Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


All nice and welling to help


The students I go to the school with are silly, for the most part, but sometimes seem to be a bit too proud to fail a class.


Clueless on what they want out of life.


There is a wide variety of students at the school. So i would say good, because it provides anyone with the chance to fit in.


The student at school are nice and respectful


There is a variety of emotions, ages, and personalities throught my classmates, helping me understand more about the world set before me.


My classmates usually stick together, however there are clicks made.


My classmates are very different no matter what class I am in.


My classmates tend to be like minded people that want to better themselve for their furtue or present children and themselves.


This is my first year at this school, havn't had interaction with them yet


Most of them are nice but are very cliqueish.


My classmates tend to be friendly.


Excited to move into our careers and get out of college.


MTSU has a very diverse campus. People come here from all over the nation, as well as other countries. Some programs, such as the Aerospace program, are offered at very few schools and MTSU brings in students from all over for these programs. It is a very open and friendly campus where all types of students interact.


Students at TSU come from nearly every niche on Earth. We are an international beacon of academic opportunity. All ethnic groups are welcome and embraced. A student that is limited in their scope of service would not fit in here - meaning that if you are limited to serving only one demographic, you may be too narrow minded to succeed at or school. Students at TSU must relate well to any member of the global society. TSU serves the very rich to the very poor and all statuses in between and we are rewarded for our service monetarily and through priceless experiences.


Our school is very diverse. I see people with clothes wrapped around their head, I heard foreign accents, and I also get hand a flyer everyday about a new group on campus. I will see students riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards.


My classmates here remind me of my high school. We are diverse and are willing to work together in class and outside of the classroom.


We have over 25,000 students at MTSU from every race, religion, and background there is. There is no way to group them all into a single category. No one should feel out of place. Most of my classes include cultural diversity in the curriculum in some form or another. Students are encouraged to respect the views of those around them and are respected in return. There are very few, if any, prejudices against any one group of people.


The student body is pretty diverse here. There are people from all walks of life. Most people are respectful of other people's beliefs or ethnicity, but like with any other place you go, there will always be those few rotten apples. There are many ways that this school promotes and celebrates ethnic diversity. Also, there is a large LGBT population at this school, and they feel safe in this environment. You will only feel out of place at this school if you don't try and make friends. Different groups of people interact with each other, it's not cliquey like high school. There is also a large range of financial backgrounds. There are also adult students. There are lots of opportunities to meet people who share your interests. There are different clubs and organizations available for students.


Most are standard college age, some non-traditional; a diverse group, and largely there because they want to be and engaged.


There are many races, cultures, orientations, and religions represented on the MTSU campus as well as a large disabled student population. We have a large international student population, too. While most students stay within their own demographic group, the diverse population makes MTSU that much better. Interacting with and learning from such diverse students is great and really rounds out one's college experience!


There are many races, cultures, orientations, and religions represented on the MTSU campus as well as a large disabled student population. We have a large international student population, too. While most students stay within their own demographic group, the diverse population makes MTSU that much better. Interacting with and learning from such diverse students is great and really rounds out one's college experience!


There are 25,000 students here... More each year. Yes we have just about every economic, racial, geographical group represented. Fashion, political opinions, athleticism, financial backgrounds all vary on a wide range.


My classmates are variety in bunch, so a little of everything is the best way to explain.


Each classmate is diverse with different backgrounds, and shows the same amount of interest in education while welling to help each other in or outside the classroom.


i think my classmates are mature, fun loving people.


close minded, not willing to help when someone needs it.


My classmates are generally pretty upbeat, serious about being in the music business program.


My classmates have a good sence of humor.


My classmates are usually eager to explore, ask questions, and learn.


Your classmates are people just like you who want to graduate from college with the best grades possible so never be afraid to ask for a hand, or to reach one out to someone who may need it.


Most of my classmates are friendly , and curteous.


My classmates are veryy attentive to the instructor and helpful to their peers.


My classmates are all very different. We all come from very different backgrounds and are all unique. Whatever type of person you are, whether you're a preppy, scene kid, or a musican, you are bound to find a group of people you fit in with. Before college I wasn't use to seeing such a variety of people. In my highschool everyone looked the same, probably because we had to wear uniforms, but here in college every corner you turn you see someone expressing their personality and uniqueness just by the way they dress.


The classmates at Mtsu are awesome. They are so real, and completely down to earth for the most part. A lot of them are artistically inclined, which is pretty great to be around. This means that there are many on-campus performances that are definitely worth your while!


Most of my classmates are very reserved. There are very few of them who act immature. The majority of my classmates appear to be very serious about their education.


My classmates are just like me, all trying to graduate and helping each other succeed.


Unique, diversified, and intelligent individuals.


Everyone here is so friendly.


My classmates are the friendliest of people, although sometimes a bit inconsiderate of their language choices in a proffesional enviroment, they excel at making one feel at home in the pace they are in.


My classmates are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, interesting and diverse, there is never a dull moment.


My classmates are very helpful and think outside the box.


Students mostly are either rich white kids with no intelligence, or black gang members from Memphis who are only here because they get financial aid checks. Anyone who thinks for themself should not go here. The political science department is generally far right; even sociology tends to be center right here in orientation. Students mostly stay in their own little cliques here. There is very little interaction outside of ones own socioeconomic/racial group here. People here dont like outsiders much.


I have yet to really meet any of my classmates


My classmates aren't anything out of the ordinary. Like many groups of strangers, no one really talks to one another. Its fairly rare that a student will make a friend in class. People are more likely to meet new people outside of class.


Classes that corrilate to my major have the same bunch of people in them, and we have all become friends and go on camping trips and weekend trips together.


I'm a senior in a pre-med science program so most of my classmates are very focused on science and getting good grades to make them competitive med school applicants.


Most of my classmates are unfamiliar but very friendly.


My classmates and I have a burning desire to learn.


My classmates are many different ages, ethnicities, and colors making for a diverse education experience.