Milwaukee Area Technical College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


In my opinion, Milwaukee Area Technical College is not too large and not too small. It is just right that we like to attend this college for an associate degree. This college is for students who are struggling, who is a parent or single parent, for someone who may need help with government assistance. This college is great for us who are looking for employment; MATC has job fairs like every 2-3 times a month. MATC also help students that wants to further their education, MATC partners up with the 4 year colleges so once our done we will have no problem registering for the college you will be like pre-enrolled, they also have college fairs, healthcare fairs, blood drives etc. MATC have so much to offer for the students that attend the college. And they show us so much respect and love. I am enjoying being there because I learn how to deal with different cultures and religions. The professors really do try to help those who really do want help and not just trying to get a check. MATC is college that treats us like an adult and not a child. They understand that in the real world we have to deal with mature responsible people, in the world they expect us to be responsible and mature. It also includes exercising our rights and acting in a responsible manner goes together. Some of the College's rules and regulations are simply restatements of existing laws, such as laws against possession, use, or sale of controlled substances (illegal drugs). It is the responsibility of all MATC students to comply with the policies as stated in the Student Code of Conduct and obey all public laws. This compliance assures all students the opportunity of having the best possible educational experience. MATC students have the right to be informed by the College through individual departments and/or divisions of policies and procedures concerning student conduct (Student Code of Conduct), course requirements (class syllabus), and ethics and professional conduct (as outlined in the division/department handbook and/or class syllabus). This information is published and/or electronically posted. MATC students have the right to be evaluated fairly on the basis of their performance as required by the instructor as part of the course. These policies may also include published or posted standards of conduct for recreational, lab, and learning areas, including clinical facilities. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of such published policies and procedures and to seek clarification, if needed, from the Office of Student Life and/or the appropriate academic department.