Middle Tennessee State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about MTSU was the school psychology program I completed. The director was supportive, but also challenged us to be better than we thought we could be. He also pursued accreditation for the program, to make it more attractive to more participants. The psychology professors who taught us were excellent teachers.


I love that there are a variety of clubs and activites to be involved in , while at the same time getting a college education. Another thing is how my student id allows me to get into allthe sporting and fine arts events for free.


There are really great learning experiences, great places to study, big enough of campus, friendly, and everything is close by and at your service.


The course and major facilities, and learning environtment.


No one judges you based on what you do or how you act. In high school, if you watched the wrong shows or wore "out-of-date" outfits, you were booted off behind the dumpsters. Here, there is a wide multitude of characters and no one really notices if you're a little different because everyone is different. You can be who you want to be. You can be yourself.


The best thing about Middle Tennessee State University is the diversity amongst its students, faculty and staff and the bond that everyone shares despite their individual backgrounds. Being a gay individual, I have first handedly experienced what it is like to be treated differently, but, at MTSU I am treated like a human being, not an orientation. At Middle Tennessee State University we act as one. No one sees race, religion, or sexual orientation. We see each other as respectable human beings who are here for one purpose -- to better ourselves, so that we can better the world.


I consider the tutoring process the best thing about MTSU. There are more than enough helping hands that are lended to help the students at this university succeed.


The best thing about MTSU is the food selection. There are plenty of places to eat around campus. They all around so there is always somewhere to go when you are hungry.


The small town feel. It feels homey and everyone kinda knows each other in some way.


I'm not discriminated against because of my age. There are many older students at this school.


I enjoy its unique location in relation to my hometown. I grew up an hour north of campus, and I find it to be far enough away where I can escape the familiarity of my small-town environment, however, close enough to go back to the family and friends I love. As for the actual campus, I've particularly enjoyed the professors. I can't say I've had a bad experience with them thus far.


The best thing about my school are the resources that are available to students. The library is open until 2:00am and there is a computer lab that stay open 27/7. Also, there are a lot of alumni students that help in the departments they graduated in, such as english majors. They come back and help students with papers, or biology majors will help tutor students who need extra help. Overall, the campus is full of resources for students who need help, or just want to stay ahead of their studies.


I feel that the city is a place that after college you are able to find employment and you are abel to stay in the area to live if you want to because it still has the small town feel in areas outside of the college and city feel in the areas near the college. It offers many opportunities to work in nearby Nashville and still not live in a big city. The school prepares you for your career and it was just the right size to get individual help when needed.


The Best thing about Middle Tennessee State University, from my perpestive, would be the teachers. The teachers are there for the students and treat you as one of there own.


Everyone is very friendly and helpful to each other, at least in the Aerospace department.


The diversity of the students and how willing the professors are willing to help you. The professors are always avaviable during their office hours and will help students out with any problems and will listen to them and give them eduacted advice. The diversity of the students is unique becuase I get to meet numerous new people with different backgrounds and beliefs than I do and it is interesting to hear new ideas.


The professors are the best thing about MTSU. Most of my professors are very talented and knowledgeable. They have, for the most part, always been understanding and accessible.


I believe the friendly diverse environment is best aptitudes of Middle Tennessee State University. I am a transfer student and in my thirties. Therefore, I was a nervous about returning to school and feeling awkward. The friendly diverse environment made me feel comfortable and that I belong there.


well, i chose mtsu because its a good school to go to, and she does not accept low GPA's which makes it a good school to go to.


I think the best thing about my school are the resources, help, and activity that the campus offers.


The best thing about MTSU is probably the people and the feeling that you get from being there. It's such a large campus, but at the same time it feels like a small, comfortable community where you can be yourself and feel right at home.


The best thing about UNC is that it is the perfect size. It does not have the huge student population that you encounter at the really big state universities but it also is not very small like some private universities. It is the perfect size. The classes are not too big and for that reason it is very easy to get to know your professors on a personal level, which I think is important for academic success and later carreer success.


The best thing about my school definitely has to be the diverse group of people on campus. With 24000 students, our campus has a large spectrum of characters. I have met alot of people that I do not neccesarily have a lot in common with are my friends for the long hall. I'm very lucky to also be in an amazing Chemistry department.


The professors seem to love what the do. They make coming to classes enjoyable.


The best thing about Francis Marion University is the professors and and the beautiful campus. The professors always care and work hard to teach all the students the required information. They are very helpful and go the extra mile to help students in need. Another wonderful thing about Francis Marion University is the beautiful campus. It's filled with trees and flowers every where! It's absolutley gorgeous! Even if you're having a bad day, just one walk outside will swipe a smile across anyone's face.


The education and the 1 on 1 training hands on and it's nursing labortary is great.


the best thing about my school are the disability student service , the teachers, fautly and the repetation of my school special on my field (the accounting Dep) .for been disable student at the MTSU ,I think it is great service to the disable student which it give the student the chance to learn base on their ability.I do like my teacher which help me learn a lot. I feel welcome to ask question anytime which make a difference to me,and all the time I get respond from them to my questions. the faulty people so friendly and helpfull


The best thing about my school is that every teacher is so open to help me. Going into college, I thought that teachers would care less about the individual, everyday student. But each one stretches out a helping hand and goes to great lengths to offer encouragement, advice, and academic assistance.


The faculty was the best part of this college.


I like the ease of everything. Teachers are very friendly and i like all the ammenities provided like the Raider Xpress and escorts for late at night.


mtsu is the best school in the state of Tennessee. It really lives up to the slogan of diverstiy. Besides living up to its slogan, MT is an affordable college with an impecable academic standard. There are countless activites, groups and athletics to join. All these things make our university unique and applaudable. To me, these are the greatest things about my university.


THe best thing about MTSU is the array of opportunites. There are hundreds of clubs and activities to join and the staff are more than willing to point you in the right direction.


The professors that are eager to help you learn make this campus shine. Most of the professors are willing to talk to you one-on-one to help ensure you understand their point and are always nice about it.


In my opinion, the best thing about MTSU is the diversity. I love the fact that I can be myself at this school. I don't feel the need to try to "fit in" to a certain sterotype. At this university, everyone can be their own person and not be degraded because of it. I am involved quite a bit on campus, and I love meeting and working with all types of people that also have the same interests and passions that I have for my life. I know it will help me move forward in my future.


There are various programs available


It is a larger university that allows students to find something they are interested in, while at the same time being small enough that students don't feel out of place. There is something for everyone and the professors and counselors truely care about the students.


At MTSU the professors are truly interested in learning experience of the students; they will stay after class to clear up any misunderstandings, they respond promptly to emails about projects or homework, and overall make the learning environment more exciting.


The wide range of subjects to study is the best thing about MTSU. MTSU offers a large range of majors and minors to choose from which gives it the ability to be compatible with almost any study desire. MTSU also specializes in several subjects such as Mass Communication, Aerospace, and Nursing to be able to suit the tastes of those looking for intensive study. There are also a huge range of more general majors such as English and History which are more than suitable. It would be very hard to be dissatisfied with courses selection here.


The best thing about MTSU is that there are multiple computers labs that provide a work station to any student who needs one. Some labs are even open twenty-four seven. Another great thing about the computers labs is that all of your printing is free, which can help students save money on paper and ink.


When you walk through campus and go to your courses, you know each step that you take,is another step towards accomplishing your dreams. Because when you take it one day at time, before you know it your going to be walking down aisle to receive your diploma. At that very moment you know that all your efforts actually paid off.


I love how MTSU seems like a close-knit community. The buildings are all within the same vicinity. Unlike some college campuses, where buildings are spread out all over the city, MTSU is located near downtown Murfreesboro, enclosed in it's own area. We're close to Nashville, we well as the local restaurants and mall in Murfreesboro. However, because all the buildings and dormitories are located close to each other, you see people you know every day while walking from class to class!


Despite that it appears to be a large school, the professors provide individualized attention to each student. They are available as needed and go above and beyond to assist their students. It is wonderful to have professors that really care about your success and advancement.


The fact that it offers a massive amount of education.


My school is a diverse community with a lot going on. There are numerouse places to go to eat or study or just grab a coffee.


It is very education-based. Education is the primary focus and they put a lot of emphasis on it while helping as much as possible to ensure a successful graduation and career afterwards.


The best thing about Middle Tennesee State University is the creative teachers and the warm, open, and welcoming demeanor of the college body,


The professors are the best part because they are very understanding and helpful. They always try to help the students with problems even if the probelm is not educational. The profeesors are also very easy to talk to and get along with.


It's not a huge school. It has about 28k students, unlike others that have 80k. The school is just amazing. Nationally, it's one of the top schools you can go to if you plan on majoring in Recording Industry or other Mass Comm studies.


i like that it is huge and the people are very friendly on campus


The best thing about MTSU is the mix of backgrounds of the students. I have met so many people from all over and some that live in the next town from where I grew up and were from "rival" high schools and now we are good friends. The new dorm buildings have a lounge on each floor where we hang out and do homework, work on our laptops and just talk about school. I love attending MTSU and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great start to their careers.