Misericordia University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who does not like a small, close knit atmosphere. A person who is not open to living in a rural area in the mountains of pennsylvania. A person who is looking for a school with sororities or fraternities.


I believe the person that should atend the school is people who think college is gonna be easy, and take it as a joke. You need to put a lot of time and effort into it and should take it seriously.


People who enjoy being in large classes should not go here. Also, people who want to be extremely active on the weekends should not come here.


Overly opinonated individuals. You are allowed to believe what you want, but do not try and force your opinon on others by saying "I am right and everything elce is wrong".


The kind of person that should not attend this school are students that want to be attending a big university. Also, people that should not attend is people that do not wish to know most of the students enrolled personally.


Misericordia University is an academically challenging institution. I believe a lot of people would love this school but, some people wouldn?t. Someone who would like large class sizes, a city environment, and a public institution, Misericordia wouldn?t be the place for you. Misericordia is located in a small friendly town and has small class sizes and is a private institution. Misericordia provides excellent services to their students and the professors are always there to help. Misericordia wouldn?t be the right fit for a student looking for a large public school in a city like environment.


One who desires a competitive atmosphere.


Someone looking just to party.


People that are looking for a big school with a football team.


A person should not attend the school if they are not able to be around a school who is dedicated to their catholic roots, or who are more focused on themselve rather then the greater good of mankind.


Every kind of person should take the chance to attend this school, there isn't anyone really I believe would not mix in well.


If you like city life with lots of things to do, places to go and things to see this school is not right for you. It is in the middle of nowhere.


someone who is artistic and creative, bored easily and needs constant attention. if ur from a large high school, or larger area where u can easily take a train or bus into a major city this school is not for you. you can't just pick up and go anywhere because the area does not have much to offer except for bars, lots of chain restaurants and the mohegan sun casino.