Milwaukee Area Technical College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students that want and know that MATC offers a number of associate degrees. It is a community school that offers weekend, evening and day classes at its downtown campus. Milwaukee Area Technical College maintains a faculty/student ratio (full-time) which is better than most colleges. The full-time faculty at the school is well-paid, which often goes with faculty quality. So if a person is mot interested in what they have to offer they shouldn't attend Milwaukee Area Technical College.


Well, I guess if you want to go to a bigger college then this is not the college for you. MATC is divided into 4 campuses: oak creek camopus, downtown campus, mequon campus, and west allis campus which makes it easier to learn due to the fact that every class has about 25-30 students compared to 50+ students in one class in bigger colleges.