Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The dorms are horrible.


I havent found anything that I consider to be the worst part of MTSU


The worst thing that some of the roads do not have street name. I think if all of the streets had names. Then incoming transfer and freshman students willl have no problem finding a particular building.


To me, it is rather expensive, but I came from a Community college so I should have expected that. You'll want to strive to get good grades so you'll get plenty of scholarships and grants.


The parking situation. There are more lots and garages being constructed, but for now it is terrible.


The worst thing would be the wifi connection in the dorms, but the problem is being resolved.


The worst thing about this school is the large class sizes and lack of Professors in the Recording Industry Department. It makes it hard to get extra help or ask specific questions.


It is dangerous. Administration at the school is too afraid to offend someone by punishing them. Parking is terrible. You often have to park miles away from your classes, and the buses and shuttles are unreliable.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the parking and the cost. I believe that the classes are too expensive and this is causing an extensive student debt upon graduation and the parking issue is unberable.


It is in the center of a very busy city so in order to get to it from edge to center which should take only about 8 minutes to cross it takes 20 minutes. Also parking is terrible.


The science departments have somewhat outdated equipment. The school seems to be focused on more practical programs and career training, so the fundamental sciences, like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, are left a bit behind. It's not archaic, but it could be better. Aramark is a pig company, too. The dining here is exploitation.


The worst thing about MTSU is the financial aid policies. There are a lot of gaps in the rules and requirements which unfortunately leave a majority of student like myself, unable to even pay their tuition; much less books, room and board, and other related expenses.


The cigerette smoking because there is lot of it going on campus


The school did not publicize the scholarships they were offering. I had to search and try to find scholarships to help with my tuition and fees.


The worst part about MTSU is getting to know new people. Because you never know how people are or how they act behind closed doors.


There is nothing bad at the school, I enjoy it there, maybe lack of jobs.


How things close so early in campus. I wish the library and other places inside camus open longer for students to study


Lack of student activites. There are a lot of sports clubs and frats, butnot a lot of side groups. Such as music, games, art....


PArking is bad because its such a big commuter school.


Parking. Absolutely the worst thing about this campus is parking! There are pleanty of spaces, but they are all reserved for people with white parking passes not green passes which is what everyone has.


Not making all freshman stay in dorms. It helps with meeting people.


The parking is terrible (although they are trying to alleviate those challenges). Also, the campus is aging and man of the facilites reflect that (although they are slowly addressing that as well).


The worst thing I consider about my school is the crimes that are committed on or near campus that deal with rape, sexual assult, and anything else that makes our school look negative and that people won't apply. It makes us look like we are a bad school where people who think about applying might be scared to because they feel like they might get raped or something far worse and I don't want that to turn applicants away from a amazing school with fun and interesting people.


The worst thing about my school is the cafeteria food. It's horrible and very fattening! There should definitely be more healthier choices. Francis Marion University is a great school and there is really nothing too bad about it. The only thing that really weighs on me is the food. Sometimes I don't even want to walk in the front door of the cafeteria but I have to or I'll starve!


More than likely the way that everyone is segregated in our lunch rooms, we have blacks that sit on one side and whites that side on white side. There is no "racism" happening, but it is just seperated from some apparent reason, and needs to change.


The worst thing is the LARGE classes! It makes it impossible to spend one-on-one time with professors. Also, the professors don't bother getting to know their students, and therefore you become just another face in the crowd. This is not helpful when you're hoping to make connections and build a reference base.


The classes are way too big. I think if we had smaller classes students could learn more from that course.


My school in general is the best college, but the worst thing about my school is the parking space. We all have different color parking passes and we are descinated a specific parking space around the campus. It is really difficult for me to get a parking space that I want in the mornings, and I have to park somewhere further than my classes. If you park somewhere were you are not descinated you will be charged a fee of $10 or up. I find this be the worst scenario at my school.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the fact that it is a public university and over 25,000 students attend. Public universities are much more affordable than private universties but you have to compete with so many other students. This makes it very hard to get into many programs offered at the school because you are under so much competition. Also, the large population of students makes it diffullt to get the attention you need from professors and other faculty members.




You're on your way to class and you're running late, but wait, you can't find a place to park! That is the absolute worst part of MTSU. Students have to get to campus early and circle the campus numerous times before they can finally fight for a parking spot when someone is leaving. There are so many students currently enrolled that there isn't enough parking for everyone. When you are in college, students have enough to worry about without the constant stress of making it to class before the professor locks you out of the classtoom.


MTSU is a great place to come and get a degree. It's not great if you want to go to the top of your field in anything but the "off-the-radar" fields mentioned above. I came to MTSU for Recording Industry, but changed to Broadcast Journalism and now will be transferring to Syracuse because I don't feel like I am surrounded by elite students. MTSU is also a major commuter school, leaving the campus dead on the weekends and meaning school spirit and support for athletics is brutal among the students.


The worst thing about Middle Tennessee State University is its numbers. Focusing becomes difficult in a lecture-based class of three hundred. Scheduling odd class times or choosing less popular classes helps this issue. However, in required, general-education classes, sometimes that is not an option.


The distance that off campus students' have to walk in order to get to class. On one occasion, I had to walk 2.7 miles to get to class during the rain.


The worst part of MTSU would have to be its location. The streets and buildings are nice and the campus is nice, however, it seems impossible to go a whole week without rain. The constant rain sucks for whenever you have to walk to your classes and the bottom of your jeans are soaking by the time you get there.


The worst thing about MTSU is the amount of slackers and drug/alcohol abuse.


The worst thing about my school is the limited parking close to buildings on campus. This makes it difficult to find a place to park before class.


Parking, its the only complaint I have. Even though parking areas have been added it still takes 20-30 minutes to park. The parking areas are color coded most students have a green parking tag. It seems as if there are lots of white parking tag areas and empty spaces in these areas when the green ones are constantly full and students have to drive around so long to find a space. Maybe some of the white areas should be changed to green??


I would have to say that the worst aspect of Middle Tennessee State University would have to be the scholarship program. The only way a student can really get any opportunity to recieve a scholarship or financial aid is to be an incoming freshman. If one is not an incoming freshman, than any hope of recieving aid through the school is no longer relevant.


I think the worst thing about MTSU is parking. A majority of the 23,000 students are commuters. There are several parking lots on campus, but they fill up extremely fast and once you find a spot you have to walk about half a mile to get to class. There is on campus police officers that ticket throughout the day, even on visitors vehicles. Even professors have a hard time finding parking spots, many get ticketed as well. More parking definitely needs to be added to this large fast growing commuter school.


The only thing I could say is the worst part of MTSU is the living space I endure as a freshmen.


I really love my school but the least thing I would say is our parking. Sometimes you may have to park far away but we have three bus routes that drop students off close to different buildings on campus. There is over 24,000 students at my school so our parking can get hectic. It usually calms down once the semester is in full swing.


there are so many students attenting the university that it is hard to provide houseing and transportation.


Parking is unbelievably complicated.


Help from the finacial aide office is the thing i hate most at this school. If you call they are rarely friendly and they do not really help you out. If I need to take care of something that has anything to do with finacial aide i start take care of it months in advance. it takes weeks for them to call you back if ever do and when you visit the office they just give you links from the schools website that are suppose to help you.


Safety and Parking availability is a growing problem


Being that MTSU has a very large student body, and greek life is very active on campus, it can be rather easy to get caught up with the wrong crowd and lose focus on academics. However, if you recognize that college is for education and not for partying, it shouldn't be an issue.


The only thing I consider to be bad at my school is the parking. This is because ther is so many students attending Middle Tennessee State University. Also since everyone has a parking pass of a certain color and in certain parking lots only certain colors can park there. However, not to worry if adequate time is left to find a parking place one can be found. Many students leave after every class period and if early morning classes are taken parking is a breeze. Also, they are proposing a parking garage with 24 hour surveillance.


The class sizes for some to the general ed courses.


Parking and cost of tickets. I feel we already pay 350.00 to park on campus we should not be fined for parking out of our assigned space.