Monroe Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I knew how many people lived so close. Obviously, since it is a community college, people live close, however, it is tricky on weekends and breaks when people go home and I cannot. I live in New Hampshire, therefore, going home is not possible for me on weekends. I wish I had thought about this ahead of time, but luckily I have extended family close-by that I stay with and work for when my friends go home.


When first going to school I wish I knew how big the work load. I really did not take work seriously and it jeopardized the first half of the semester very badly for me, but now I try to stay on top of my work each and everyday.


I wish I had known more about student activities on campus before I came to MCC.


I wish I had known I would be living off campus. I would have planned more and taken more steps to either find and hold down a job or looked in to more scholarships earlier in the year, rather than later.


I wish that I knew how great the teachers were at this school before I attended. I was afraid that since it was a community college, that all the teachers wouldn't care and wouldn't be as good as teachers at a four-year school. But I have found that most of these teachers cared more than most of my high school teacher. They are just wonderful.


I think my school is a great school to get started in. The only thing I wish I had known before hand is how difficult the parking sitution was.


That it was no scarier than most high school classes. In fact, it seems more like a continuation of high school rather than a college.


I wish I had known that there is a two plus two program with the University of Rochester for Biomedical Engineering. If I had known I would not have gone to Rochester Institute of Technology and wasted a year.