Montclair State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say to myself to stick what what your heart is telling you. I went into college not really sure what major I was going to pick. I ended up picking public health but then switched to accounting. I am now a nutrition major. I wish I just stuck with what I truly felt was right and that was nutrition. I would work harder on keeping my GPA up and not let anything get in the way of that. I would save my money and get a better job that goes hand in hand with my major. I would become a certified personal trainer because I just love working out. I would keep my head up and keeping pushing forward because I know that someday everything will be okay.


I think I would tell myself to stop worrying what other people think. In high school a lot of people judge you for literally anything. College is much more different. Be who you are, embrace it, and love yourself.


I have come so far and I am so proud of myself however sometimes I wish I could go back because I have learned so much. The advice I would give myself would be to go straight through school and take no minor breaks. I would also tell myself to go another route as far as career choice.


Please give yourself time to think about your future, rushing into a career you are not happy with will not fullfill your happiness. Do what you love and be patient because sooner or later you will know what is right. Don't let others control your choices, college is an open door of opportunities for the rest of your life so choose wisely.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to enjoy and take advantage of the college life opportunity you will have. The transition is never easy and you may lose some friendships from high school but that's okay because you are going to make more friends in college and you are going to grow. You are going to be strong and confident in everything that you do. If you have the opportunity to study abroad, do it. You will enjoy it and it will give you the opportunity to find yourself. In college, you will learn more about yourself like what you like and what you don't like and what you want to do in life and more. You will meet great mentors and not so great ones, but those will help you push yourself to do better and the good ones, too, of course. Live your college life to the fullest, explore, have fun, educate yourself, and implore who is Karen.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to save more money and brace myself. I would also tell myself to change my study habits because that was the hardest transition for me. I think it would be most important to tell myself that there are so many different types of people in the world and that not everyone is kind. My first year of college was very difficult for me because I faced a lot of roommate prolems and theft. If I knew from the beginning to be cautious and less-trusting, I would have reacted better to the struggles I had my freshman year. Although last year was so hard, my experiences have shaped me into who I am today and I couldn't have asked for a better way to learn my lessons.


I would tell my younger self to not worry so much. The transition to college was relativly easy and everyone is so nice and welcoming that it will be hard not to enjoy yourself. I would tell my younger self to stop getting nervious and breath to prevent another one of your emotional panic attacks, and reasure myself that I am capable of completeing the work load properly. I would also tell myself to apply to more scholarships because the college tuition is not ideal. Overall, I would tell myself to enjoy the rest of senior year and keep up your grades in the process.


Ahead of you lies an opportunity to discover a world bigger than the one you are familiar with. Embrace it, seize it, wrestle it to the ground and help it back up. Just do yourself a favor, don’t try to figure it out all at once. The beauty of life lies within all of the unanswered questions deep in your soul. Allow yourself to feel the discomfort of new challenges and ideas. Talk to people you don’t know and greet them with a smile. Know that when nothing is certain, anything is possible. I urge you to remove yourself from the aimless shuffle of people competing to fill the achievement section of their resumes. Search for a detour even if the terrain is treacherous. Find a road that allows you to run free past the traffic of conformity. Find a path that allows your heart to beat and your blood to boil. Fill your memories with snapshots of laughter on your way to your destination - wherever that may be.


If I could provide advice to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself a number of things. For starters, I would advise myself to open up to strangers more often. Instead of wallowing in my own self-pity, I should break away from such destructive behavior and socialize with people. Sometimes, one will need to require tremendous patience in order to find the absolute best people, but one might never find them until one takes those risks. Next, I would advise myself to appreciate the current positive aspects of my life. After all, dwelling on the negativity will only bring a more hopeless outlook of life. There is so much beauty in my life, but I would need to keep searching with a keen eye. I would also push myself to start driving sooner and to apply for more scholarships to help pay for school. Lastly, I would assure myself as a high school senior that I am a very beautiful person, and that anyone who has ever made me feel otherwise will never know what true beauty is. Hopefully, these words will show my past self that I have finally found an unconditional love for her.


Enjoy high school while you can. Learn a profitable skill(s). Make some memories. Attend your senior prom. Pay off any debts if you have any. Spend every possible moment with your friends. Attend your senior activities. Finish off with a bang.


I am jumping out of my skin at the opportunity to speak with my high school senior self. There is so much she doesn’t know, even about herself! My advice to her would be that it’s ok to be introverted. The media and peers around high school students portray the message that being outgoing is positive and being shy is negative. After all, what shy student is voted most likely to be remembered in the senior superlatives section of the yearbook? When I reflect back onto my high school years, I wish I realized that being timid is equally as important as having gregarious qualities. My high school self was trying to adapt personality qualities that felt alien, but were socially desirable. Despite my aptitude, I was sabotaging my own success by adapting qualities that were not my own! During my college experience I realized that there are outlets for people with every personality quality imaginable. I wish I realized that if I was true to myself from the beginning, I would fall exactly where I was meant to be. After college, I will always remember to embrace my personality with triumph instead of defeat.


I would tell myself that he should study on getting better grades and applying for scholarships because I am currently in alot of debt from my college bills. I would also say to make college the best you can make it and not to worry about the girls at your high school because there will be someone better waiting to meet you. As a senior, I went through a breakup and it took a toll on me affecting my grades and performance but today I have recovered and I am doing far better than before in my entire life.


If I were to go back to highschool and give myself a advise, I would tell myself to apply to more scholarships. I now know what it feels like to have financial problems in school. College is a investment; books/supplies are neede and their prices sometimes range between $20 to even $500 and sometimes even more, commuting to school is a expense and food adds more to the expenses. I should have payed more attention and be aware of these situations, considering the stories I have been told. I had a lot of opportunities to apply to certain scholarships but I never took advantage of it and those opportunity do not come all the time. Procrastination is no longer part of my definition but I most certainly should have started getting rid of this horrible hobby ages ago. I might have gotten a higher SAT score had I not procrastinate my studies and I may have won many scholarships had I not procrastinate the applications


The future is what you make it, and by choosing the path that you believe is right for you is the only way towards success. Just as they try to explain to you as they hand you your high school diploma, college is nothing like high school. There will be times where you must speak up for yourself, and gain your own opinion. Taking changes can make all of the difference within your college exprience; meeting new people and joining clubs can help with the transition process. If something isn't right within your life in college, do not be afraid to change the path that you are on. The real world is not going to decide your fate, you must do that for yourself to better your future. Learn everything you can, and use the knowledge obtained to better your understanding of society and yourself. The goal of college is to understand that you create your own destiny with your words and actions.


Work harder in trying to get better grades and apply to more scholarships. Also take more summer jobs to help pay for tuition.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the first thing that I would tell myself would be my mom is right. Everything that I have done over the last four years is to prepare me for what college will offer me. I would tell myself that my focus has to be committed, because unlike high school teachers, my professors will give direction and leave everything else up to me to complete that course. I would also tell myself that college, will expose me to a more diverse environment, which will only help me grow as a person. I would tell myself that the transition will depend on the person and because I am a friendly, out-going indiviual, that it will be a smooth transition. I would tell myself to put education first as always and everything else will fall into place. I would tell myself that these four years are going to be the best four years of my young adult life and to make the most of them. Lastly, I would say, LIFE is what you make it and college will greatly enhance my future life.


The advice that I would give my high school self is to not be afraid of taking more risks and getting involved on-campus. My high school self was afraid of putting herself out there and trying new things. My high school self was skeptical about discovering all of her talents and as a result she stuck to what she already knew and what she was comfortable with, but if I could go back in time I would advise myself to get out of that habit, quickly. I believe that it was these inhibitions that blocked me from being more open and honest with myself and ultimately I did not get as involved on-campus as I could have. My college self would advise my high school self to explore more activities . In addition, I would encourage my high school self to engage in more opportunities to interact with students who were just as new to college experience as I was and looking for a friend the same way that I was. College is a step that I took to furthur my career and education, so I would tell the senior that I was to take advantage of it all.


My high school senior self would need to know to be more open to strangers and outgoing because she meeta new people in classes almost every semester. There are more people with interests different from her and she would need to learn to talk to people who do not just share her interests. Confidence is trait that would help her in the future as well if she learns to just fake it. I would also advise her to save up money that could be used on textbooks and other college expenses. She would need to know to not worry about the future until she's in college since being exposed to new subject areas can make her change her mind quickly about her intended career choice. She should be enjoying her time left as a highschooler since college gets more stressful with work and huger responsibilities. She should drop the stress of the drama from classmates since she would never encounter them again and focus on friends, writing and giving back to the community. Ultimately college will be a great experience but enjoying her time as a current highschooler would benefit her then and later.


If I could go back in time I would have done so many things differently. Instead of wasting almost four years I would have transferred way earlier. I always wanted to move from Puerto Rico to New Jersey and go to college there. But I was scared at that time of leaving my family behind and I thought that a college in the US was impossible to afford, so I didn’t apply for any university outside of Puerto Rico. I went to the best university in the island, and I studied for around four years there, but I felt like I was missing something, like I needed to do something else. So I started looking for universities in New Jersey, I went to visit some universities and I finally made a decision. I transferred last semester to Montclair State University, and that is the best decision I could have made. This university has so much to offer, so much to learn and so many experiences I wouldn’t have back at home. If I could go back in time, I would have told myself to not be scared, to look for options and to never give up my dreams.


If I could advise my high school self, I would have a lot to say. But the most important thing I would tell myself would be to have a little fun. When I first came into college, I was so consumed with my academics that I never got a chance to experience all the aspects of college life. I spent most of my time in the library. I was so scared that if I took a moment to breath, I would fail in college. I achieved and have maintained a high GPA and I don't regret the extra effort I put in. But I do think I should have managed my time better so I could have a social life, after all, the social aspect of college is just as important as the academic aspect. The advice I would give to my high school self would be to get involved with student organizations because they are a great way to make new friends and the could provide leadership opportunities as well as networking connections which I have realized are necessary additions to academic success. I would also make sure to take more time to hang out with my friends.


If I could give my high school self advice about college it would be to save as much money as I could. To be neat and organized, always be timely. I would advise myself to apply for as many scholarships as I could find. I would tell seventeen year old Colleen to follow your passions and go to fashion school, and to move further away from home. I would tell myself to do things that scare me, because conquering your fear is the only way to continue personal growth, both professionally and personally. I would tell my high school self to ALWAYS read books and to stay up to date with current events. My best advice to my senior self would be that nothing is as easy as it looks, always dig deep into a problem and work hard to solve it.


Take your classes wisely!


As a student who graduated number 17 in her class, I believed that my transition into college would go smoothly. However, nothing I learned in high school had prepared me for the heart wrenching dilemma I faced. While most of my fellow classmates were enjoying themselves, I was depressed. I didn’t have enough money to pay for school and was soon forced to withdraw. After reaching out to the president, I received the necessary funds to continue my first year at Montclair State University. To my senior self I say, you must learn to set your pride aside and ask for help when necessary. There is no need to be afraid of your destiny in this life and understand who you are as a young woman. You deserve to be just as happy as anybody else living on this green earth. So go out there and simply be Sophonie. Forget about trying to fit into the crowd or behave like your peers. That is not your place in life. Your place has and will always be to be different. Yes there will be trials and constant tribulations but remember always that there is nothing too hard for your God.


Stacy, I really have to tell you that you really should go to college right after high school. Don't wait two or three years for that wound up being around sixteen years. Well, all of those nights watching Law & Order put a bug in your head about law. You're taking that Legal Studies in high school right now so you got even more interested in it. Years later you finally decided to go back to college to get your Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies. I know you're worried you will pick a subject that you won't like but you have nothing to worry about. All of your law courses are fascinating to you. Despite that you are years older than some of the students there you are getting good grades and making new friends. It's not true what they say you can teach an old dog new tricks. No offense. You really should've gone back much earlier for you had nothing to fear really except fear itself. This is really a great career field for you. The program director calls you a rockstar! So don't be afraid just go for it, girl.


Hello you, I mean me! Just some words of wisdom for the years you have to come. Find what you love, whatever really pulls you in, and don't settle for the career choice that others would like for you. In the end, you'll find that your not happy and may need to start back from square one. Maintain goals, and try to acheive them, in order to do so you must stay focused. Many things will try to blurr your vision of the dream you have ahead of you, just remember that parties and popularity are things that have no value in the future. Most of all stay active in your student cohort, your peers will have an effect on you, make positive connections, and you too will be a connection for positive things. Don't give up! There will be long papers, research, and obstacles that will challenge you, take on the challenge and you will be glad that you did. You've got lots to learn kiddo!


Don't believe what teachers say because high school did not prepare me for college. You are your own person so you must take charge of your life. Enjoy that you won't know eveybody and join as many activities as possible. Be smart about your choices and have fun. Admit to your mistakes or that you don't know what you are doing because most people won't.


Don’t let petty high school drama get to you because sooner or later you will be off to a different school and will not see those people who caused you unnecessary stress. College is a time to meet your lifelong friends and to start your future in the best way possible.Do your best in high school this way when you get to college you will already be used to pushing yourself to achieve above and beyond. Plus, if you get good grades all through high school it will be a lot easier to get into your dream schools and not have to worry about being let down.Go into your new college with an open mind. Mostly all high school students have been with the same group of people from elementary through high school; therefore, an open mind makes lets your guard down and lets you make the best of your college years!Lastly, you do not have to find a roommate you will be BFF with. Just find someone easy to live with—coming from a person with a bad first roommate experience.


I would tell myself that college is a time of self-discovery. The changes you go through are ones that you can never plan for, but you must allow them to happen because it is essential for the transformation into adulthood. The beautiful thing about leaving home and going to college is that you have all the time in the day to focus on yourself and your transformation. These key changes cannot be done as effectively unless you have the time to focus on your needs to be a successful individual. Although I never realized the difficulty of being away from the life I once knew, it taught me to never take anything for granted, while appreciating what you have in any given moment. I wish I could have told myself never to focus on the past, but on the future. As a wide-eyed freshman, sometimes you are drawn to past memories and you realize how truely different your life is now that you are in a new enviroment. You feel like a different person, but being able to remain yourself in a world that is everchanging is where your focus should be. Be yourself!


I would have to my advice to myself would have to be make sure i would have continued with it instead of backing out becaue Fasfa fell through the first time. I would have of told myself not hav waited 5 years after graduation to go back to school. I would have also told myself to stay confident and not let other people tare me down, I didnt believe in myself. If i would have known what i know now, I think college would have been a much eaiser task. But we all learn from our mistackes. Even the old me knows that, But i really want to let my younger self know, even being with that beautiful red head back then turned out to be even better because i married him and he is one reason why i have strived to continue. He has joined and we help each other understand math. College has been a great chance for me to learn who both of us turned out. I am proud of the old me and new me.


The advice I would give myself is to not of slacked off as a freshman. I regret not trying and thinking my grades the first year wouldn't matter in the future. The start of high school is when a student should become motivated to be successful and reach for he/she's dream. I wished I worked harder, and studied more because now I believe it really does pay off. Even though college is when it finally hits you, that you're a grown up you should always remember your long term goals when you start in high school. I would tell myself that I need to not procastinate like I did, because then I'll become a slacker. I need to tell myself that I'm adult and now facing the real world.


Finishing high school is a great accomplishment. However, you must prepare to take on college life after high school. The following tips will help you with your transition with college life: In High School Get your gpa above a 3.0 Take the SAT Apply to 3 colleges that match your credientials Fill out your fafsa Talk to your guidance counselor if you have any questions Get a part-time job to save money and pay for misc expenses Get your driver's liscence Attend any pre-college events that your future college may offer Seek advice from a college graduate or someone who is currently attending college. First Year of College Use the 9-5 approach with your classes Apply for a student worker position Learn time and financial management Eat a well balanced diet and exercise Get involved in no more than 3 organizations and be loyal to them Create and use study groups Build a professional relationship with your professor Go to class Take notes and rewrite them after class File your exams to prepare for finals. These are the commandents to become a successful college student.


I would tell myself that college life is completely different. I would tell myself that at college they really treat you like an adult. You are in charge of your own life in college and that you can structure your own life anyway you want. I would also tell myself that in college you will have more free time. In highschool, your in school round the clock, however in college that is not the case. One of the last things I would tell myself in high school back in time is to not worry about the future. I know that in the past I would always worry about where I was going to go to college. Just live life and life will take its course.


As a high school senior I worked three jobs to have some money saved up for college, and recieved advanced placement classes. To go back in time with the knowledge I know now, I would say to myself to relax and focus on my Advanced Placement classes. Since with higher scores I could enroll to college with credits. My third job was not necessary because I recieved a fair amount of Fanancial aid and the two jobs could support the other payments. I will say to budget my time because in college it becomes very valuable. Restrain myself from slacking and running off with friends so I can focus in class. Not to be afraid to participate and ask questions with all your teachers, because those letters of recommandations will benifit you. As well I would tell myself to take advantage and look for scholarships in time, because they help no matter what. I would tell myself to seek for help from High School counselors for scholarships information given to them. The most important thing I will tell myself is to have faith and not to worry about not getting accepted to a college, because your grades are excellent.


If I could back and talk to myself in high school, the advice I would give myself would be to study hard, get good grades, participate in school activies more, participate in sports, and do volunteer work. The most important is studying hard in order to get good grades. You would accomplish that by reading and rereading assignments, taking several notes, rereading/revising notes, asking questions to get clarification, studying with peers, get good night's sleep, and eating correctly.


I really do wish I could go back in time and tell myself, as a high school Senior, everything I've learned while being at college. If I had known that I would be well off once I got to MSU, I think the weight of the world would have been lifted off of my shoulders. I would tell myself that going to college offers an opportunity to meet new people, and that there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, even as a Freshman. My biggest worries were not finding a job, and failing my classes, and now that I have found two jobs on campus, and have developed more apporpriate study habbits, I feel more knowledgeable on how to succeed, both academically and socially, in college. I may not be able to build a time machine and tell myself that, but I do the next best thing, by running orientation during the summer for Montclair State Univresity, and informing the incoming first-year students on all of the knowledge I've gained about life in college.


Anje, find a job RIGHT now, and fill up that savings account. And volunteer at a zoo or a vet's office.


High school students, may not know the many things that they know after they have gone to college. I initially went into college with my newly found independence thinking that I will educate myself for four years graduate and find a job. However, I soon came to realize that while in college, amazing things can unravel! I would tell my high school senior self to not enter college life hoping to be able to slack off and miss classes because no one would penalize me, but tell myself that I can keep challenging myself and grow as a person. The second I stepped foot into my first college class I wish I had told myself, " This is your chance to prove to yourself that you are an intelligent young adult that can truly surpass your own expectations of who you think you are. Be the best student you can be and never doubt your ability to do amazing academic work." The knowledge I have gained as a college student is something I will never regret or forget. I know college is a transition, however getting into college means you have done something right!


If I can go back in time the only thing I would say to myself is get ready. I would make sure to tell myself that whatever you experience in the next few months will be the best moments of your life. You will experience things beyond your current understanding of things. My advice I would also give myself is that to not hesitate on any opportunites that you will be handed to you soon. To not be afraid of anything that may of scared you in high school because you was afraid to allow yourself to be heard. I would mention that college is an entirely different world and you will really enjoy. Finally, mention that will lose some people that you thought were your friends in college but, will be on the direct path to greatness.


You are better off waiting for awhile you need to develope more as an adult. Take some extra time to decide what your purpose in life is all about. Besides all that, I was a single father that would never abandon his son so i would not have listened even to my self. So now that my son goes to school so do I.


“No matter how well you may plan, interruptions can happen, but it is how you overcome these interruptions and advance forward in your professional and personal ambitions. The life you live with a degree versus without a degree will drastically differ.” This is the advice I wish I could have given myself in high school. With a wide-eyed hunger for more out of life, I moved abroad to complete University my sophomore year. However, when the economy hit hard, I found myself financially unable to return to college. The decision I made to put my education on hold is one that I regret daily. Almost seven years have passed since my high school graduation. After realizing I could have graduated and could have already had a few years’ of work experience underway, completing my degree is the most important priority in my life. Without a degree, I am short-changing myself in what I want most both in my professional life and in my personal life. If chosen as the recipient of this scholarship, I will be able to achieve a long-desired dream, as I am financially in need of assistance to make this dream come true.


I wish I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a senior in high school. In high school I didn't think about the future. I would tell myself to take AP classes seriously. I took three AP classes in high school, I did well in the courses but I did not do well on the AP exams. I would tell myself to study for the AP exams because if I had gotten a good grade, I wouldn't have had to take those courses in college. I learned that college tries to trap you in and some how prevent you from graduating by adding more courses to gaduate or by making it difficult to get into courses. By passing the AP exams I would allow myself room to take other courses I need to graduate. I would also tell myself to study more for the SATs. I would tell myself that the SATs will place you in basic courses if your scores are low. I had to take a basic reading course before I started college and if I had done well on my SATs I would not have needed that class.


I would tell myself to take school more seriously and to get involved with more clubs/activities or even volunteering so that I could have realized sooner which profession I desired to pursue. I would also tell myself how far I have come since I graduated high school along with the mistakes I have made and how I have fixed them. I would let myself know that even thought hings didn't turn out as I had always planned, I have accomplished much and am extremely proud of myself.


When teachers tell you your homework is to read make sure you read. College is a lot different from high school, studying is very important but you also need to go out and make new friends. Be smart and don't get in trouble.


I would tell myself not to get upset if you do not go directly to a four year school. Even though a two year school is very different from a four year school, it will help you become more responsible about school work. You will learn independence and it will be much cheaper. Believe me, this will be the best time of your college finances. Spending the extra two years at home is not so horrible, so do not be so down about it. Once you transfer to a four year school, do not feel too overwhelmed. Though you will slightly feel lonely and out of place, give it some time. You will eventually meet people and make friends by just being friendly. Though college is the best time of your life, do not forget that you are there to get an education. Do all your work and do not wait until the last minute because it will begin to take a toll on you. Last but certainly not least, do not stress yourself out. It only leads to negative things and you should appreciate the opportunity you have of completing your degree. Good luck!


I would tell myself that no matter what to go to college as soon as I get out of high school. It is harder to go to college after 21 years and having 2 children to raise on your own. I tell all my daughter's friends now to not do what I did and to get to college as soon as possible, it's even offered in high school now. I would tell myself to not be afraid to use the tutoring services because they are there to help. I would also suggest that if it is possible to not work so I would be able to keep my GPA up, since programs look at the GPA. College has been a rewarding experience. When I first started school I was very nervous since I had been out of school for so long, but I am excited now about my classes and I can't wait to graduate. I want to make my children proud of me and to show them that no matter what life brings to you that you can succeed. Thank you.


I am one of those people that firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. There is such a thing as destiny and fate. I look back at my high school senior self, and I am proud of who I was, but I wish I knew half the things I know now back then. Firstly, I would let myself know, that adding stress to your schedule is OK. I would tell myself to go ahead and add on those AP classes. I would also tell myself to ignore the person who tells you that money should never be a factor. I know now that money is key, and without it even the most innovative dreams can be hindered. That is something that I have learned, and only could have learned from my own experiences. The last bit of information I wish I could have informed myself about, would be to completely ignore your friends college plans. Accommodating your goals for someone else will only hold you back. If you stay true to yourself and believe in what you do, it is a perfect storm for success.


The advice I would tell myself if I was to be a high school senior again would be to not be afraid of new beginnings and always be aware of who you surround yourself with. New beginnings is a great thing not be afraid of leaving friends behind and starting a new page in your life. Everyone is scared of starting college many questions come into mind such as will I make any friends? will I pass my classes? how will my professors be? These questions become part of every college freshmen. However, the truth is there is nothing to be afraid of everyone is new not just you. You will make friends just be aware of who you decide to have as friends in college, they can either bring out the positive in you or take you down the wrong path. In college your in control of your life. This would be the advice I would tell any high school senior if given the opportunity to do so.


If i were to go back in time and advice myself on matters pertaining to college, i would most definitely tell myself to start planning and gathering information about colleges earlier then i did. Also, i would start off by saying that college can be fun, enjoyable and hard at the same time. I could never begin to grasp how it was that that i became to enjoy learning and understanding how things work. To think that i would put in hours and hours of work on something only to be critiqued on it for a total of 5 minutes. During those five minutes all that came to my head was " wow i made that. I know how to do that now. i wonder what else i can do if i apply myself?". I didn't care what anyone else thought of it, all that mattered to me is that i accomplished what i set out to do. I was proud of myself. I would make sure to tell myself, knowledge is power and learn while i had the chance. To keep an open mind on the knowledge the world and everyone in it had to offer.


If I could go back in time when I was a senior in high school I would tell myself to really think about what I want to do with life and research and visit all the colleges or universities that will provide the right resources for me to succeed in getting the career of my dreams on the road, instead of half fasting my decision on a school based on distance rather then career. If I would of done that for myself in my senior year of high school, I would of avoided transferring schools my spring semester of my freshmen year and avoided the hardships of making new friends and adjusting to a new school. I also wouldn't be at a school that doesn't has the sources ,classes, or support I want to major in and struggle on deciding on another career path because of it.


If I could go back to the time when I was a High School senior, I would surely tell myself how hard I should be working. The amount of time and opportunity that is wasted by so many high school students is a shame. It so hard for a teenager to be anything more than short sighted, and realize that they need to apply themselves, and seek out every opportunity they can while they are still un accountable for themselves. Most teenagers don’t have to work or pay rent, so they need to be studying hard in school, and putting all of their effort toward getting into a good college. I now have to learn the hard way that having a full time job and trying to pay for, as well as attend all the schooling I need to become what I want to be, is a very difficult thing to do. If I’d only known that high school is the time to prepare for the rest of your life, I would have taken that opportunity and made the most out of it.