Mount Holyoke College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think my school, Mount Holyoke College, is best known for outstanding experience overall. Its campus is absolutely gorgeous, living here is wonderful. The classes are exceptional, I'm excited to go because my teachers are passionate and intelligent and really care about what I have to say. Besides classroom experience, everyone at MHC really loves it here and supports each other in everything they do. I really couldn't pick just one thing; maybe Moho is best known for having students that gush the most!


Being an all women's college.


Mount Holyoke is best known for being the oldest All-Women's college in the US. It is also fairly well recognized for it's outstanding faculty. A less important way in which it's known is for how the girls at Mount Holyoke know how to study hard but also party hard.


Its science program, and being an all-women's school.


Mount Holyoke College is best known for the diversity of its student body. It has a very high percentage of international students and embraces the cultures, traditions and religions of other students. Mostly, the internationality of the student body is an advantage in classes as well as in student life. Having many different people from around the world in one class allows for different perspectives and offer new and challenging ideas to the community.


We are known first and foremost for our small classes and a good atmosphere. We have an incredibly accepting variety of students and excellent faculty. We are also known as the first women's college in the United States. Finally, a lot of people identify us as one of the five colleges in the Western Massachusetts consortium.


MHC is best known for its equestrian and golf team. It has a reputation of excellent academics that preceeds itself.


Mount Holyoke College is an ultra-liberal campus and a women's college. Students from other colleges often tease Mt. Holyoke students for "becoming lesbians until graduation."


All women school. One of the oldest in the state of Massachussetts


Academically-driven, serious, liberal-arts education.


Being a women's college


If Mount Holyoke has any nation- or worldwide reputation, it is probably that of a women's college which breeds feminists and strong female leaders. MHC is known, rightly, for strong academics. Small classes, classroom discussion, and engaged professors comprise the backbone of our liberal-arts academics. Other notable features of the school include student diversity (which spans race, class, ethnicity, religion, and nationality--MHC has a sizable international population) and the college community's eagerness to tackle social issues.


Liberal, gay acceptance, beautiful campus, strict admissions, women-only.


There is a very large population of lesbian students at Mount Holyoke; something I believe gas gained us a reputation.