Missouri State University-Springfield Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I think the frats and sororities are the most popular, but I am a little bias since I am in one. I'm not gonna lie, everyone parties. The frats are always having things, and so do all the sport teams. They are really fun too, a lot of them get really big. I met my closest friends throuh my sorority and the recruitment process, but i meet new people every weekend. (which basically starts on Thursdays, for most people going out). I also live in a very social dorm, where we don't always leave our doors open, but we did at the beginning of the year because everyone wanted to meet people, and two of my best friends I met on my floor. There are also lots of awesome concerts that come to our JQH Arena, like Wiz Khalifa this April and Brad Paisley was here in February. There is a lot to do on campus, and if you are bored abd just want to hang out, there is a bowling alley and game center in the basement of our student union. There really is never NOTHING to do, ever.


The two most popular organizations on campus would probably have to be Greek (Fraternities and Sororities) and Religious. I'm part of a professional agricultural sorority called Sigma Alpha but I also know people involved in the social sororities like Sigma Kappa. They really seem to love them as much as I love mine. I'm not personally part of an on-campus religious organization just because I'm already pretty busy but my roommate and suitemate are part of Chi Alpha and they love it. I'm not guaranteeing everybody will like these because everybody has different likes and dislikes. You really just have to try them out for yourself. What can you do if you're not involved with something? Well there's plenty of stuff. If I'm not doing something with Sigma Alpha, I'm usually just hanging out with friends in a dorm room somewhere. We don't really go to parties much. If we do it's usually just to drive since we're not really into that type of "activity." If we want to go out, we usually go to a club like Midnight Rodeo just so we can dance and have some fun. There's always something to do.


Maroon Madness is one of the largest organizations on campus. This group rewards members who attend athletic events throughout the year.