Mount Holyoke College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Hang out in common spaces, go to tower theatre to catch a mvoie, ride on the PVTA to other colleges, hang out with friends here and there, mostly parties at UMASS or Amherst. Nothing much at MHC though.


I hang out with my bf and his friends so I dont know much about social life at MOHO. I dont think its too rocking.


Non-existant. You study or you have nothing else to do. Could join a club but its not hardcore or anything. Its all about the grades.


We chill in our rooms, in common spaces, Blanchard which is our student center, that is where we hang out most. People do leave their doors open a lot and we randomly go into rooms and talk to people, disturb them, listen to music. Blanchard parties are okay, they're decent...too many girls I guess.


many clubs to join and things to get involved in. got 5 colleges things to do. all you need is some motivation and extra time (which we lack at mt. holyoke) and you can find anything to everything that you're looking for


LOL. SOCIAL LIFE? I'd say WHAT social life. I go to Boston which is, thank god, an hour and a half away, so I get my social life requirements done at least once a month but I dont know how the rest of the college fares in such anti-social conditions.......................................


Many students in the dorms leave their doors open, or frequently leave doors unlocked. At a women's college, "the dating scene" is tricky to classify. There are plenty of homosexual and bisexual relationships on campus, but heterosexuals often will date someone from one of the other colleges in the area, or have a relationship from their homes. My closest friends are those on the floor in my dorm, close to my age, and those I bonded with at orientation and in the beginning of classes. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I am either doing homework, like a paper I foolishly put off until the last minute, or I am watching tv episodes on my computer or chatting to people online. Each year, DIS-O occurs, which is a senior/firstie bonding tradition that promotes dorm pride. Also, "elfing" occurs, where sophomores leave little presents for their designated firsties each night for a week before the two get to meet. On Mountain Day, which no one but the president knows until that day, the bells in Abbey Chapel ring, classes for the morning are cancelled, and students are encouraged to hike the nearby mountain.


If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday I'm probably (a) doing homework, (b) talking with friends, or (c) stalking people on Facebook. As a gerneal rule, Mount Holyoke students work hard during the week and party hard on the weekends.


radio station--we have more than 100 djs. i have never been to an athletic event. there are many good traditions at 2 am i would be at the library or at work. celebrated a friend's birthday last weekend. go shopping off campus


the rugby team is kind of a big deal. everyone knows everyone but your extracurriculars really define who you're friends with-- there's definitely co-mingling but ice hockey folks hang out together, same with music groupes, etc


Cultural orgs seem to be the most popular. There are also a lot of community service opportunities available.


You should know the right people and hang out with the right crowd to have a social life. There aren't too many huge parties just a bunch of room parties that go on through campus all through the week, so it may not seem like a huge party campus but if you find the right friends then its a happening place to be................................


rugby team, equestrian, squash team, MHACSA. I'm involved in MHACSA its fun an feels like a home away from home. Yea for the most part many do. Not really that popular it depends on the sport. Dating scene is okay could be better if there were more GUYS :) I lived in the same dorm as them of through MHACSA. If I am awake at 2am on Tuesday I am probably writing a paper or finishing up some reading or a project. There are many spring concert is the most famous, drag ball, las Vegas night, China night, African and Caribbean Day. People party fairly often like every other weekend it depends. No frats or sororities. Stayed in my room and watched tv and caught up with friends via the internet. well you can watch a movie or go out out to eat, you can even party without drinking its up to you. Go to parties off campus, go to eat, go to the movies, just go hang out with people from the five college area.


The debate society is popular , the rugby team has a lot of social life, the crew team is like a little cult, varsity sports are popular.... off campus we have the 5 colleges that we can go to which is a lot of UMASS and Amherst parties


The singing groups on campus are very popular for participating in and also to go see perform. There are many a Capella groups on campus, some are feminist groups, and they usually do performances to benefit organizations.


what social life? there is no social life at mount holyoke. watch movies with friends, go out to eat if you have a car. now and then parties do take place but its not that great always, we like our studies and academics i guess!!!!!!!




Rugby and the radio station seem to be popular. I am personally involved in the radio station and love having a show on such a well organized and highly rated station.


things put on by the network are usually the best social things going on. lots of other parties at blanchard attract a lot of weird people from umass/hampshire/etc.


The school has many student organizations, I'm invlved in three of them: international club, investment club and intergroup dialogues; the dorm access is liberated only if swiping the Onecard ; Guest speakres are really popular, theater as well, if I'm awake at 2 am on tuesdays I'm either studying or just talking and watching tv with friends; Usually parties happen on weekends and are hosted by students associations; Las weekend I worked on a psychology paper and cleaned my room; Off campus I usually go to one of the five college cities and catch up with friends.


rugby is popular, as is crew... i'm in the orchestra, which is okay. i'm a big musician so its not the strongest group i've played in. dating scene.. most people keep a single relaitionship longer than they would if boys were wandering the halls, i think.i met my closest friend on facebook actually... but most of them now are from dinner or from my dorm. if you're up at 2am, youre doing work. people party thursday, (if they have no friday classes), friday, and saturday. no greek life. i went home last weekend. you can go to northampton and see cool artsy films, shop, eat great food. off campus i meet people and eat food and see cool artsy films and take the MHC shuttle to the mall.


I've met my closest friends though classes/labs/extracurriculars but I think MHC is one of the hardest places to meet people unless you are REALLY outgoing because there aren't that many social events.


Students in dorms usually do leave their doors open because everyone feels that our campus is very safe and usually nothing gets stolen. There are a lot of traditions at Mt. Holyoke becuause the school is so old and I think that the traditions are one of the things that makes the school so endearing and why I like it so much. Most of the traditions happen at the beginning of the year- convocation, first year plants, Mountain Day, Disorientation, Elfing, etc. They really do make the school more of a community and they're something fun to look forward to every year! There are not frats (obviously) and no sororities on campus. Parties here are either privately put on in dorm rooms or they're held at one of the school's venues.


We've got orgs of all shapes and sizes. The riding team is fantastic (we were reserve national champions in 07 and national champions in 07) but they tend to seclude themselves from the rest of life on campus. I am a part of the riding team. It is extremely time consuming, but worth it. The quality of the instruction is top notch. Athletic events aren't really social events. Guest speakers are popular and often very good. Dating scene: if you like girls, its great. If you don't: there's always the Amherst guys. I met my closest friends through my rooming situation first year and through the riding team. If I'm awake at 2am on a tuesday, I'm definitely studying. SOOOO many fun traditions! (Mountain Day, M&C's, convocation, j-term, etc) Some people on campus NEVER party.... some people ALWAYS party... its the full spectrum. We're like one, big sorority.... no need for Greek life. Last weekend, I went to a club in Amherst called the Monkey Bar, and went home for Sunday to see the family.


I'm in Model United Nations and we are a super fun group. We meet once a week and run practice simulations, go to a few conferences a year and we're heading the kick off of the Five College Model UN Conference this April! Majority of us get together outside of the club and its really fun because everyone really cares about being there. Dating. Depends on your preference. If you want to date someone on campus, it tends to be easier just because you can meet more people. If you want to date someone off campus, it takes effort. And patience. And some bad experiences. I met my closest friends through my floor from first year and my host when I was a prospective student. The other good friends I have a result of those initial contacts and my club activities. Last weekend I spent Friday night watching movies in my room. Saturday night I went to a party at UMass.


WMHC is probably the most popular. I am involved with CAUSE that manages all kinds of short term long term volunteer projects. Rarely, but many SAs do. Usually popular only among varsity athletes for team sports, and the rest of the student body does individual work out, but very few plays say, basketball or badminton together. Quite frequent. Not that visible. Eating together in the dining hall, appears in the hall way with bathrobes on a Sunday morning, walking together on campus to the dorm, etc. First time we met in class, and then talked outside of class, traveled together as well. Probably school work or emails, or talking with my friends online, which does not happen often. Oh that's a Class Board responsibility--traditions include elfing, Jshow, big sister little sister, disorientation, sophomore semiformal party, etc; for other student orginizations there are annual China Night, Korean Night, Las Vegas Night, Drag Ball, etc. Depends, some almost never, some weekly, some more than weekly, on average I would say once or twice a month. Not existent on campus, but there are people that go to off campus ones in Amherst or UMASS, dont think it's very important. I was recovering from a cold/fever so I slept, watched movies and read some books for fun. Movie, chatting with my friend, go out for a decent dinner with my friends, reading(I read a lot, for fun). I have 4 class off campus, I also go to other towns for food, shopping, books because we have little village commons at MHC.


Um, lots of groups, I don't think one predominates. I love the Debating Society. Sometimes students leave their doors open, it depends on where. Athletics? What Athletics? Guest speakers can be popular, depends on who it is. Theater? huh? Dating at Mount Holyoke isn't usually worth it--all guys just want some ass or someone to marry, and its almost impossible to meet someone who just wants to be friends. I lived with my closest friends, but I meet people all the time. If I'm awake at 2am I'm studying. I love Mountain Day, M&C's...all the traditions (there's a lot of interesting ones). It depends on who you hang out with for parties, some people party a lot and some people don't party much at all. I sang for China night and then was an SA on duty during Drag Ball last weekend. Watch a movie with friends? I go to Amherst or Boston or New York to get off campus.


I am involved with the fusion dance team here - Jhumka....which is pretty popular on and off campus! comments!;)......met my closest friends during 2am...studyiing....or facebookinggg;D!!....traditions....elfingg....hracious dinners, m&cs.....people party a lot...but da parties are not very exciting....


When I first came to Mt Holyoke I thought that I'd turn into a recluse for life. There were hardly any parties, and all the parties were full of girls. But then you slowly realize, that you need to meet more people to actually get into the right parties. You need to make connections across the 5 colleges, and just have loads of friends. Most of the times, Mt Holyoke Parties begin at 10:30 and go up to 2 in the morning. The big ones like Las Vegas Night, Drag Ball, Undressage parties (organized by the Dressage team), and MHACASA parties (by the Mt Holyoke African Caribbean Student Association) are the popular ones. A recently successful party was Speed Dating and the after party called 'Turn Me On', which was a black light party. We had guests who came all the way from Washington D.C. just for the party. A lot of kids from Boston, and around the Mass area show up for the popular parties at Mt Holyoke. Besides the big one, Mt Holyoke has a bunch of room parties every weekend, somewhere or the other. Students can get into any residence hall till 3 in the morning and after that they can only get into their own residence hall using their student card which is popularly known as 'THE ONE CARD'. We don't only party at Mt Holyoke though. Our debate society is great with its annual tournaments that it holds, the weekly ones that it attends. There are many popular club sports that we are passionate about, one which is Rugby. The Rugby team at Mt Holyoke has one of the nicest people on college who know how to play hard and party harder. Club sports may be popular, but Mt Holyoke Varsity Sports are intense. Practices are held almost every morning or evening and there is no goofing around, because we mean business with our varsity people!


Popular orgs/groups: Rugby team, Equestrian, the Network (social), Class Board, Student Government I'm highly involved with Student Government. I have served as a dorm Senator, Chair of Halls, Vice President and President. Dating: When you're gay, it's a lot easier. Being hetero and dating is a lot of work. Take me, I don't date! Some students leave doors open...about 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} I'd say. Athletic events rule! I go to many being an athlete and I think they are usually attended by other student athletes. Speakers are alright. Not many stir up controversy. But we get pretty strong speakers. Theater is great, needs help on facilities. I met my closest friends through athletics, I'd say. Most of them do a sport. People party Friday & Saturday usually. No frats/sororities Last weekend I got drunk and went to a dance! Watch movies with that a lot. Go to UMass or dinner in Northampton.