weekend so the nightlife is always exciting. Other than that, our professors wrote many of the books we use and the resources available to us are endless.


I brag most about the night life and being able to socialize as well as the professors that try to treat you like a student in their class and want you to learn rather than another number that they have to relay information to.


Everyone is super-friendly and considerate, always holding doors for one another, helping one another, etc. There is tons of school spirit, and all of the students by-and-large are very happy. There is always stuff to do, always things going on, and it's been a really great environment.


Michigan State Univerisity is not only a "Big Ten" school, but is also widely known for its unlimited opportunities. It has a large population of international students and offers numerous study abroad programs. Michigan State also offers limitless incredible programs that can be applied to almost any desired profession. Not only have the university's credentials increased, but the popularity of it has as well. I have several bright friends who were denied admission to Michigan State last year. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be admitted. I am proud to brag to my envious friends about my fantastic university.


Michigan State University is a great school with a lot of friendly students. The administrative staff is always right behind you to help and support you, encouraging you along the way. Besides school, all of the athletic events are really fun to go to...football, basketball, hockey, and so much more. There are so many activities, clubs, and organizations that there is a spot for everyone to fit in and make friends that will last a lifetime. The big, beautiful campus makes you feel like your right at home. I love MSU!!!


I brag about the free gym in my dorm building. i also brag about the great food, the free im gyms, and the close classes in my own dorm building


I really don't brag about anything.


The beauty of the campus and the quality of the Japanese program.


I love how diverse the campus was, how many activities were available to the students outside of academics, and the entire atmosphere of the campus and the surrounding city of East Lansing. There was always something going on and always a place to study. I wouldn't have traded it for the world.


I brag about how my school's football team usually dominates their division. Sometimes I brag about how close to everything my school is. There are a lot of venues located on and around the campus.


Our basketball team and how most of our majors has its own college within the university


I brag that our school spirit is amazing, every one always want to come to visit, and East Lansing is where it's at.


The fantastic social atmosphere. Though I have few complaints where academics are concerned, what's always impressed me most is that there's always something to do here, and great, friendly people with whom to hang out. There are countless activities available; many of them do involve alcohol, but people here tend to look out for each other and make sure no one's drinking to excess. I expect to remain close with my friends here for many years after graduation.


My school's landscape architecture program is really fun.


I would say that I brag about Michigan State the most when talking about either the sports or the beautiful campus. I have seen other campus's and Michigan State's buildings are all so old and ellegant its like walking through a park when going to class, its amazing.


Amount of scholarships I have recieved. about $60,000


The diverse group of friends I've had since freshmen year. Everyone has the chance to be a part of numerous on campus organizations suiting their needs. I also got the chance to become an RA my sophomore year and it has been the best experience of my life. Campus is always alive and exciting and never is anyone bored. Living on campus is great and I love being a Spartan!!


I definitely brag about how easy it is to make new friends here. I came to MSU from North Carolina, and I knew absolutely no one. In less than 9 months, I developed better friendships than I had in high school that I hope to keep for life. MSU is a very friendly campus.


Freedom to experience different opportunities in life, the strong school spirit, the diversity of the student body, many opportunites to join diverse groups, available activities off campus, availability of stores and banks, there are so many things to do, the campus is large enough where it never gets boring


The amount of activities to do on the weekends.


That I work with the Michigan State Mens Basketball team and that its a life changing experience because I want to coach and teach at the high school level


Michigan State University has one of the top schools for special education in the country. The class sizes are small; most of mine are about twenty students each. It seems like a big school, but once you join activities, such as a sorority, it really seems to get much smaller. I love the gorgeous campus and I have had a lot of great teachers.


The people on campus and off are usually friendly. When I've visited other schools, especially rivals, the students aren't as open and friendly to talk or become friends. I can feel comfortable walking to class that just about everyone around me will respond in a friendly, helpful way if necessary.


The great friendships I'm making and all of the people I am meeting.


I tell them that we know how to have fun better than they do. We work hard, but we also play hard.


MSU is a Big Ten school with a lot of pride, but still remains very down to earth. No one is pompous.


I brag most about our sports teams and how we always have something to do at our school. I brag about something to do because a lot of kids i went to high school with still are returning home every weekend because they are bored or never have anything to do.

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