Montclair State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Montclair State University know before they start?


Finishing high school is a great accomplishment. However, you must prepare to take on college life after high school. The following tips will help you with your transition with college life: In High School Get your gpa above a 3.0 Take the SAT Apply to 3 colleges that match your credientials Fill out your fafsa Talk to your guidance counselor if you have any questions Get a part-time job to save money and pay for misc expenses Get your driver's liscence Attend any pre-college events that your future college may offer Seek advice from a college graduate or someone who is currently attending college. First Year of College Use the 9-5 approach with your classes Apply for a student worker position Learn time and financial management Eat a well balanced diet and exercise Get involved in no more than 3 organizations and be loyal to them Create and use study groups Build a professional relationship with your professor Go to class Take notes and rewrite them after class File your exams to prepare for finals. These are the commandents to become a successful college student.


I would tell myself that college life is completely different. I would tell myself that at college they really treat you like an adult. You are in charge of your own life in college and that you can structure your own life anyway you want. I would also tell myself that in college you will have more free time. In highschool, your in school round the clock, however in college that is not the case. One of the last things I would tell myself in high school back in time is to not worry about the future. I know that in the past I would always worry about where I was going to go to college. Just live life and life will take its course.


As a high school senior I worked three jobs to have some money saved up for college, and recieved advanced placement classes. To go back in time with the knowledge I know now, I would say to myself to relax and focus on my Advanced Placement classes. Since with higher scores I could enroll to college with credits. My third job was not necessary because I recieved a fair amount of Fanancial aid and the two jobs could support the other payments. I will say to budget my time because in college it becomes very valuable. Restrain myself from slacking and running off with friends so I can focus in class. Not to be afraid to participate and ask questions with all your teachers, because those letters of recommandations will benifit you. As well I would tell myself to take advantage and look for scholarships in time, because they help no matter what. I would tell myself to seek for help from High School counselors for scholarships information given to them. The most important thing I will tell myself is to have faith and not to worry about not getting accepted to a college, because your grades are excellent.


If I could back and talk to myself in high school, the advice I would give myself would be to study hard, get good grades, participate in school activies more, participate in sports, and do volunteer work. The most important is studying hard in order to get good grades. You would accomplish that by reading and rereading assignments, taking several notes, rereading/revising notes, asking questions to get clarification, studying with peers, get good night's sleep, and eating correctly.


I really do wish I could go back in time and tell myself, as a high school Senior, everything I've learned while being at college. If I had known that I would be well off once I got to MSU, I think the weight of the world would have been lifted off of my shoulders. I would tell myself that going to college offers an opportunity to meet new people, and that there are plenty of opportunities to get involved, even as a Freshman. My biggest worries were not finding a job, and failing my classes, and now that I have found two jobs on campus, and have developed more apporpriate study habbits, I feel more knowledgeable on how to succeed, both academically and socially, in college. I may not be able to build a time machine and tell myself that, but I do the next best thing, by running orientation during the summer for Montclair State Univresity, and informing the incoming first-year students on all of the knowledge I've gained about life in college.


Anje, find a job RIGHT now, and fill up that savings account. And volunteer at a zoo or a vet's office.


High school students, may not know the many things that they know after they have gone to college. I initially went into college with my newly found independence thinking that I will educate myself for four years graduate and find a job. However, I soon came to realize that while in college, amazing things can unravel! I would tell my high school senior self to not enter college life hoping to be able to slack off and miss classes because no one would penalize me, but tell myself that I can keep challenging myself and grow as a person. The second I stepped foot into my first college class I wish I had told myself, " This is your chance to prove to yourself that you are an intelligent young adult that can truly surpass your own expectations of who you think you are. Be the best student you can be and never doubt your ability to do amazing academic work." The knowledge I have gained as a college student is something I will never regret or forget. I know college is a transition, however getting into college means you have done something right!


If I can go back in time the only thing I would say to myself is get ready. I would make sure to tell myself that whatever you experience in the next few months will be the best moments of your life. You will experience things beyond your current understanding of things. My advice I would also give myself is that to not hesitate on any opportunites that you will be handed to you soon. To not be afraid of anything that may of scared you in high school because you was afraid to allow yourself to be heard. I would mention that college is an entirely different world and you will really enjoy. Finally, mention that will lose some people that you thought were your friends in college but, will be on the direct path to greatness.


You are better off waiting for awhile you need to develope more as an adult. Take some extra time to decide what your purpose in life is all about. Besides all that, I was a single father that would never abandon his son so i would not have listened even to my self. So now that my son goes to school so do I.


“No matter how well you may plan, interruptions can happen, but it is how you overcome these interruptions and advance forward in your professional and personal ambitions. The life you live with a degree versus without a degree will drastically differ.” This is the advice I wish I could have given myself in high school. With a wide-eyed hunger for more out of life, I moved abroad to complete University my sophomore year. However, when the economy hit hard, I found myself financially unable to return to college. The decision I made to put my education on hold is one that I regret daily. Almost seven years have passed since my high school graduation. After realizing I could have graduated and could have already had a few years’ of work experience underway, completing my degree is the most important priority in my life. Without a degree, I am short-changing myself in what I want most both in my professional life and in my personal life. If chosen as the recipient of this scholarship, I will be able to achieve a long-desired dream, as I am financially in need of assistance to make this dream come true.