Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I start online classes in 4 days and HELPFUL is the best way for me to describe MSU as a whole, and Jaime in Adult Student Services in particular, as they've helped me repeatedly, and with excitement, to launch this new phase of my life!


MSU is diverse in student body and faculty allowing many different ideas and values to be accepted.


Lots of fun.


Missouri State University is a place were you have to be present at to truly understand its capabilties.


My college is very learning oriented institution. There are all professors who always will help you when you are struggling with your classes or when you just want to stop by the office and ask any questions. Classes are based on discussion and debate which help you to learn more.


It's a big campus with lot of activies, there is truely something for everyone.


MSU offers the large campus atmosphere within a smaller metropolis area of Springfield.


Missouri State University is located in one of the bigger cities of MO, but it appeals to both the small town and big city kids, for Springfield can be both rural and urban, just depending on how you approach it.




Missouri State has a vary quaint, home-y feel. Everyone is friendly and inviting, and nearly all students and staff are willing to help new students and answer any questions. It is very reassuring to go to Missouri State and know that you do not have to be afraid because everyone is so willing to be of service in any way!


Missouri State provides their students with ample opportunity to discover what they are truly looking for in life.


You will be sick of this town and the ignorant people here after your 1st year, unless of course you drink a lot..


Missouri State is full of spirit and enthusiasm for life and for the University.


Missouri State University is dedicated to providing a quality education through small class sizes and qualified and attentive professors.


Missouri State University is a friendly, easy going place that allows incoming students to feel accepted and allows for students to find out what kind of person they are by offering a varity of types of organizations and clubs they can get involved in and through Missouri State Universities statements and its accepting attitudes of student population the student body can come together as a community.


Missouri State University is a place to become culturally competant, excel in the global society we live in, and to chase your dreams.


It is a great school!


My school is a very compact campus. When I want to go to classes it only takes me a few minutes, which I appreciate during the winter time. It is diverse and full of friendly and outgoing students and educators. Whenever I am struggling in a specific class. I can get help from anywhere around campus. There are study groups, tutoring labs, student intern sessions (SI sessions), and more! Everybody I graduated with in my highschool who has decided to attend this school say they wouldn't want to be anywhere else and I agree!


Missouri State University offers a top-of-the-line education, provided by the best educators in the state, taught in a very diverse environment that gives its students an experience like no other.


A large, friendly university.


Missouri State University is a fun, loving school, but is too expensive for some such as myself.


Missouri State is a great educational and fun experience that you wil haveonce in a life time. You meet plenty of great people and the campus is big but really nice.


My school has both its strengths and weaknesses, however my academic program is strong.


Missouri State University is a good school that has multiple Undergrad disciplines as well as Graduate disciplines.


Missouri State University is a great learning facility with an unlimited amount of resources to help you acheive your goals and pursue the career of your dreams.


The school I am attending is dedicated to furthering advancement in the arts by driving its students to become the best in their specified field.


Missouri State University is a very diverse campus and it's students have a lot of love for this school.


MSU offered amazing opportunities for me to gain experiences in my chosen field and in other areas that helped make me a well rounded individual and prepared me for further studies and career advancement.


My school has all the benefits of a large university, with a small college town feel; it's a close knit community despite the size.


Missouri State University is the school for our area's all-around interested student to became better educated and well-situated.


Always somethog to do yyou just have to find whats interest you


Nice very homey feeling, you can walk across campus and see several people you know.


I really love the small compact campus at my school, i can walk to all my classes which makes it easier on me! Most the teachers I have had have been really great and I feel I have learned alot and grown alot. The only drawback is some of the facilities like gyms, dorms, bathrooms, are in need of some real upgrading, that is my only complaint.


My school is a liberal university committed to public affairs, and very welcoming to students of all ages and all backgrounds.


Missouri State University is an exciting place to live, learn, and experience some of the best years of your life with some of the greatest people you will ever meet.


A large school with a wide range of classes and activities with not much diversity.


MSU is very boring, the academics are lacking, and the town is awful.


An average public university.


Missouri State seems to be just like it's own community with very friendly students and faculty, challenges, and always changing weather.


Missouri State University is good school with a nice campus that encourages its students to succeed.


Missouri State University is the greatist place to go to college in the state of Missouri.


Midwestrn st louis mostly students middle class


My school has history but is upbeat and a fun place to be at.


This school gives a lot students a lot of ways to express themselves.


It is a good school with lots of learning areas.


Needs improvement but ok; really conservative with liberal undertones... not much to say it has a wide variety of majors and student organizations and incourages people to make there own group if there is something that they would like to be in that isn't already there.


Missouri State is a medium-sized melting pot school; it is very easy to feel accepted and at home here, while also receiving a quality education.