Montana State University-Billings Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are the kind of person that is really just there to party this is most definately not where you want to go. Billings is little, kind of boring at times. If you aren't focused on your degree and building your knowledge, don't even waste your time. It would not satisfy those obnoxious and habits you have to try to keep up.


I would imagine someone who enjoys a town that is mid sized and has more oppertunities then smaller towns. The people are freindly and your peers will help you if you struggle.


Someone searching for a really large school souldn't attend Montana State University Billings. However, it is a very diverse school in terms of students who attend. There is a large number of non-traditional students as well as traditional. This provides a mixture of people with many different experiences and aspects to bring to the table. There are also many different people with different races and cultures. It's easy for people to be accepted socially and with such a variety of people, it's not difficult to find somewhere to fit in, regardless of age, race, or personality.


I would not recomend this school to anyone who is not a serious student and just wants to party. Students looking for a large campus with a lot of students is not what Billings has to offer either.


Only the type of person who prefers to sow their wild oats and doesn't truly desire to acquire an education in order to better their career opportunities shouldn't attend Montana State University in Billings. With a wide array of classes and ample guidance available, it is difficult to imagine anyone who couldn't succeed. Set a goal, add a smattering of dedication as well as hard work and watch the classes add up on the transcript!


Someone who lacks ambition and drive would have a hard time going to school. I think it would be possible for them to still go to school though, I would never recomend anyone not go to school.


Someone who doesn't want to do any work or even want to go to college.


One who wants to make money.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who doesn't want to meet new people. Or someone that is open to meeting older non-traditional students.


At MSUB there are a lot of foreign exchange students because the college does so well at accomodating them. I find it great that Saudi Arabians can come to the United States and get a better education. MSUB is just as welcoming to the foreign exchange students as it is to United States students. I believe that a person who is racist or has difficulty interacting with students from different nations should not attend MSUB.


i don't think there is anyone who would not want to go to this school and I don't think people who still do not know what to do in life should go becuase it would be a waste of time.


People who like a big enviornment and soical school related things happening all the time should not attentd this school.


A person who is not ready to decide their furture shouldn't attend MSU-Billings.


Someone who loves having a lot of people around with sororities and fraternities. We are all down to earth and not super high-strung, while still motivated. The campus is very small, surrounded by a big city.


Someone who does not want to focus on academics and good grades. Those who do not want to earn a degree should not attend. Someone who does not like city life should not take classes at Montana State University Billings.


The type of person that should not attend MSU-B would be a person not comfortable with smaller communities. People accustomed to a more fast paced lifestyle may feel uncomfortable in a school that allows time and opportunities for developing professional and pedagogical relationships. More rigid individuals that struggle with opening their mind to the differences between individual lifestyles may also find themselves having difficulty. Due to the diversity of MSU-B, one must be able to have tolerance and respect for people as there are many individuals with different values, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.


I believe this school is very accomodating to all students, so any student can succeed.


A person who is looking for the "ultimate college experience" with frat/sorority houses and kegs every weekend.