Mount Holyoke College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are not comfortable with liberal and homosexual behaviors would find the atmosphere at Mount Holyoke quite distressful. Also, you should not attempt to attend Mount Holyoke if you are male, as it is an all women's school. However, if you are transgender you will find an accepting atmosphere here.


Someone who is extremely right-wing and not open to alternative lifestyles. Also, anyone who want to sail through on sports need not apply. MHC is not much of a party school, so don?t come here for that either. Basically, if you're serious about an education, this school may work for you. Don't come if you're a slacker - there is no way in hell you'll be able to graduate without effort in the classroom.


Well, it's all-women, so that rules out men (obviously), but also women who seriously feel like they could not cope in a co-ed evironment (although I would encourage them to visit before they determine this). Additionally, this school is relatively small, so anyone looking for the "big university experience" should consider an alternative.


Someone who is outgoing with a great personality, who is fun and loves adventure and different things on a day to dat basis.


boy-crazy, pampered city girl


straight, conservative, super upperclass, privileged white girls


A Person who is closed minded


A person who is boy crazy and will miss guys in classes should not attend this school. If you can deal with seeing guys in party situations, or make male friends in Amherst that you go to see, you'll be fine.


People who need a highly active social life.


The kind of person who doesn't attend Mount Holyoke is someone who wants the opportunity to have a successful career and a well adjusted life.


Mount Holyoke College is a place for all different women to thrive and cultivate their strengths. I've seen secure, intelligent women take the lead at this school, while I've also seen meek and undecided women really come into their own. It is a place to hone one's skills while exposing oneself to new ideas, new people and new experiences.


A person who doesn't take education seriously and who doesn't have the drive or desire to do well.


non liberal, non academically focused, close minded, looking for a big environment, looking for lots of guys


If your main priority is to party and meet boys, or if you really want to be near a city. I think a lot of people come because it is the best school they got into. That is not a good reason.


Close-minded, politically-conservative individuals. Or those who feel they can't live without men around or really enjoy an urban setting.