Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I would say that anyone could attend this school. However, I will say if a person/student is not motivated to do their best, then MTSU is not right for them. The purpose of going to any school is to succeed but at MTSU, they will try to help you any way possible.


A person that shouldn't attend this school is one that intends to party all the time. This school isn't the toughest in the country I am sure, but it still takes studying and perseverence to graduate. A student that is looking for a very religious school should probably look elsewhere. This is not to say that MTSU is anti-religion, but that the school is more liberal minded.


i think this school is for everyone there isnt anyone who cant find a place to fit in.


The type of person that should not attend this school is a person that is not ready to work hard and stay focused.


People who are not here to have fun and enjoy learning.


This school is really open to all people, but if you don't like big campuses, then I'd recommend a smaller school. Also if you like being in a big city, then you might consider another school because Murfreesboro is a small town.


One who is not dedicated to school. Of course, someone who isn't dedicated to school should not go to school because without the dedication, the money spent will be a waste of time. In order to succeed, students need to be dedicated, motivated, and prepared to work their butts off. School isn't meant to be easy.


If you don't like big schools, this isn't the place for you. Outgoing people would love being here because there are so many students. On the other side to that, you could get caught up in a social life and slack on academics. Time management is key, and I think a person that has a hard time keeping a schedule may find going to MTSU difficult.


A person that is completely serious about school. Unless you want a super easy education!


I do not think someone that is motivated and is serious about their education should attend Middle Tennessee State. I personally love this school and take my education very seriously. People that are unwilling to learn and does not do the work to succeed should not pay (or most times parents pay for the childs tuition) to just flunk out because your focus is more on the social partying life rather then caring about your academics. Of course social life is important but finding the balance is what this Univerity should obtain.


I feel that there isn't a certain kind of person that should or shouldn't attned this school. It is a very devirse school full of all kinds of diffrent people. It's a place to learn and obtain knowledge to the best of your ability regaurdless of who you are or where you are from. School is about learning so that a person can go on to do great things with their life.


Someone straight from the city. The environment is way more laid-back and friendly around Murfreesboro. People you don't know come up to you and talk, just for the sake of talking. City people are much more fast-paced, so unless a city person wants to slow things down, or have a change, I would not suggest any city people to attend this school.


Someone who will flounder if they don't have someone watching over their shoulder all the time.


Close minded people, someone not ready to learn.