Mount Holyoke College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The people. They are diverse in EVERY meaning of the word, and incredibly engaged with the world. They are intelligent, knowledgeable, thoughtful, open-minded and committed, and that applies to students, staff and faculty alike. The people are what make the dining halls lively (students and staff), the discussions thought-provoking, and the campus activities so widely-varied. They constantly redefine what excellence means and looks like, and are nurturing of those around in ways that I have never seen or heard of at any other college. The people are the reason I am so in love with Mt. Holyoke.


The campus beautiful and the community is very welcoming. It is a wonderful environment to be in for four years.


I very much like that our student body is so diverse because coming from a mixed race background, and from living overseas, i have gotten used to the many cultures and traditions of other countries. It also made the transition easier, as i was able to easily relate to other students. I also like the fact that Mount Holyoke College is a women's college. For someone who has had trouble making friends, being at a women's college has instilled confidence in me and has raised my self-esteem. Most of all, i have made new friends.


I consider the best aspect of my college to be the faculty. In the larger intro courses, professors bend over backwards to ensure that you understand the material. They also go out of their way to get to know your name and make themselves incredibly accessible.


I love the diversity! This school has one of the highest percentages of international students. Nearly all of my friends here are international, which is really cool ? and all from different countries! I have met people from every continent, except Antarctica, but I have met someone who has been there. Students come from all types of family backgrounds as well. All this diversity makes for really interesting discussions, both in and out of the classroom.


All students are very friendly and supportive.


Mount Holyoke is empowering to women. One may enter the school wary about the all-female environment, yet are sure to leave with newfound respect, admiration and enthusiasm for the incredible brilliance and power of women in the world. They will leave enlightened, and inspired to radiate the strength Mount Holyoke awakened within them.


We're incredibly accepting. though MHC is a challenginging college, it is also encouraging and responsive to your needs


Attending Mount Holyoke has instilled a deep sense of pride in me. There's definitely a "sisterhood" felt when on campus and with peers. Mount Holyoke, however small it is, offers students a niche to make themselves more comfortable. You can definitely find your place here and find people to share commonalities with.


I love the supportive professors - they are accomadating to all students needs, resourceful, intelligent, and encouraging. Many are willing to discuss post-grad jobs and opportunities as well as offering internships and research assistantships.


I think MHC's strongest asset is the social engagement and awareness of faculty and students. Students are knowledgeable and passionate about global issues of gender, race, class, the environment, education systems, and the like. The college's focus--in the classroom, with visiting lecturers, in extra-curriculars and with students' career goals--is alleviating inequality and hardship. I think our global focus is our best asset because it is important for schools like MHC to educate and train future leaders who will solve the world's most pressing issues.