Montana State University-Billings Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


It all depends on what the person wants to do after college. If they want to be successful in life, they have to put in what they want out of their education.


Montana State University Billings is an environment suited to both on-campus and off-campus students. The list of online courses that is offered is extensive and broadens a student's choices. The class sizes are large enough to offer a diverse range of students yet small enough so as not to overwhelm people who are used to a rural school. It is my belief that anyone could flourish on this campus, but they must be committed, excited to learn, and willing to work hard.


I believe that anyone who is wanting to further their education should attend Montana State University - Billings. I attended this college at one time previously and have been very pleased with the results, unfortunately, I relocated to Helena, Montana in the middle of the year and my life took some unexpected turns and I was unable to continue my schooling at that time.


Anyone who is striving to get a full, well-rounded education should attend this school.


I believe any person should attend this school! My last school was a smaller college that welcomed adults that were later in age and I thought it was amazing! Seeing older adults that wanted to learn more was just outstanding to me! I had an 89 year old in my anatomy and physiology class! I wish more people could experience and see that there is not a limit to learning! A dedicated person with the urge to learn is definitely someone that should attend any school!


Montana State University in Billings truly makes higher education accessible to all. You will not find a stereotypical student there, but will find an array of ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. It's surprising to find this to be true in Montana of all places, but it is. If an individual has a desire for a degree, MSUB provides guidance and excellent staff to help pave the way to a degree.


A student who prefers a smaller classroom size and more one on one interaction.


Any type of person can attend this school. The varity of courses avaible is impressive and again the teachers are invested in what they are teaching. The level of competence between the teachers here and the teachers in California are incredible. Montana is pretty accepting of all people and the school is the same, they want as many people to feel at home as possible and they accomplish that incredible well if you are living on the dorms, and even if you are not. If you want to study abroad they also have a great program.


I think the people who are serious about bettering themselves should attend this college. Students who want to start a career or further their current career are the best options to be here, or at any school. Universities are for learning, not just having fun and being with friends.


Someone who wants to make friends, need to feel comfortable in their enviornment and who wants to be involved.


Any kind of person could attend this school. If they want to get a degree in something that they love doing or if they don't know what they want to do yet. I don't believe that MSU-B has a specific for the kind of person to attend. As long as they can work hard and do whatever is best for them, they should be fine.


Someone who is a hard worker, one that doesn't complain about having too much work or not enough time. Someone who isn't only dedicated to their education but dedicated to the town and their friends.


Montana State University-Billings is a great school for anyone who is looking to live in a city but still wants the smaller college feel. There are great opportunities to get to know professors and to enrole in courses with small class size. They are very willing to find classes that work around your home life or work, because at MSUB they are very interested in your success.


MSU-B is a great educational choice for students who want to get bang for their buck. The classes are small, there are lots of acivites one can get invovled with and the education department is very good. Staff is available if you need academic assistance. The residence advisors make the transition to dorm life easy.


ANYONE.... simple as that, MSUB provides many different degrees and opportunities for all ranges of acedemics. If a student is interested in a specific field MSUB is there to get you to the apex of your performance, have you graduate with a high gpa and level of knowledge and provides each student with the skills they need to be great in their profession.


To attend Montana State University - Billings, you must love the town of Billings, Montana. A small/medium town person would thrive in Billings. It is not a very large city, but is large enough compared to the surrounding towns. If you love being outdoors, and don't mind the cold winters, Montana would be a great place for you. Also, since MSU-B is such a small school, teaher to student ratios are great! If you love knowing your professors, and not just their names, MSU-B would be a great place for you!


A person who is interested in one on one type settings of classrooms should consider being a student and MSUB. Someone focused on obtaining a degree and getting to know his or her proffessors should attend MSUB. People who want to be known by their name and not by their identification number should attend this school. The small campus also benefits the tastes of some people.